I just stood there and watched as cops arrested Nalini and dragged her away. She kept on crying and struggling but it was of no use. The case was crystal clear as I handed all the evidences and investigation report that were done by my private detective. The case was soon moved to the court and the verdict was passed after a month. Nalini sentenced to 10 years of jail but since she was proved to be mentally disturbed, she was sent to government asylum till her mental condition stabilizes.

Ruhani and Abish were now much closer than before and had shifted together to London. Ruhani joined her company back and Abish started to work as new tech developer and researcher in the same company.

Tanya and I had to wait for a long time to get our life on track and a month after that incident we finally decided to marry each other. All I was doing now was just sitting in the mandap waiting for my bride to arrive so I could marry her and take her along with me to some faraway land where there's no one to disturb. I know that's a bit cheesy and impossible but at least I can try, after all she'll be mine now.

I looked at her and smiled as she sits beside me and her hand is placed in mine as the rituals commence. Marrying someone whom you love isn't possible for everyone but I was one of those lucky idiots who had it made possible for me right now.

Ruhani and Abish were smiling at us as we were circling around the holy fire. Taking the holy seven vows of marriage which were said necessary for a good married life. Who cared about them as long as you get to enjoy your whole life with your dream girl. A Disney princess whom you had dreamed about her as you had seen her first time in your class.

Everything was just getting better as the time passed and a month after our marriage Ruhani and Abish decided to marry each other and spend life together. We were back again in the same wonderful scene of marriage just with a difference that instead of us there were Ruhani and Abish sitting in the mandap against the holy fire.

Uncle i.e. Tanya's Dad retired from business duties and I was made to take over his responsibilities. Tanya used to assist me in the office and thus the life had taken a new turn, towards a new adventure.


Why it happens that the whom we trust the most hurt us the most? Why it happens that love is always misunderstood and most of the time taken for granted? Each of them had to choose between their friendship and their love. Ruhani had never loved Rehan but was rather infatuated with him as she had been with him from a long time. Being with Tanya made her more uncomfortable with herself as people always compared both of them.

The comparisons between friends or siblings get the things worse when even your family starts making you feel low about yourself. This had an adverse effect on her brain and shaped her mind-set she had. Why everyone was so cliché?

Tanya had to choose as she and her best friend were having a soft corner for the same guy. Fear of losing someone whom you love made her forget her friendship for the time being. She had been selfish when she hid her feelings from Ruhani and refused when Ruhani asked her to switch places as a bride. Why we always have to make a choice between love and friendship? Aren't they both most beautiful blessings of life?

At times fear of losing someone makes us do things that we might never have thought of. Fear of being alone got Ruhani sad and depressed. It stole her happiness and smile as she went on into depths of depression. She forgot and just overlooked Abish who really wanted to be with her and liked her as she was.

Rehan never had thought about Ruhani anything other than a friend. It was very heart-breaking for him to believe that he was the reason of division between his own friends. He thought he wasn't a trophy to be fought for. He just was a simple human who had wishes like any other average boy.

Even after all these ups and downs their friendship survived and still survives. All you need to do is have trust on the ones you love and the rest happens on its own.


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