Chapter Four: A Brief Talk


Chapter Four: A Brief Talk


I and Ruhani were still talking about Tanya’s condition. I know I wasn’t doing my best to calm her down but I needed to handle it. I looked away as when I found a nurse walking towards me.

"Doctor said she wants to see you,” she said,

"Alright. Can you tell me where she is right now?" I asked, standing up and grabbing the file lying beside me.

"Please go to the second room to the right. She is waiting for you there,” nurse replied.

"Okay, thanks" I said.

I asked Ruhani and Tanya’s dad to accompany me. Somehow nurse seemed serious and whatever it was I didn’t want to handle it alone. Three of us walked towards the corridor nurse had informed me. I asked being the only cabin there, I knocked on the door.

"Come in." Doctor said instantly.

"Hello Doctor. Nurse said you wanted to see us?" I asked, walking inside and closing the door as soon as Ruhani entered.

"Yes, since Tanya's condition is stable now, I wanted to brief you about her condition,” she said very calmly, pointing at the chairs asking us to sit. "But I need you to answer a few questions first…” We nodded our heads in affirmation as we took our seats.

“Was Tanya in any kind of problem? Any kind of depression? Or any kind of stress?" She asked me.

Uncle glanced at me to see if I wanted to answer the question, but when I didn’t he went ahead.  "No doctor, she was happy all the time we saw her. Not even a twinge of sadness that could make us aware about something was going to happen.”

Doctor nodded and then said as politely as possible, "See I don't want hide anything from you but we found overdose of antidepressant pills in her blood. And not only that, we found an overdose of sleeping pills to

Ruhani gasped and I stared at Doctor in disbelief, a sudden chill sweeping through me, giving me Goosebumps.

"How is that possible?" I asked, my voice suddenly sounding shrill.

"The reports say so,” Doctor said now looking at me, “The medicines she took are the ones people usually take in state of major depression like sad mood, loss of interest, retardation or agitation. There was an overdose of Mianserin which is highly hepatotoxic. You can say a kind of liver toxin."

My eyes flew opened. "A Liver toxin?"

Uncle was quiet now and appeared worried.

"Yes,” said Doctor, “because of the overdose of all those pills, there was a severe damage to her liver. Luckily, she was brought in here on time. Else we couldn’t have been able to save her life. The medicines we found in her bloodstream aren’t the usual local ones which anyone can get easily. These are the kind of medicines you can't get without a proper medical prescription." The doctor continued to explain as the horror spread within us.

At first, I was terribly confused when she had spoken about operating on Tanya. I thought it was just a wrist cut, how could that result to something so severe that led to doctors operating on her?

"Is she fine now?" I asked her immediately only to make sure.

"Yeah, she is alright now but the cut was also badly infected. We must have her under observation now. But the cut actually worked as a saviour in disguise. It drove out all the toxicities and made it easier for us to treat. And one more thing, the drugs were mixed in her food or drinks. Most probably the last food she had." As doctor went on explaining, it left us in state of shock.

"But that day she didn't have anything since morning." Uncle said, and I looked at him as he speaks.

"That's what the reports say. And yea, one more thing. The cut on her wrist is just a single slit unlike most suicide cases. Mostly in suicide cases there are more than that just one cut on the wrist, as the person first gathers some courage, makes some trial and error cuts before the final blow resulting in hampering the blood vessel"

"You mean to say that it wasn't Tanya who cut herself?" I asked, leaning forward.

"I think so, unless she had attempted this kind of thing before or if she harms herself often." Doctor said as the tension in the air begin to increase.

"No doctor! My girl isn't coward to quit. She's a strong girl," Uncle said while on verge of tears.

"I understand your feelings sir, but this is the truth. I have to involve police in this case as per the usual protocols since this doesn’t look like a usual suicide attempt, rest depends upon you sir.”

Uncle and I glanced at other again as doctor gets up from her chair. "Thanks for the briefing doctor, now I think I know better about the incident." I said before she could leave.

"No problem. That’s my duty. Now I need to check on the patients, please excuse me." She said as she opened the door and exited the cabin.

Three of us started to walk out of the cabin, strained silence was accompanied along, each one us dripped in our own thoughts.

My mind was racing and I wasn’t able to catch its pace. Well, doctor can't be wrong, can she? So does this mean someone else is responsible for Tanya’s sufferings? If so, what could be the reason? All these questions were raging in my mind and decided to find the truth as soon as possible.

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