Chapter Thirty-Two : You Know Nothing


Chapter Thirty-Two : You Know Nothing


I just couldn't believe my ears as I stood there still as a statue. It was difficult for me to believe that Ruhani could do this. How can she? Didn't she adored Tanya as well? Then Why? With all these questions exploding in my mind I just couldn't bear it anymore. Why the people whom you trust always betray you more often than the ones you don't?

I would never had believed it if someone else had said this to me. But I had to believe as she had confessed it herself. I always knew she was an emotionally driven person but this, it was something that I couldn't imagine she could do it in a gazillion years. She was the reason for Tanya's present condition.

All I could do was shake my head in disgust and disbelief, "Tell me once that all that you said was a big huge lie or a joke and I'll forgive you. Please tell me it’s some worst prank."

Instead of responding to my word she just shook her head and kept fidgeting with her fingers. "For god damn sake TELL ME Ruhani!" I screamed as I held her by shoulders and had shaken her vigorously.

"No" She muttered in low voice. I pulled my hands back and headed towards the door.

"Wait Rehan! You had promised me you won't judge me or leave me. Don't do this to me. I am really sorry." She said as she feel on her knees trying to stop me from leaving by holding my hand.

I shook her hand off me and closed the door with the force making loud noise as it hit the door frame. I entered my room and closed the door from inside. After a while there was knocking on the door. I could hear Ruhani outside as she kept crying and apologising.

I was trying to ignore her as my cell phone beeped. It was a private number again. I picked up the call to answer. "Hello Mr Rehan?" A Male voice echoed in my ears.

"Yes, I am." I answered trying to get my mind out of those wild thoughts.

"Sir, it’s me your private detective."

"Yes, speak. Any updates?" I sat, taking my head in hand.

"Yes sir, I have almost solved your case. I just need to confirm about the evidences that I have come across. I 'll email you the final case report by tomorrow."

"Okay, thanks, that sounds great. I will send you the remaining payment after receiving the final case file." I answered brushing tears of my eyes.

"Thank you sir, It was a pleasure working for you." Answering he dropped the call.

I switched off my phone and kept it in a drawer beside the bed. The thoughts about everything that had happened over that one night were all over my mind. All I needed was some time alone to think. I decided to take a nap as it was the only thing that could help me to keep all these thoughts away from my mind.

I wasn't quite comfortable when Ruhani had offered to keep the cops away from this incident. Uncle didn't mind about it as Tanya was recovering and he didn't wanted it to be a big issue before the press and media. Who wouldn't want to know the latest gossip which had two business tycoons involved? After thinking a lot, I decided to go for Private Detective Services.

It wasn't quite difficult to find the real culprit after involving a professional detective in the matter. He used to send me reports regularly about the evidences he used to get. I had even mailed him the number from which I had been getting calls about that night. He took a few days to get it traced and when he sent me the report for it. I was shocked to see that the person who used to call was none other than Abish.

That meant even he was somehow involved in this. But how did Ruhani didn't say even a word about Abish being there that night? Was Ruhani really hiding something from me again or She was telling lies by building up the story to save Abish?

Even after trying to sleep to calm down my mind. I was unable to stop thinking about what Ruhani had confessed. I took my phone and switched it on to see if there were any messages. There were 100 messages from Ruhani. There wasn't any to have a look at those as I knew already what they could be.

I stood up and headed towards the door. I was surprised to see to find Ruhani sitting by the door as the sobbing still prevailed. She looked up towards me and tried to apologise which was overtaken by her sobs.

As I tried to leave ignoring her, she hugged me from behind. I tried to get her hands off me but she pulled her grip tight over my torso. I forcefully pulled myself out of her arms and rushed downstairs.

"Rehan!" Tanya's Dad called me as I was climbing down the stairs.

"I have really good news for you. Doctors said she might get her conscious back anytime soon. Isn't that great news?" He had smile on his face as he was happy that his daughter will be fine soon.

"Uncle can I stay tonight with Tanya? You can have some rest today." I said trying to hide all the hatred I had been getting for everyone whom I used to trust.

"Yes, then keep me informed about her status overnight." he said as I headed towards the exit.

The next thing I did consciously was filling up the medical formalities that were due to be completed. I dialled Abish's number as I sat outside Tanya's hospital room. He picked up after a few rings.

"Hey, how did you remembered me at this time of the day?" he said.

"You need show your presence at the Arora Mansion Tomorrow in the evening. So kindly free up your schedule a little bit for it. There's no option of skipping it so please be there." I said and cut the line.

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