Chapter Thirty-Five : Realisation


Chapter Thirty-Five : Realisation


I followed Rehan as he brushed me off and rushed downstairs. But I held myself back near the upper end of the staircase as I saw Uncle greeting him. I didn't wished for uncle to know else he would just hand me over to police without even once listening to what I had to say. My relations with Tanya's Dad weren't really good. He always used to blame me and my family because after her Mother's death Tanya had refused to stay with her Dad.

I just overheard them talking about Tanya's wellbeing and her chances of getting her conscious by this evening. Thank god! I mentally chided and thanked god. I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if something had happened to her. I headed back to my room as I started packing my bags. I wanted to leave the house before she arrives. I don't think anybody wanted me here anymore especially after what I did that night.

As I had packed my bags I opened my laptop and tried booking flight tickets the earliest I could get for London. Sadly all the flights were already booked and there wasn't any until tomorrow night. I booked the ones that were available earliest . I shut my laptop screen and rest my head on the wall closing my eyes.

Sometimes we do the things which we regret later on. Only if I had controlled my emotions this wouldn't have happened at all. Now even Rehan hates me, it's easier to live by seeing your loved one with someone else than seeing hatred for yourself in their eyes. Now I had no one to go back to. Everyone just wants someone like Tanya. I really had now started to doubt my existence.

My phone screen lit up as I saw Abish's message pop-up. I opened the message to see what had he sent.

Abish : Hey, Is everything okay there?
Me : Yes it is, but might not be soon.
Abish : Why?... I haven't told anybody yet that I had seen you that night.
Me : Thanks for that Abish but there's no need for it now. I just confessed to Rehan today.
Abish : Oh, well then I can assumed what might be his reaction.
Me : hmm...
Abish : You have any idea why he has called me today evening?
Me : Did he?
Abish : Yes he did just an hour ago. Has he informed you about anything?
Me : No, I don't know.
Abish : So what are you going to do now?
Me : Just waiting for Rehan to come back home then I'll leave India forever.
Abish : What?!
Me : Yes, I don't have anything left back here now.
Abish : Well you can stay here with me. Ain't I a friend as well?
Me : Yes you are but sorry. The more I stay here more the memories of that night will haunt me and I don't want more guilt than I am feeling now.

Abish : Okay, but can you please stay sometime with me before you leave?
Me : Okay, I don't know when we’ll meet again.
Abish : What's are your flight timings? If I may ask?
Me : Tickets aren't confirmed yet. But I'll leave tomorrow.
Abish : Okay, so will you be there at house this evening?
Me : Yes, I'll leave after I apologise to Tanya for what I have done.
Abish : Okay, don't worry whatever happens, happens for the best.

I ended the chat and put my phone aside. Why would Rehan wish to see Abish especially at this moment? What is he up to?

The questions kept buzzing in my mind as someone knocked at door. I placed my laptop aside is I went and opened the door. I saw Rehan standing outside the door. I gestured him to come inside which he refused by nodding and said in a stern voice ,"Be present in the terrace garden this evening. It's something very important we need to talk about."

"Rehan, I am..." Rehan walked towards his room before I could complete my sentence. It was getting harder for me to bear his ignorance and hatred. All I could do was sit back and wait till evening. I had never seen this side of Rehan ever. I slammed to door and jumped on the bed as I dug my face into pillows and cried my heart out.

I kept thinking about my life. I thought over everything I had done whether right or wrong. I realised rather than loving Rehan it had been an obsession for me. I had grown obsessed over him. I just thought it as love as I wanted to see as it was, I didn't wanted to listen to anyone. I thought everybody was unjust against me.

Then I thought about Abish, he had been good to me right since we had met. He wasn't that bad as I used to think of him before meeting him. I remembered the letter and bracelet that he had given me. I got up and opened my bag to search for that bracelet. I had kept it safely after sending him the selfie that day in flight. I always kept it near me as it used to make me feel better every time I missed Rehan, Tanya back in India.

I had never replied to his letter as it was just out of my mind, me being way too obsessed with Rehan. I searched for that letter in my bag. I read it again and a smile had spread across my face. I felt guilty for not being fair with him. I thought of writing him a reply before going back. I decided to give him before leaving as he had given me before I was on my first flight to London.

Why it always happen that we ignore the ones who love us and love the ones who ignore us? I wore the bracelet and kept the letter in the same box he had presented me with the bracelet.

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