Chapter Three: Getting Back To Reality


Chapter Three: Getting Back To Reality


I grunted in disbelief as my car crawled along with the traffic at a snail’s pace. I had been driving like this for past half an hour when we left the airport. This traffic jam outside really getting bad and was now annoying me to the core The honking from the vehicles around felt like thousands of bombs deployed in my head. I felt like I needed a cup of coffee once more. I didn’t sleep for last 48hrs. I tried but nightmares didn’t let me sleep. My mind constantly wandered its thoughts around Tanya and how she’ll be now.

My phone buzzed bringing me out from my thoughts.  I held it in my hands reading the display; it was from Tanya’s dad.

"Hello uncle…" I said. “Is everything okay?” My voice sounded a bit of annoyance as the traffic outside continued to honk restlessly.

"Where are you Rehan?" he asked ignoring my question. His tone clearly signalled of worry.

"We are on our way to hospital. Had come to pick Ruhani up from the airport. We are stuck in the traffic here. It’ll take us time to reach there."

"That is fine. I wanted to inform you that the doctors have successfully completed the operation… They said that Tanya will recover soon. There's no need to worry. Everything will be alright… You need some sleep son. Just go home and sleep, I’ll handle everything here."  I could sense the happiness in his voice as he chatted to me on the phone.

"Yeah, I'll take care, don’t worry.” I said and sighed with relief knowing Tanya’s health condition now, “We will come to hospital first and then I’ll go home. Ruhani wants to see Tanya." I said before ending the call.

It took us an hour to arrive at the hospital, and soon as we entered, surprisingly, out of nowhere, we were stormed with the press- reporters, with a lot of questions. I just answered patiently with what I was supposed to and then went straight ahead to have a look at Tanya. Doctors had shifted her from I.C.C.U to a general ward. Ruhani was enquiring about the room number at the reception when I saw uncle coming towards us.

"Glad to see you here Ruhani." Uncle said, half hugging her.

"I just couldn't stop myself after knowing this,” said Ruhani, her eyes watering, “So, I just got into the first flight I could find."

"As soon as she wakes up, I am sure she is going to be very happy seeing you here."

"I thought I was like a sister to her. Why didn't she tell me if something was bothering her?"

"I wish I could give you an answer dear,” Uncle said, his voice extremely low.

Over Uncle’s shoulder I noticed one of the doctors hurriedly approaching towards us.

"Mr. Agarwal?" she asked.

"Yes, it's me." Uncle replied turning around.

"I am Dr. Pratiksha and I am looking after your daughter's condition. She's getting better now. We have kept her under observation till we ensure her condition is stable."

"Can we see her now?" I asked hopefully.

"Yeah sure, but one person at a time." Doctor said guiding way towards Tanya's room.

I nervously peeked through the glass window. She was there lying still on the bed with tubes from the beeping machine all around her. She looked beautiful but the aura she always used to carry with her was missing. My throat pained and I was about to break down in tears.

Ruhani goes inside first. She sits beside Tanya and holds her hand. She caresses Tanya’s face as streaks of tears rolled down her cheeks. She suddenly gets up and comes out running pulling me in a tight embrace. She was sobbing badly as I hugged her and stroke her hair gently trying to calm her down.

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