Chapter Ten: It's me.


Chapter Ten: It's me.



"I think you should tell him everything." Tanya said.

"No, it's better this way." I said.

"Come on, Ruhani! Stop pretending. I know you like him."

"I am not pretending."

"Then why don't you just go and tell him? Is it that difficult? If that's reason then let me do it for you."

"No please you won't do anything okay? I know he thinks of me as a friend and nothing else. I can't force him to like me."

"Ohh god! Then don't bug me next time when you see him with some other girl. I'll not play the dummy for you anymore." She said teasing me.

"Okay, I don't need your help. You can get around and flirt with as many guys you want." I tried to defend myself.

"Thanks! But you know what? I know you'll bug me the very next moment when I'll tell you that I saw him yesterday with Julie." Tanya said with a large grin while taking a bite from the sandwich.

"You are just saying this to tease me right?" I said. I was getting envious.

"You're convincing me or yourself?" She grinned.

"Ahh! Just stop it okay. How dare she lay her filthy hands on Rehan, he's mine. I need to teach that flirty bitch a lesson." I was jealous. I can't tolerate anyone playing games around Rehan.

"Shssh! Calm down. I was just kidding. Rehan had promised to accompany her that night since she didn't have a dance partner." Tanya tried to chill down the fire inside me.

"Is that so? Then it's okay." I smiled cheekily.

"Ohh god Ruhani! You're such a drama queen. I think you should try for a role in the play for the upcoming annual function. I'll ask Miss Braganza to take your auditions for the role." She said.

"Yeah you can tease me all you want. I don't care." I said.

"C'mon now let's get back to hostel else we wouldn't be able to get inside if it's too late."

"From when you started worrying about getting late? The warden has always been so blissful to you."

"Umm well it doesn't matter to me, I said that for you."

"O'yeah I know right! Your highness lives in this petty little hostel room instead of her grand palace just for me. Thank you so much for being so kind your highness." I said teasingly bowing down.

We kept blabbering all way along to hostel room. Tanya and I were roomies for like more than 3 years and it was the last semester of our course. Tanya desperately wanted to tell Rehan that I had a huge crush on him. But I didn't allow her to do so. As I didn't want to break the image he had in his mind for me.

It was next morning and as usual we were once again late for the class. We quickly did our morning chores and ran for the class. Well we were lucky enough to reach just in time before the professor. Rehan had reserved seats vacant for us at our usual sitting place.  We never asked why he did that but he always did that.

We were kind of group that grabbed all the attention in the campus. Maybe because of the fact that we had Tanya. She was a kind of girl who grabbed everyone's attention. She had all those attributes that made every girl envious about her. Her big doe like brown eyes, butt-length thick and long dark brown hair, body shape that any girl would die to have and a big bank balance. She was every guy's dream girl on campus. Sometimes even our old professors used drool at her sight.

She was rightly Miss Sebastian for all three years back to back. No one could challenge her claim to trophy. She always used to grab lead role in all they plays she would participate in.

As compared to her I was a complete goof ball. A typical nerd, who thought of nothing else except books and academics. Though as she entered my life a lot of things got. Tanya always used to help me with all the girly stuff and I used to take care of her grades in return. This was the way we lived in a kind of symbiotic relationship and how can I forget Rehan. With a guy like Rehan around us, no one ever dared to mess with us.

Rehan was a kind of perfect guy any girl would wish for. He was intelligent, smart, kind, funny and handsomely rich. He was tall, the one with lean though quite muscular frame, beautiful and focused eyes, dark hair and all other features that you could find in a male model.

At times, I used to feel like an unwanted goofball being with them all the time. But their love made me feel wanted. Rehan’s house was near our college. During the last year of our course, we later shifted with him as the hostel had too many restrictions and we couldn't meet him hostel. Rehan's parents had died long back in a road mishap. Ever since then he used to live alone.

Tanya's dad was a business tycoon and rarely lived at one place for long, all thanks to his busy schedule. And talking about me, I was born and brought up in typical Indian household bearing all kind of restrictions that are laid on female child.

Our family was a typical middle class family who used to have just enough money for a decent survival. It wasn't easy to convince them when I wanted to shift with Tanya to Roy’s house. But somehow Tanya managed to convince my parents letting me quit hostel and shift in with them at Rehan’s flat.

Normally, dad wouldn't allow me to move in with a guy who lives alone in the house. But when we told that it would save him the hostel fees. That made him to make up his mind and said yes, allowing me shift to Rehan's house along with Tanya.

At Rehan's house, Tanya and I shared the room just the way we used to do in hostel. The house was big enough but had just two bedrooms. Rehan was ready to use drawing room as his room and wanted to hand his room to Tanya. But she refused as we were quite habitual to have each other around. There were no worries at all except for food. Thanks to my mom I knew to cook some decent food. Well, I wasn't a pro like my mom but I cooked decent enough for the survival. These were the very last months of our college life and we wanted to enjoy them as much as we could.

The companies had started arriving to our campus for hiring students. Rehan had to take over his dad's business, which his uncle was taking care of since his parent’s died  and Tanya wanted to be a model. So l was the only one from trio to apply for the on campus placements.

I passed through interviews and managed to get myself placed in an MNC which paid me decently enough to help my dad keep his mouth shut. Else they would've me married off straight after the last exam. They had already started pressurizing me for the arranged marriage from a long time as they knew it was the last year. I think a girl it's too young for a girl to be married off at age of 21 at least in this 21st century. I had just started to live my life. I had a lot to experience but who cared?

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