Chapter Fourteen: The Phone call


Chapter Fourteen: The Phone call



End of another hectic and boring day at college and we arrived back to home sweet home. Rehan took out the keys and opened the door. Tanya placed her bag on the couch and went inside. While I and Rehan threw our bags aside slammed ourselves on the couches.

I tossed and turned on the couch for a while and asked. "Who is going to cook today?" I wasn't in a mood to cook today. I was too tired to cook today. But I being the only one to cook edible food was a mess.

"Well, certainly not me." Rehan said and smiled cheekily.

"If I get into kitchen and start cooking then it'll be the end of the world for sure." Tanya said as she sat beside Rehan resting her arm over his shoulder.

"I think you guys have enough calories for the night but my tummy is growling like a Grizzly Bear." I say moving hand over my belly as it growled.

"Please don't eat me. I so want to live" Rehan jumped from the couch and landed on knees before me joining hands as if pleading.

"Shut up Rehan! Don't you dare mess with hungry mama Bear" Tanya said giving Rehan a high-five.

"You too?" I complained in a baby like voice.

Everyone's stomach growled. "Well I think the big Bears inside our tummies need some food. Let's order something today." Rehan said.

"Actually, that's a good idea. What you guys wish for?" Tanya asks pulling out the phone to place an order.

"Let's order our doll's favourite dish, Pav Bhaji." Rehan said pulling my cheeks and sitting the armrest of the couch.

"Aww Rehan, I love you so much. Thank you!" I hugged Rehan. It was my favourite dish after all and after Rehan food was the second thing that could bring smile on my face.

"Okay then, I'll place the order" Tanya smiled and rolled her eyes.

As she unlocked her phone, her phone rang. She received a call.

"Hello, who's this?" She asked.

She quickly got up, walked towards the bedroom and closed the door from behind. Rehan and I felt weird as Tanya always used to attend calls in front of us as our presence didn't bother her.

Rehan didn't say anything but his eyes said it all. "I am thirsty, I'll be back." I said and went in kitchen. Kitchen was beside the bedroom. The door was slightly open, I carefully placed my ear near the opening and tried to hear what she was talking about. The bedroom wasn't normally visible from the sitting place in drawing room so Rehan couldn't see me eavesdropping.

I could her Tanya clearly. She sounded angry and sad at same time.

"But what do you want from me now?"

"I had told you its over. Get grip over yourself and stop invading my life." She shouted.

"Oh c'mon, stop giving excuses. You were the one to leave me."

"Why should I even try to understand you? When I needed you the most you left me in despair."

"Open your ears and listen Mister, I am not a toy for you to play as you like and leave me when you're unable to handle consequences for your acts."

"I didn't ask you to be successful, did I? It was you who craved for success and now I am happily living without you. What do you want to prove by coming back in my life?"

"Listen, I am not your baby anymore. Behave yourself and don't force me to take any action against you that I wish I could've taken long back when you had left me to face the world alone."

"I don't want to listen to your crap anymore okay? Just leave me alone and don't try to interfere my personal space again."

"Are you trying threatening me?"

"You better not and stay away from Rehan and Ruhani. They have nothing to do with this."

"This is the first and last time I entertaining you. If you invade my personal space again, I am not going to let you go of easily this time." She shouted at top of her voice.

I was startled. Whom was she talking to?

Tanya threw her phone on bed. She stood before the mirror. She wiped her tears with back of her hand and quickly did her makeup again so that she could hide her tears from us. She placed her eye liner back and checked herself in the full-length mirror. She picked up her phone was approached the door.

I quickly ran inside the kitchen and came out with bottle of water. I made up a smile so that Tanya wouldn't know about me eavesdropping as she had an argument on call.

"What took you guys so long?" Rehan asked while lying on couch with his stomach touching the couch.

"Well it was an old friend of mine, sorry I forgot the track of time while talking on phone." Tanya said with a smile on her face.

"I was searching something to eat till the food arrives, but didn't find anything so thought of drinking some water." I lied showing the water bottle in my hand.

"Oh yeah! Sorry I completely forgot that I had to order. Well I'll do that right away. Give me a minute." Tanya said and got busy on her phone.

I kept the water bottle aside and went out in balcony to get some fresh air. My head needed to cool down a bit as I was trying to understand what was happening. We lived on seventh floor and the balcony was a place where one could relax with gust of air soothing mind and soul.

I placed my arms on the railings and glanced at the sunset. The gust of wind passed blowing my hair on the face. With the cold winds blowing, I shivered a bit as I was wearing a blue sleeveless top. , which blue was Rehan's favourite colour.

I remembered he had said I was looking gorgeous when I was wearing a blue saree for traditional event in our college.

I felt arms around my waist and someone slowly hugging me from behind.

"What are you thinking doll?" Rehan said as he placed his head over my shoulder and looked towards the setting sun.

"Nothing, just watching the sunset and enjoying the cool breeze that's creating a lovely aroma." I say as I tilted my head so that it touches his.

"Oh! Ruhani you're so cheesy. Someday I might slip on this cheese and will fall for you. I am telling you." Rehan playfully winked and pulled out from hug kissing my cheek.

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