Chapter Thirteen: Mr. Stone Face


Chapter Thirteen: Mr. Stone Face



I have never seen him around the campus. While I was busy trying all possibilities of why was he here, Principal suddenly entered the class.

All the students got up and greeted him as we usually did for any teacher or anyone respected who entered the class. He asked us to take our seats and started his usual blabber. Possibly to introduce this guy.

"My Dear students, there's a sad as well as a good news for all of you. Sad news was Mr. Sinha your class advisor and in-charge had to leave the college due to some personal reasons.

The good news was that he might return. But till he returns, he sent a substitute to guide you all in his subject. We have Mr. Abish Roy as your new class advisor and in-charge for the rest of the semester. Mr. Abish is a genius in the world of computers and ethical hacking. Has worked with IIT and ISRO and namely such other major organizations at very tender age and has won many awards for our college as well.

He was once here, in your place as a student but now, he is back here as a teacher and I hope you guys will make most of his guidance.”

“Thank you Abish, for accepting my offer to teach these brilliant minds. I hope you'll have a pleasant teaching experience." Principal finally ended his blabbering. The results of which could be easily seen on our faces.

Is it necessary to make everything boring and lengthy?

"Thank you, sir, for your offer to guide these young brains and for a lovely introduction. You have way with your words sir but now I guess the introduction took much of lecture time and there's a lot to cover up." Mr. Stone faced said.

As he slayed our poor principal with stone faced look and smooth sword of words, Principal Sir smiled and left us with this stone-faced warrior like teacher.

Mr. Stone face continued with his speech. Seriously I loved Mr. Sinha's lectures more than his. He was way too mathematical, arrogant, and stone faced. While I kept cursing at him mentally, I just glanced at Ruhani. Oh god! This girl has some serious boy issues.

Ruhani was drooling over this guy. I squint my eyes and look at Mr. Stone face. What could be Ruhani seeing in him? Seriously apart from Rehan, this girl has some serious taste issues in boys.

She was resting her chin on palm of her hand and was literally drooling over Mr. Stone face. I pulled her hand quickly on which she was resting her chin and as I did that her jaw hit the desk.

"Oi!" she screamed and entire class turned their heads towards us.

"What happened?" Stone faced asked Ruhani, who was too busy pampering her chin.

She glared at me and said "nothing sir, I'm sorry to disturb."

"Both of you, out of my class right now!" He pointed at both of us and ordered.

"But s…sir…" Ruhani stammered. But before she could speak she was silenced by Mr. Stone face.

"No arguments. Do I need to mention, even I was a student once? Now kindly leave and let me continue." He snapped.

Ruhani was on the verge of tears as she had heard that. She ran out of the class crying. I followed her and glared back at Mr. Stone face. I looked across the whole corridor but she wasn't there. A thought struck my mind. She could be at her favourite place.

I found her at the same place where I had expected her to be. She was sitting on the green lawns, with face deep dug in knees sobbing. The flower gardens in the campus were always her favourite place. She was a nature lover after all.

I placed my hand over her shoulder. She didn't look up.

"Hey Ruhani it's me."

"I-I k-know..." She said with sobs in between.

"What you're crying for?" I said rubbing her back.

"I don't know. No one has ever shouted like this at me before. I have never been thrown out of class."

"Oh c'mon Ruhani, Stop fussing like a kid. That was just a normal lecture. Doesn't matter much, huh? Does it?"

"It might not matter to you, but this was a big insult for me." She snapped at me.

From when did getting thrown out of class started to count as insult? This girl will drive me crazy.

"Ruhani don't give me this crap. We've been bunking lectures and have been thrown out of class several times." I snapped back.

"I know, but well, leave." She tried to explain.

I hugged her with one arm around her neck and ruffled her hair.

"Hey, I saw you drooling over that stone face. What's going on? Anything I need to know?" I squinted my eyes and giving her a suspicious look.

"What?" she chirped, immediately a wave of blush spread across her cheeks..

"That's was quite a quick reply miss. So, are you going to tell me what's cooking up inside your head?" I smirked.

"No way. I'm going to tell you." She stood up hastily and rolled her tongue out at me and ran towards class.

"Hey wait for me!" I shouted and ran behind her. This girl seriously needed to grow up.

The lecture was about to get over and that was our last lecture for the day. I waited outside the class but Ruhani was nowhere to be seen. The as the period bell rang, all the students packed up their bags and began to leave..

I was about to enter the class while Ruhani suddenly pushed me from back. My head tackled someone. I lost my balance and fell, taking that person down along with me. I fell straight on top of him.

I realized it was Mr. Stone face. I quickly got up and straightened my dress.

"Sorry sir, I didn't mean that." Ruhani apologized.

Mr. Stone face didn't say anything. He just glared at both of us for a few seconds and left.

"Phew! That was a close encounter." Ruhani sighed and there was a grin on her face.

"Yeah, I know idiot." I grinned back and suddenly we burst out into laughter. We took our bags and left the classroom. Rehan was waiting outside for us. Seeing us smiling down the way, he asked the reason for our brightly smiling faces. We narrated the whole thing to him that happened in class.

He grinned and waived his head in an apologetic manner.

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