Chapter Sixteen: He's back


Chapter Sixteen: He's back


I woke up to the sound of my alarm. Opening my eyes, I stretched myself. Rehan had got up early in the morning and had made us breakfast. He kept my coffee and Ruhani's Tea along with scrambled eggs on the trolley beside bed.

I stepped out of bed and headed for shower. It seemed like I was the only sleepy head to get up late. Ruhani had packed our lunch for the day. During my schooldays, grandmother used pack my lunchbox for school. With carrying own lunch, it felt like we were still school kids. But home-made food was way more delicious and tasty rather than the one we had at our college mess. I really felt bad for the ones who had to survive on canteen food.

My mobile's screen blinked. I had received a message from a private number. I quickly opened it assuming it could be dad since he often used to change his numbers frequently. But as I opened the text said something else, it read "I want to meet you. Please don't refuse. It's about something you should know."

I gaped at the text for a while and thought this guy surely has some audacity. Even after warnings to him to keep away from me, He wants to meet me? I guess, I should talk about it with Rehan and Ruhani. It's time for them to know about it.


As we were heading towards the classroom. I told Rehan and Ruhani that I needed to catch up with some stuff and will see them directly in the classroom. Then I walked down the lobby and stood outside his cabin, knocking at door. "Come in" a familiar voice said from inside. I pushed the door and entered.

"Please lock the door, I don't want anyone to see us." He said. I thought for while then did as he had instructed. "Please have a seat." He said gesturing towards the chair. As I sat he kept staring at me. His eyes said like he wanted something badly, like they were seeking something in mine. There was sheer silence in the room. With that silence in the room, all those moments that I had spent with him flashed against my eyes in that one minute.

"What do you want from me now? I thought you already had enough of me that's why you left me." I said breaking silence in the room.

"No, it's nothing like that." He panicked for a moment and tried to explain but I raised my palm gesturing him, I didn't needed any of his sugar coated explanations. I wasn't going to be fooled this time.

He sighed and continued, "I know I had made a mistake long back. Wouldn't you give me a chance to make up for it? All I want is to apologize and make up for what I had did long back. I don't want to live with that guilt in my heart anymore."

"Should I be happy because you finally realized what you've done or pity at your state because it's too late to make up for it?" I felt like punching him straight on his nose and let it bleed. Like the way I had been bleeding at the hospital when he left me in despair leaving me in the sea of torments.

"Please baby, can't you give me a second chance? I promise I won't leave you."

"I am not your baby anymore. You lost that right long ago so stop calling me names and listen carefully. There's not even slightest chance for you to be back in my life and even if there was any, I still would choose not to be with you." I stood up and briskly walked towards the door. Before opening the door, I looked at him and said," It's the last time I am considering your request. Next time don't try messaging me"

I tried to control my tears that had already been flowing down the cheeks. I entered washroom and splashed water at my face.

Why should I cry for someone like him?

I did my makeup which consisted nothing more than eyeliner and lip gloss and headed out towards classroom.

"Where were you?" Ruhani asked as I sat beside her. "Listen guys, I have to share something with you." Before I could continue any further, he arrived in class and the lecture started.

He kept shooting glances at me. While the expression on his face looked like a pleading child. I mentally promised myself that I wasn’t going to fall for this trap.

I placed my head down and sighed in relief as the lecture ended. I wasn't feeling any good so I asked Rehan to accompany me to the cafeteria nearby, so that I could grab a coffee. I badly needed one right now. Ruhani wished to attend the classes hence she stayed back to attend the lectures.

At the cafeteria, Rehan kept shooting questioning glances at me. It seemed as If he had sensed something's wrong. I smiled and him and placed my hand over his trying to assure that him everything's fine. But I know it was not.

My phone blinked as a message arrived. I opened the message. It was from him. This time it was a long explanation why he had left me long back in past and now wanted to be a part of my future.
I shovelled my phone back into my pocket and continued sipping my coffee while looking outside.


It had been weird day at college. Maybe it was weird only for me. We were sitting in the drawing room, staring at the roof.
"You want to share something?" Ruhani asked.

"Yes, but promise me you won't be mad at me after whatever I am going to tell you." I said. They nodded their heads in affirmation and I began to narrate the whole sequence of events that had happened in last few days. Rehan certainly wasn't aware of the past I had.

"AND YOU'RE TELLING US THIS NOW?" Rehan said gritting his teeth as I narrated my past. His anger could be clearly seen from his expressions. I wasn't sure whether he was mad at me or him.

"I won't spare that asshole if he again tries to bug you again. He already played enough with your life." Rehan said as he hugged me and headed towards his bedroom, closing the door.

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