Chapter Thirty-Eight : It’s Revealed


Chapter Thirty-Eight : It’s Revealed


"I don't know how to say this but you know anyone that consumes these pills?" I asked Avi who was quite startled when I asked him the question.

"No, I don't." He answered looking downwards.

"Well then I guess you should have a look at these." I handed him the printout of the medical bills which were in the evidence portion of the email that had been sent to me.

"What do you mean by this?" He snapped back throwing away the paper.

"You can throw as many as you want. I have many of them with me. So will you take some pain to let it all out by yourself or should I tell everyone?" I questioned him making him to sit back again as he tried to move out.

"I don't know what you're talking about and why you're pulling me into this. I am a cousin brother but why would I try to do such a hideous thing with my sister." He thwarted.

"Please clear it out Rehan, I am losing my patience now." Uncle grunted.

"Okay then, the bill that I had handed to Avi was the bill for the same medicines that were found beyond limits in Tanya's bloodstream. As the doctor had said it might be in the last food she probably had.”

“Till I know, we all had dinner together and you had fed Tanya yourself as her hands still had mehndi on them. It means that the medicines were mixed with her food before the food reached at the dinner table. How he did it, I don't know. But all I know is the bill which was paid for these medicines had been paid using his credit card that too just a day before everything happened. I think all of this is pretty much self-explanatory, right Avi?" I said turning towards him.

"But I haven't used my credit card at all since last month. I had misplaced it and had  forgotten to apply for a new one. If you have any doubts ask Nalini she knows it." Avi tried to brush the matter of doubt from his shoulders.

"Oh yes, don’t you know that your lovely wife and my to be sister in law is been a seeing a psychiatrist from past three years? and she is been prescribed those medications?" All the heads turned towards Nalini who tried to avoid every eye around.

"Oh well, I thought it won't be this much dramatic but well let me cut the crap. She is the one who had been consuming those medications from past three years and just a few days back she bought more than the usual amount of those pills from the drug store. It was quite easy to point out. Now, I know you were behind all this and will you now please take the pains to tell us why you did this or should I call the cops? Because I think they know much better options for that." I continued as she shrieked and started crying.

"Yes, I did it. I powdered those pills and mixed with every food item that was in her plate. I took the utmost care in serving her as I didn't wanted that plate to be mixed with anyone else’s. Luckily, Uncle had been in a good mood that day. He decided to feed Tanya with his own hands. I thought my plan had become much easier than before. I thought she would be dead by the morning and the blame would land over him. We will be steered clear out of all this." She whimpered.

"I can't believe my ears, Why did you do such a thing Nalini? WHY?!" Avi asked her shaking her shoulders..

"Because I was fed up of her. Even when we were newly married, Avi he used to gift her more often than me. Every time I had planned to hang out with Avi he was dragged by her and his sisterly love was slowly overtaking my world. A few months back, I heard Uncle talking to lawyer about his will. Later that night, I asked Avi about it, if he knew anything in that matter. To which he had denied.

But a few days after that Avi arrived home heavily drunk. He was barely able to stand and struggled to keep his eyes open. He kept blabbering about some ‘will’ that night. He kept blabbering about some injustice that happened to him.

Next morning, when I tried to ask him, he just chucked the topic away. I thought that I needed to find  that out by myself.

I sneaked into uncle's room and when no one was around and searched for something that tells me about ‘Will’ that Avi had been blabbering about in his sleep.

I was surprised to see that all the wealth, everything was nominated to You and Tanya. Where were we in that file? I couldn't find that out. Where was our share? I decided that I already had enough of this injustice.

It seemed like everything was centered around her. Avi also had worked hard for the company and he wasn't even mentioned in the will. Why uncle? What had we done wrong? So I thought that if there's no Tanya there won't be any husband either and automatically everything would just land in our platter.

When uncle had decided to feed Tanya himself that night, I thought the plan had gone much easier. Uncle would be blamed for Tanya's death and he would be out of our way too. After that we could live our lives a lot better and easier without any attention seeking whore roaming around or her father."

Avi slapped Nalini as soon as she stopped speaking. All I could do was just watch the rest. Everything just halted there in front of my eyes. I could just visualise what had happened that night. It felt like everything was playing right in front of my eyes. All of that was just for wealth and love.

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