Chapter Twenty Two


It’s been a few months khushi left for Canada with Hitesh. Anjani had planned to stay with Jay for a week but later she totally moved in with him after her dad’s demise a week later. Jay still used to write Parnika emails. He used to mention his day at the end just like he was writing a diary. He still had hope that she’d reply him someday. He was happy now. Jay cheered Anjani up everyday as she used to often miss her dad. He was the only parent that she had left with her. Her mom had died giving her birth and since then her dad was her mom as well as dad. There was a deep bond between her and her dad, something that Jay somehow understood and tried to cheer her up.

Khushi and Hitesh often used to video chat with them. They used to keep the laptop at one end of the table and sit to eat pretending as if they were having food together just like usual. Such things used to bring a smile on Anjani’s face. Jay and Anjani were officially dating now for 4 months and it felt everything was going back on track. They used to manage her antique shop together and used to help each other at house. Jay later on got a job in IT firm as a project manager as he had previous experience as a team lead. Since then she used to work at her shop and he used to always drop her at shop before going to office. During night he used to pick her up and both used to drive back home.

It felt as if Jay’s life was back to normal after a very long time. Jay often used to mention how her and Parnika’s habit matched. She used to feel a bit odd at that time as she felt he was somehow comparing her with his friend. But she used to ignore as she was out of picture for a long time now. He had no contact with her and she wasn’t replying to his emails as well. It was valentines day. Anjani wanted to do something special for Jay. She was planning for this for a week now.

Morning beam of sun shines on her face as she gets up. Jay was still sleeping and it was a sunday. He had now a habit of sleeping a bit late on holidays. She crawls close and kisses him as he smiles and pulls her close kissing back. “I thought you were sleeping.” Anjani gets up throwing a pillow at Jay. “Well I was watching you sleeping like a baby for more than an hour now.” He smirks as she throws another pillow at him hitting him on head. “Ow!” He bends down holding his head. It felt as if something hurt him deep. She rushes to check upon him as he laughs. She slaps his chest and gets up to walk away as he holds her hand and pulls her down. She looks at him in the  eye as he pins her down and kisses her while staring intensely in her eyes.

The sun was almost up now and they folded their beds up putting them back into the storage room on the terrace. It was a fun sunday morning. She had secretly planned a candle light dinner for him tonight. She had learnt some authenticate gujrati dishes for Jay from Khushi. She wanted to make this night special for him. She was preparing the lunch when Jay comes in the kitchen. “Hey anu, could you just clean up my car for me? I have some really urgent emails to send and I have to leave for some work right now. Boss had called up.” He hands her a bucket of water and cloth along with the car wash bottle. It was weird because Jay never allowed anyone else to touch his car. He was quite possessive about his car.

She doesn’t pay much heed and heads out as she felt it must be really urgent if Jay is serious about it. She opens the door and bucket falls from her hand as she covers her mouth with shock. There was a brand new cute red car standing in their garage. Jay comes from behind and hugs her planting a kiss on her cheek. “How’s the surprise anu?” He points at the new car which was wrapped in red ribbons ready to be opened up. She doesn’t utter a word as still being in shock. He holds her hand and walks her to the car. “It’s for you. I know you love your old car but it’s just too old for you to be driving around in it.” He hands her the car keys. “Jay, I can’t thank you in words for this, but…” “But? What?” Jay asks before she could complete her sentence.

“But Jay, this is too much. A car is a huge deal. I appreciate your feelings but I am paying for this. I can’t take such pricey gift from you.” She hugs him. “But why anu? Can’t I gift you something that you can drive in safely around when I am not here?” He hugs her back and rubs her back gently. “Well yes you can but I feel it’s too early for us to shower such huge amounts for gifts. I’d really appreciate something that comes straight from heart but this dear is a bit overboard right now.” “You girls are weird, Khushi said to do something special. To gift something that you can use daily and something that’d remind you of me. I thought since you were always thinking to get a new car, why not get gift you one. You know I had been planning for this for a month now.” Jay crosses his arms.  “Don’t be sad, I love your gift. But dear, I feel it’s way too early for us to spend so much just for gifts. If you’re not letting me pay you back for this I am not keeping it.” She hands him back the keys. “No, its all yours. Okay I’ll let you pay me back for this but let me take you on a long drive tonight?” He opens his palm for her to grab.

“Uh sorry Jay, can we go tomorrow?” She wanted to surprise him with the dinner plan tonight. “What’s wrong with today?” Jay and Anjani walk back inside. “I have some work to get done with. It is urgent so can’t be delayed. We can go tomorrow for sure. I promise.” She pinches the skin at her neck as if swearing. “Uhm okay, if you say so. I wanted to take you out on a nice dinner. But well better luck next time. It is a bad valentines day for me. My gift gets rejected and I can’t have date.” Jay walks up murmuring as Anjani squeals thinking about the smile on his face when he’d notice her surprise at night.

It was 8 pm and all of her preparations were done. Jay was busy watching videos online on his computer in his room. It was quite difficult for her to sneak things up on the terrace so that he doesn’t notice his surprise. She was all done now and she grabbed a blindfold and walked inside his room. “Shush! I have something for you.” She puts a blindfold in front of his eyes and whispers in his ear. He lets her blindfold him. She takes his hand and guides him towards the terrace. “Anu, its not sleeping time yet. I am hungry, what about dinner?” His voice slows down as she opens his blindfold. There was a small table with several candles on it. There were food bowls and plates. He looks at her as she’s smiling back at him.  “Surprise!” She guides him to the table.

“ I can’t believe this. Is this a dream? You made this?” Jay opens up the food bowls one by one like excited kid. “Damn anu I love you!” He squeals like a kid as he comes up and hugs her from behind and kisses her cheek. “So this is the important work you cancelled my long drive plan for huh?” He fakes a frown while staring at Anjani. “Don’t be sad, if we had been on drive how would I plan my surprise?” Anjani serves him his favourite dishes. “I am just joking, this is lot better than my plan. Although we still can go out on a drive tomorrow.” Jay looks at her as continues to eat. “Haa baba(Yes dear)”She mutters as they both laugh.

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