Chapter Thirty-Three : Awaited Arising


Chapter Thirty-Three : Awaited Arising


I was sitting beside Tanya holding her hand in mine eagerly waiting for her to eyes to open. It was late night and yet Tanya was sleeping. I called on to doctors to find out the reason as they said she will be gaining her conscious back by the evening. Doctors had stopped her drugs and had kept her on observation from last 48 hours. Even doctors weren't able to find out why she wasn't opening her eyes yet.

They  asked me to keep the patience as each body works in its own way and no one can accurately predict anything about it. As asked I pulled myself a chair and sat beside her holding her hand waiting to see her opening her eyes.

It was mid-night and the chaos inside the hospital was disappeared as if it never had ever existed. Everything was calm and cool, sleep had started to gain control over my mind and I had started feeling dizzy. I lay my head near still holding her hand as I hoped to see her eyes open.

There was a sudden vision where Tanya and I were married and were on honeymoon in her favourite destination. The one that she wanted to visit so badly. We were playing with snowballs on mountain peaks of Switzerland. As we were tired with the snow fight she held my hand and started guiding me towards the end of cliff. I kept warning her to be careful about it but she was just in a different mood. She carelessly jumped and kept pulling me to show me the view from the cliff. Suddenly the snowy layer under her feet cracked and she fell from the cliff.

"TanyaAA!" I shake my head and realised that it was just a nightmare. I poured some water into the jug as my throat was sore. I kept the glass back as I saw some movement in her fingers. I rubbed my eyes to check if I wasn't dreaming once again.

Nothing happened this time. I pulled the chair closer to her bed and held her hand in mine. I felt her pinky finger twitch again. This time I was sure this wasn't a dream. I started rubbing both her palms as the movement increased. Suddenly she gripped my finger in her weak fist. A huge grin spread across my face.

I continued to rub her palms and foot soles.  Her head moved a little and she slowly opened her eyes. I jumped and screamed a little in joy making the chair fall on the floor behind me making a loud noise.

I kissed her forehead as she kept looking at me. "You should have asked me for a visit to hospital. It would have been a lot easier than lying on this bed." I said as she had now opened her eyes fully and was staring straight into mine.

"Shut up Rehan." I smiled and caressed her cheek as she spoke in a very low and unclear voice.

"Just wait for a few seconds, I'll just call the doctor on duty and be back." I said getting up and kissing her forehead. I headed out to look for any doctors or nurses on duty. I signalled a nurse to come here from the nurse station by pressing the nurse call button provided  inside the room.

"What happened? Do you need anything? " The young nurse said peeking in through the door.

"Yes, Tanya, I mean the patient has gained conscious could you please call the doctor?" I requested as she nodded quickly and closed door behind as she went on to call the doctor.

A few minutes later a female doctor arrived with a few more nurses which carried some stuff with them. “Please move out for some time. We need to check the patient." The nurse asked me to leave them alone. But I didn't wanted to leave her alone. "SIR please?" She emphasised over the 'Sir' and I had to leave the room.

I peeped in through the circular glass window on the door. The nurse noticed me and stared at me giving an annoyed look as she pulled the curtains covering the glass window. I really hated that nurse for the moment as she was keeping me away from Tanya. I tried to sit for a while but couldn't as my mind had started to overthink once again. I was circling outside the door looking towards the floor and sweating nervously.

A few minutes later doctor opened the door and gestured me that now I can go inside. The nurses placed a new water jug that was filled with water and placed some fruits alongside.

"If she feels hungry, feed her these and nothing else. This lukewarm water is only for the patient. You can drink from another jug." I nodded as nursed instructed me.

I sighed relief as the nurse closed the door and left us alone. I glanced at Tanya she was staring at the roof. I held her hand and kissed it as she looked at me and smiled.

"What were you thinking?" I asked her as I caressed her cheek.

"I was just thinking about us Rehan." She replied. Her voice was much louder and clear than before. Slowly her smiled drained off her face and she had tears in her eyes.

"Hey! Hey! Shsshh!! Don't cry and stop thinking about it now." I cupped her face as a tear droplet rushed down her cheek.

I wiped the tear off her face and caressed her face. "I think you should sleep now. We'll talk about it tomorrow." I said as I pulled chair near to sit and held her hand in mine.

I caressed  her forehead as she dozed off to sleep.

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