Chapter Thirty-Seven : Mystery Unfolds - 2


Chapter Thirty-Seven : Mystery Unfolds - 2


"Hmm..." I said keeping my phone aside as I pulled a chair to sit.

"That's all what I wanted to do. I just wished that Ruhani admits her mistake and just gets off the guilt. I know it isn't what it appears to be but I know Ruhani can't do this." He said looking towards Ruhani. It felt like they both were looking straight into each other’s eyes.

"So you were behind all that?" Ruhani looks towards Abish with disgust.

"Please don't give me that look. I just wanted to pull you out from the trouble. You know how much I care for you." Abish tries to explain but Ruhani just ignores him and looks away.

"But how is that related with the incident Rehan?" Avi asked.

"It surely is related. Ruhani had sneaked in to meet Tanya as she had things to sort out with her which unfortunately led to a heated argument later on." 

"Then how it ended up like that in bloodshed? We didn't find Ruhani when we break opened the door to find Tanya lying unconscious in pool of blood." Nalini said.

"It wasn't just an argument, I was out of my wits and control. My anger was controlling me at that time. I just don't know how I ended up with a knife in my hand and while struggling it lead in hurting Tanya and the rest you know." Ruhani interrupts as I tried to answer.

I tried to answer but Ruhani gestured me to stop, “Let me answer Rehan and take the blame for my misdeeds. I just slid beneath the bed and sneaked out when everyone was too involved with Tanya." Ruhani said looking at me as she continued to answer the question.

"But how did you find that out?" Abish asked me after a pause.

"Never mind... I know Ruhani cannot do that. She can't kill anyone or even attempt for it. She might be emotionally driven and a bit out of control but she is good at heart." I said as Ruhani kept looking towards me.

"What you mean to say Rehan? Wasn't all that my fault? I know and I am sorry for that. I’ll just apologise and leave." Ruhani asked.

"No, you were just an unplanned part of that plan, which could have been successful if you hadn't intervened." I replied. The looks on their faces changed as they looked towards me to continue.

"I wasn't comfortable at all when Ruhani didn't wished to get cops involved in the matter." I said as I opened the file which had the printouts of the  investigation report.

"But it was an accident Rehan, She didn't really mean it I know." Everyone turned their heads as Tanya arrives along with her Dad.

"Yes, it was an accident but it isn't as simple as it appears dear." I reply Tanya as she sits beside me on the couch.

"What do you mean to say Rehan?" Tanya's Dad asks.

"I wondered how can a simple cut on the wrist can be so deadly? Even when it wasn't serious one. I researched about suicides over internet and found it usually takes more than 15-20 minutes for even the deepest cuts to get the victim unconscious which clearly was opposite in your case Tanya." I said.

"Yes, I don't know but all remember is that I felt dizzy and suddenly all I could see was darkness." Tanya said.

"I somehow felt there’s something fishy. That's why when uncle avoided the cops I thought of involving a private detective who could be a helping hand in finding out the mystery." I said.

"Ohh, You should have informed me about that Rehan." Uncle said.

"No, it was utmost necessary to maintain the secrecy as I couldn't trust anyone at that moment. After I came to know that Ruhani was also involved somehow I was broken." Everyone turned their heads at me.

"Yes Ruhani, I knew it way before you confessed yourself that to me. I didn't knew what had happened but all I knew is that you were somehow involved in it." I said.

"WHAT?! Ruhani, How could you even think of it? I'll call the cops right now and get you a lesson. I never cared about my reputation at all. I just thought that it was a suicide attempt and that's when I agreed to keep cops away from the matter. I thought it might stress Tanya out. But you..." Uncle said as the discussion heated.

"Uncle, there's no need for that.” I tried to calm him down. “ The thing that happened with Ruhani was just a matter of coincidence." I rest my palm on his shoulder to calm down the situation.

"So who's behind it?" he asked me. His eyes were red with anger. He had his mobile in hand, as he wanted to call cops right now.

"You remember doctor had said that there was an overdose of drugs found in her blood stream? Which were mixed with her food?" I asked him as the expressions over his face changed.

"Yes I do, But that's not possible as she doesn't consume any of those pills." He replied.

"But the reports clearly stated that it wasn't the loss of blood that made her situation critical. It was due to overdose of those drugs.

That kind of medicines aren't easily available in every medical store. They are some very specific medicines that are needed for some special patients. Also they aren't available without any prescriptions." The expressions on the faces changed as I continued. “ It was difficult to find out who else was involved."

"So you mean that someone amongst us had poisoned my daughter? But why would anyone will do that? Everyone knows she had bad past with these two." Uncle said in a stern voice looking towards Abish and Ruhani.

"Aren't they the ones who were involved?" He continued.

"Sadly yes, but they aren't the ones who drugged her." I sighed breaking the silence.

How can a friend like Ruhani could do this? I somehow knew all that happened with her was a sheer coincidence and she was just a puppet there. If she wouldn't have been there and If Abish wouldn't have hinted that day I doubt Tanya would be alive here standing in front of us.

Abish might be her not so good past but he wasn't a bad human being. He had changed a lot since he had met us and was one of the friends that we could trust on. He might have tried to save Ruhani as he only knew a side of the incident. Since he had a soft corner for Ruhani. But they can't kill anyone who was so close to them.

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