Chapter Fifteen : Good Night


Chapter Fifteen : Good Night :)



After having  dinner, Rehan headed out for a walk. I sit on the couch spreading my arms on armrest, closing my eyes and trying not to think about the call. But I still couldn't stop myself thinking about it.

Those times when we were together, it felt so awesome. Everything felt lively, I felt alive. He was my senior and lab partner as we were working on the same project in my Jr College. That's how we first met. I was lost in my own sorrows until he arrived and made me alive.

After mom's death I was left all alone. Dad wanted me to shift with him but I didn't as I loved my mom a lot and that house had a lot of memories. Memories of me and her together. Each wall reminded me of her existence. Though our days of stay there weren't that happy but we lived to the fullest.

Dad didn't wait for me any longer and headed for his business venture. Before going, Dad left me with some credit cards and a few numbers to call on whenever I need him.

I was lost, alone, depressed. That was the time when he turned my barren land like life and into flower blooming garden.

He was a person with big ambitions. He wanted to be like my dad and thought that my dad wished for a successful man to be his daughter's partner. But I, I never wished for anything except his time and love. Weren't those the things I was deprived of all my life?

But as time passed he started emphasizing more on the success, wealth and luxurious way of life and his blind lust for fame and success starting driving him away from me.

When dad came to know about us, dad wanted someone who could succeed him.  Dad wished for a son-in-law who could marry his daughter and  stay with him. Since I was the only child he had and after mom he had no one left with him other than me. Dad had realised his mistake and wanted to stay with the family more. But along with that dad didn’t wished anyone to date his daughter just because of his wealth. But when Dad if he really loved me or was it just because I’m daughter of a wealthy man, that hit hard on his self-respect. That led dad and him into a huge argument, leading my dad to get him out the house. He accepted that thinking that was his fate and didn’t even fight back for me. Which later let dad to believe that he was just with me for his wealth and nothing else.

That hit me hard. I was dumbstruck. I couldn't believe he was leaving me for his materialistic desires. After that, I cried for several days and nights, my eyes had developed dark circles and had lost much weight, my face went pale. It was Ruhani who observed the change in me. I had been developing suicidal tendencies, surprisingly which only noticed by her. She was the one to dress my wounds when I blew up experimental apparatus in chemistry lab as I was lost in my own sorrows.

She embraced me telling me that I share anything with her. She would like to talk to me. ‘Sharing pain reduces its effect’ she said as I just hugged her back and cried my heart out.

At that time, she was way too different from the Ruhani now. She was one of those shy and nerdy girls who would always avoid girls like me. But that day, she rescued me and since then we became the best of friends.

Ting tong! The doorbell rang, bringing me back from the memories.  I opened my eyes and rubbed my cheeks to brush of the signs of tears that had marched down my cheeks. I opened the door for Rehan and went in kitchen to get some water. Ruhani was there washing dishes.

"Need a hand buddy?" I asked her.

"No, it's almost done." She replied with a smile.

Should I tell her that he had called?

I closed my eyes, tear droplets had begun embracing my eyes. I grabbed her shoulder tightly and said meekly, "It was him. He's back..."

I rested my head on her shoulder and tears started flowing down my cheeks.

"Who Tanya? Whom you're talking about?" She was worried.

"He's back, I don't know what to do. Why he's back in my life?" I said with my rants dissolving in my sobs.

She embraced me and rubbed my back gently. "Who Tanya? Who's back?"

"Who's back?" There was silence in room as Rehan asked.

"Uh! No one Rehan" Ruhani promptly replied.

I wiped my tears and put up a smile on my face. "Ah! Nothing to worry about. I was just missing mom. Those memories are back. I miss her lullaby and the way she pampered me till I fell asleep." I said.

"Oh I see... Well then I'll sing for you surely that won't be a lullaby but something I had composed myself." Rehan said as he ruffled my hair like if I were a kid.

"Hey my hair!" I pouted and smiled back at him as we headed towards the bedroom.

We were in our bedroom. Ruhani and I laid down on cosy mattress. Rehan covered us with blanket and sat beside on bed. He was kept patting on my head gently and started reciting a poem.

It was cosy day, under the shining sun,

When I met someone;

The one full of happiness and fun,

I didn't know something had already begun;

She smiled and caressed my cheek,

Even after knowing, that I am nothing more than just a weak;

A curve of solace spread on my face,

Whose reflection could be seen on her face;

I am good for nothing I said to her,

She smiled and said she just wants someone to love her;

Gathering some courage I finally asked,

Will you be my friend till the world lasts?

She grabbed my hand and took me along,

To a paradise where our friendship belonged.

"Wow Rehan, you remembered!" Ruhani exclaimed as soon as Rehan completed his poem.

"You know Tanya, Rehan used write me letters from his boarding school and with those letters he used to send me these lovely poems." She continued.

"Well I used to write. But I stopped writing long back." Rehan said.

"Why? You should write more of these. Will you? Please" Ruhani requested with her long screeching please.

"I am not sure I can now."

"Please Rehan, for me?" I said placing my hand on his.

He gently squeezed my hand and said, "Okay if you guys say so. I'll give it a try. I am not sure how it'll be though." He said.

"It’s late, I guess we should sleep now." I said.

"Yeah good night angels." He bid good night and exited. Since it was too late and we needed to get up early for the classes next morning.

I consecutively failed in my attempts to sleep. I tossed and turned in bed after every minute. I suppose I woke up Ruhani with my tossing and turning. She rested arm over my waist and mumbled, "You should sleep and don't think about it. We'll talk about it tomorrow." I held her arm closely and slept.

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