Chapter Thirty-Six : Mystery Unfolds 1


Chapter Thirty-Six : Mystery Unfolds 1


I was sitting on the armchair in the terrace garden with my laptop checking on my inbox after every few minutes as I awaited the final investigation report. I was supposed to be emailed to me by now. It was getting difficult for me to keep waiting as the time passed.

I had made sure that all the members in the house will be here within few hours. It is better if I let the truth out before everyone at the same time. I kept on refreshing my inbox for a few more minutes but I hadn't received any new email notification yet.

Out of patience, I unlocked my phone and dialled detective's number. He didn't receive the call and send me a message which said, “Just emailing it within few minutes. Making a final check before sending you."

I turned off my phone screen and placed the phone back on the teapoy beside. A few moments later there was a ping sound. I checked again to see if it was the same email that I had been expecting. It was the email that I had been expecting for a while. I downloaded the PDF file and as I clicked on it to open, the file asked me for password.  The report was encrypted with the password which I and detective had agreed upon when I had assigned him the task. He had informed me that the reports he’ll be sending will be encrypted with the password so that no one can get their hands on it even if anything happens.

I smiled at the level of anonymity and security that he had maintained to keep the information within safe hands. But the smile soon turned into a frown as I started reading the report. I also had a brief look over the evidences that he had attached within the report. As I continued to scroll down through the file I discovered things that I couldn't even imagine in my wildest dreams.

I held my head in my hands as I had tears in my eyes. If I hadn't involved a detective here I would have never known the truth. I shuddered at the thought that those smiles were hiding the darkest evils behind them. I had Goosebumps thinking that what would have happened if Ruhani wouldn't have been there that night.

I brushed little tear droplets from my eyes as I continued to read ahead. Tanya would be coming anytime by now. She had called as they were leaving from the hospital. I just wanted this to let out and open in front of everybody. I wanted to uncover the jackals that were hiding inside pack of wolves.


Everyone was present in the garden now. They all were looking at me curiously as I kept waiting for Tanya to arrive. "Ruhani do you remember the secret advisor? The one who used to call us and drop the hints that it wasn't a suicide at all?" I questioned Ruhani as she looked up.

"Yes" She answered with just a word and shook her head.

"You know who that guardian angel was?" I asked back again to which she just nodded her head in ‘No’.

"Let me just call him here." I opened my phone dialler and dialled the number. A phone had started to ring nearby as I had dialled the number. Everyone's eyes halted at Abish as he pulled out his phone from the pocket. "Can I know who is calling?" I asked Abish to which he didn't reply but rather just showed me his phone screen.

"So you are the guardian angel who wished to remain anonymous?...” There was sheer silence. Abish stood there looking down at floor. “ You could have just informed us. It could have been a lot easier than you calling me with some new number and sticking notes on our bathroom mirrors right?" The sarcasm was clearly reflected from my tone.

"Oh don't be so silent buddy, you did such a great job. You proved that even someone's not so good past can prove to be a good future." I continued as his eyes were still glued to ground.

"Rehan, I didn't meant any harm. I just wanted to help and that's all. I had met Ruhani that night. When I asked her why she was sneaking in instead of just heading straight through the door. That time She said that she wanted to surprise Tanya.

I wasn't aware about her actions that night. I had called Tanya to inform her that I had to leave for Malaysia for a conference. All I wanted to say sorry for not being able to attend her wedding. But on call, I just overheard their voices. I guess which was received by mistake. I said nothing but just kept ear on the arguments that were happening.  Just when the argument stopped there was a loud shriek. I ran inside and asked one of the relatives to and check upon Tanya.

But I guess it was too late before anyone could find out what had happened there." He sighed as he held his head in hands.

"Then why being this mysterious caller thing?" I asked as I still had some doubts left. Even though I knew what had happened actually.

"I had messaged Ruhani that night after the incident. Asking her if she was staying with Tanya or she had any other residence nearby.

She replied me that she had a hotel room booked nearby and would be staying there as she wanted it to be a surprise for everyone else as well.

I just wanted to confirm that I had heard someone else. I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t Ruhani. But when I came to know about Tanya's condition, I thought you should know the truth. I know you wouldn't have believed me if I would have just simply said to you that Ruhani was present in the room that night.

So I had to make Ruhani confess out herself. For that I just hired one of the servants from the mansion and asked him to just post those messages in your bathroom mirrors.

I called Ruhani and informed her that there was a hidden camera in the room that night. I blackmailed her by saying that I had the footage about that incident. For letting her to believe me I played the recording of the call that was automatically recorded on my phone that night. I messaged Ruhani that I had kept the CD in Tanya's Diary  if she still doubts me and wants to see it. Along with that I also lead you towards the Diary for that." He sighed as there was complete silence around. Everyone was shocked as he continued further letting out the truth.

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