Chapter Twelve: It's life


Chapter Twelve: It's life



I and Tanya were about to sit in our places when the professor entered. Whole class stood up to greet and we took back our places when he waives us to sit. Professors at St. Sebastian College of Engineering weren't that bad as many people used to assume. It was like we students loved to gossip about them. These rants were our only saviour and method to remove our frustration out about everything. It feels good when we have someone to blame for everything happening around.

There are a lot of myths related to colleges around. Especially engineering colleges, since we students love to cook stories about our sci-fi world. But it isn't as boring people do not showcase it nor it's interesting as they show in the sci-fi movies.

For us science stream students, we're just transferred from a small school to a big school while the names keep changing. Though it doesn't discourage us from participating in extracurricular activities and socializing at any events.

Well the class was as it used to be, the professor kept on ranting stuff possibly he had read or possibly mugged up the last night. And as always, he bored us for like an hour. The period bell rang and we sighed in relief.

I looked towards Rehan he was sleeping during the past hour. I sometimes wondered how he does that, like sleeping during the whole class and not getting caught. That's quite a talent, I must say. While I was amused by Rehan I glanced at Tanya.

I wasn't surprised by what she was doing. She was sketching on the last page of her book. Maybe she was designing a dress, I assumed. Whatever it was, that sketch looked beautiful.

"Why don't you go for fashion designing? See you're so darn good in it" I teased her.

"Like I had a choice?" She snapped at me sarcastically.

"Hey, chill I was just kidding." I assured.

"Yeah! Yeah! I know."

"What's wrong with you?"

She didn’t reply, instead just sighed our in exasperation, as if she was thinking about the right word to choose.

"C'mon tell me. Please!" I said.

"I'm missing mom."

"Oh..." she faltered.

It had been years since Tanya's mom died fighting cancer. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Her cancer was detected while it was in its last stages. She could've survived the battle but she kept ignoring the pain thinking it was normal period cramps and the excessive pains were due to her aging.

She was quite lonely in that big mansion. Tanya used to stay with her maternal grandma since she was attached to her right since her childhood days. Uncle never used to stay at home for long since he always flew across countries for business deals.

But after her grandma's demise Tanya shifted to their big mansion. She didn't have any siblings except a cousin brother Avi. He was her dad’s younger brother’s son. Avi was elder to Tanya by a few years. He used to live with them as he lost his mom and dad in a plane crash when he was just 2 year old.

Tanya's mom cared for him like her own son. Avi was also fond of Tanya, he used to care for her like she was a real princess. I don't doubt why Tanya was so fond of her big brother.

I and Tanya used to tie Rakhi on his wrist on every Raksha Bandhan. I didn't have any blood related brother nor did Tanya but we had a brother like Avi who cared for us more than any real brother would. Well but as the time passed everything began to change. Avi fell in love with Nalini and they got married.

Nalini was a gorgeous young lady who used to work as Avi's Secretary at their office. Then as the romance got in the air, they fell in love. We were happy that our brother had wife who loved him so much. But she turned out to be a gold digger. I know you shouldn’t judge people but her habits were too annoying to be ignored.

Slowly, she started creating misunderstandings between Avi and family members. Especially, between us brother and sisters. Avi used to shower us with gifts often without any reason. She envied the fact that our brother loved us more than her.

With the turning events in life, there entered Rehan. Rehan's entry in our lives had a significant impact. He changed the ways we used to live. He taught us to enjoy life. To celebrate each day, we were living.

He used to say 'live as if you're going to die tomorrow'. We felt connected to Rehan as he too had lost many things in life at a tender age. He had lost his parents in a road mishap at a tender age. Since then, he was shifted to a boarding school and lived life of loneliness.

He made us realize the importance of life. Surely, he was the only reason we were smiling right now. Suddenly a flying piece of chalk hit my head.

"Ouch!" I screeched.

"Welcome back from dreamland. How was your trip ma'am?" A voice shouted. Certainly, there was a lot of sarcasm involved in that.

"Umm I am sorry sir." I stood up and apologized.

"No, no. I am sorry for disturbing your lovely daydreaming adventure." He said.

I have never seen him before who's he? Surely doesn't look like a professor. Or maybe he is, since he was delivering a lecture.

I stood in silence. Then he glared at me for a few seconds and waived at me asking me to sit down.

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