Chapter Thirty-Four : Get well soon


Chapter Thirty-Four : Get well soon


Suddenly I started feeling a headache and warmth increasing inside me. I felt as if someone was rubbing my palms. I pulled that hand into grip and it felt warm. The headache increased as I tried to open my eyes. Eyelids appeared to be heavy as I slowly opened my eyes. For the first few moments my vision blurred but later I could see clearly as Rehan jumping with joy. I smiled as he kissed my forehead.

I could see the happiness on his  face. He pushed the nurse calling button asking her to call the doctor When doctor arrived, she asked Rehan to move out. He stood there like a stubborn child until he was emphasised on moving out. I smiled as I saw his grumpy face when tried to peep in through the glass window while the nurse pulled over the curtains.

Doctor did a thorough check up right from checking my senses. She asked me if I could feel the pain. She checked my eyes, ears and mouth as I pulled my tongue out. She noted the observations and asked me to walk and jog around a little as she removed the apparatus from my hand which was used to monitor me while I was unconscious. She carefully kept on noting down her observations on the paper hooked on her writing pad which she had been holding on from quite a while.

After a few minutes she asked me to eat and drink something and they exited the room. I could see the happiness on Rehan's face as he rushed into the room as soon as doctor had left. He pulled me into a hug me and pulled a chair to sit as he held my hand.

I was looking above thinking about us, "What were you thinking?" he asked caressing my cheek.

"I was just thinking about us Rehan. “I replied. The events of that night played in my mind as it drained the smile off from my face. My vision blurred due to  tears.

"Hey! Hey! Shsshh!! Don't cry and stop thinking about it now." he said as he cupped my face wiping off the tear droplet as rushed down my cheek.

"I think you should sleep now. We'll talk about it later tomorrow early morning." he said as he patted my head rhythmically as I tried to sleep.

I couldn't help but I was wide awake the whole night. I was unable to sleep maybe as I had already slept a lot. I just glanced towards Rehan as I saw he was still holding my hand and had dozed off to sleep laying his head on the bed. I tossed and turned a little as to have a better look.

Watching someone sleep especially someone whom you adore is really fun. I gently played with his hair as he was off to dreamland in his sleep.

Next morning was a bit weird to start as Rehan had forgotten to inform Dad that about my condition and he had received more than 100 messages and missed calls.

"How I didn't notice any of these arriving?" He said as he quickly glanced at his mobile screen.

"Maybe you had left your phone on silent?" I suggested.

"Oh yes that could be. Ahh Hello! I am so sorry. I had just left my phone on silent and didn't notice any of your calls." He replied to me as he moved towards the window talking on phone.

"Yeah, She is wide awake since last night." He continued to update dad about my status as I rolled my eyes.

"No, they have not spoken anything regarding it. I'll have a check and let you know soon."

"Yes, She had her fruits for her breakfast as recommended by the doctor." He talked on phone while staring at me.

"You want me to hand her the phone?" I nodded in ‘NO’ as he grinned.


"Oh, yeah I get it. No worries. I am here, see ya." He kept talking over the phone as out of boredom I had started to play with oranges throwing them in air and catching them back as they fall in my lap.

Rehan crossed his arms and started to watch me with a smile as I continued to do what I was doing.

"What? I am BORED."  I said quoting the word 'BORED' with my fingers. He chuckled and handed me my phone. I smiled as I placed the orange back in fruit basket and unlocked my phone.

"I need to check with the doctor if you didn't had any serious head injuries as well." He chuckled as I slapped him on shoulder.

"No need, thanks a lot for this." I smiled as I showed him my phone.

"Hello miss Tanya how are you feeling now?" Dr. Pratiksha smiled as she placed her observation pad on the table alongside.

"Much better doctor, thanks!" I replied as she continued her regular check-up procedure.

"Mr Rehan, I have good news for you. You can take her home by this evening." She said noting down the observations on her pad.

"Thanks Doctor! You are awesome." Rehan said as Doctor chuckled and waved exiting room.

"I have some work due which needs to be done as soon as possible. Uncle will be here in a few minutes. I gotta go, will see ya directly at home sweet home as I need to prepare for your welcome back." He winked and shoved his phone into pocket as he left.

For the next few minutes I just scrolled through my phone thinking about Ruhani. Where was she? I started preparing a mental to-do checklist as I continued to think about that night.

The wedding must have been called off and everyone must be sad. I need to talk to Ruhani and sort this out. Somehow I had started to feel the guilt of betrayal. But I made up a smile as Dad arrived and pulled me into a hug.

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