My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Blurb from Goodreads :

Through peace, it’s justice we seek!
The hunter will meet the fate of the hunted
And the mighty will serve the meek!

Twenty years ago, a corrupt President, a greedy industrialist, and a sycophant policeman uprooted the tribal people from their own land and burned their houses. Twenty years later, the Republic of Bodh is in danger from a similar evil troika.

The curse uttered by a frail tribal woman during the carnage twenty years ago has inspired Jwaala, the only female leader in the senate, to reform the Republic of Bodh.

But the same curse has turned Saaya, once an innocent victim of the massacre, into a relentless killing machine with a mission to prey on the predators.
Even when the Republic spirals into a storm of scandals, the greedy and corrupt President Chaupat is torn between his lust for a dancer and his unrequited passion for his wife Kaamini.

Will Saaya succeed in his mission or will Chaupat thwart his efforts?
Will Jwaala, orphaned in a violent attack, be able to turn the curse for the greedy into a blessing for the poor? Will she succeed to save the Republic from another ensuing bloodshed?

The Curse is a gritty political thriller about people who have lost much to greed but want to transform their nation. 


Looking at the cover and checking out the blurb I felt there would be a tinge of fantasy or sci-fi element to it. You can say maybe I just connected the title too much with the current gen FantaSci reads. But as I continued reading it was more of a political thriller than anything else.

The story begins in a very mysterious ways and created a curious vibe in me. I thought this would be interesting point in the story as I move on further. But to me it turned out to be quite predictable. Although, the narration really good and I loved the smart use of vocabulary here and there. I often had to use dictionary to find the meaning of some peculiar words. I rarely enjoy a book when I have to fire up dictionary time and again as it just breaks the flow of reading but here it was in a sweet spot, not too much.

I enjoyed the story as it took deeper dives into the political upheaval. The characters were really well thought upon and developed nicely. Although, it was overall a good read. I wasn't impressed or felt disappointed at the same time. Maybe, I had too much of political stuff recently who knows. The story being quite predictable and yet the narration didn't make it bore, makes it a good recommendation for the ones who like reading books around the governments and political theories. Just don't make a mistake of connecting it with grim dark fantasy or science fiction looking at the title.

Book Buy Link :


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Review: The Stalker

The Stalker by Sandeep Sharma
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Blurb from Goodreads:

Randhir Kamat, a name famous for his regular mentions on page 3, was being stalked on social media by a girl named Deepali. He took it casually and enjoyed the attention from media but soon things went on to become ugly when his girlfriend, Rupali, started receiving death threats. 
Keeping everything on stake, Randhir chose to involve police to catch the Stalker. Inspector Suraj, started digging in and soon found that 'Here everyone's a liar'. 
Whom to trust? 
Whom to blame? 
There were no answers, just one question. 
How far will you go for the sake of your dream? 

I had heard a lot about the book before, hence when I got a chance to get my hands on it I was eager to read it. I like the cover design really. It gives out that mysterious stalker vibes which really goes well with the title and plot of the book.

Personally, I felt the story was somewhat similar to the Stranger Series by Novoneel Chakraborty. The overall stalker vibe later on catching up with the mysterious revelations all of suddenly. It was quite a fast paced read which is totally the types of books I like to read. It maintained the mystery vibe by preserving and not skipping on the details that much. Honestly, there's not much that i can talk about it without giving up the spoilers. To enjoy the story you have to read and find out.

The story and the way plot was narrated was really enjoyable. One thing that irked me a lot was the really bad printing quality. The book is price fairly cheap which is a good thing for the ones who don't want to spend too much on books as they are getting costlier each day. But here it felt that the printing was really cheaped out in every possible way. The pages were almost tissue thin, many were already torn from edges. The printing was inclined in several pages. The cover cutting had rough edges. Overall it was not at all pleasing. There were really dumb typos all over, like the silly ones at times your auto correct would make while you type your social media post or message.

If you really wanna read the story then I'd suggest to go for the book but get the Kindle version if you are okay with reading E-Books. Still its a good read on the content department if you can ignore the printing thing it won't bother you.

Book Buy Link :


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Also, a minor headsup.... Obsessed is free to read on Kindle Unlimited! Do check it out. I'd be glad to read your reviews!
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Man and sexism in Jobs

I often wondered what does mean by sexism in job. Stating that some tasks are only just for the males or some tasks are only for the females? To be honest, I don't think so. Although, taking the scientific attitude and some common sense in the hand and looking at the matters one can surely say that males certainly better at some tasks and females are certainly better at the rest. No one can deny the magic of evolution and the way things have been working since past eons.

Jobs which include brute force or just continuous use of strength are often called off as the Male dominated professions where as the jobs which require skills, include delicate details and need excellent level of focus are often the female dominated professions. But does that mean no man is able to perform delicate tasks and no female can show brute strength?

The issue here lies with generalising everything. Yesterday, a funny tweet just had me thinking on this. The tweet was, " If the devil is in the details, does that mean the god lies in generalisation? " I would've surely captured the tweet and embedded it here if I could find it again. But, apart from that let me come back to the point. Recently, there's a huge encouragement on social media for females who show the power and are into things like body building or extreme sports and males who can cook or take care of kids.

Seriously? My dear fellow males, if you are able to cook for yourself and your family then its not a novelty. Others who don't know to cook for themselves, I am so sorry to say that you lack even the most basic of the survival skills. A man who can do cook, clean, sew isn't someone to be praised just because he's a man doing it. Personally, I feel those are the most basic living skills any human should know. Also, for females if you are going to gym, building up some muscle or racing on a cycling track or taking a part in a marathon you aren't automatically landing into a novelty either.

It doesn't mean we shouldn't praise someone who is good in their respective tasks. But the praise should come for the work and their level of work and not because they belong to a particular sex. I often slap my forehead looking at the silly headlines where they write female programmers earn less than males, but I don't know the full picture here. Has anyone accounted the hours of work and skill they had poured in? I again not pointing out and not generalising or literally meaning anything but just think, how many times you just blatantly generalise everything and start being a complaint box about everything on the social media.

Sexism doesn't lie in any jobs or any where else but in each of our own eyes. We just are too adamant to find faults in our own self and too busy in pointing fingers at others.

Always remember, when you point one finger at someone else, automatically there are three fingers pointing back at you. 

That doesn't mean you start self loathing and overthinking but its just that one should self evaluate before pointing out fingers on someone else. Every single human thinks of himself as most pious and pure personality but in reality everyone has some dark deeds which they just wish never come out.

I'd love to know what are your thoughts on it via the comments below. Also, if you like whatever I write then you can follow via email and share it with your friends.


Do comment and share your thoughts about it! I'd love to know what do you think. Also, I'd keep updating it quite often so do follow the blog to get all the updates by clicking here.

Also, a minor headsup.... Obsessed is free to read on Kindle Unlimited! Do check it out. I'd be glad to read your reviews!
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Review: Minimalism: The Path to an Organized, Stress-free and Decluttered Life

Minimalism: The Path to an Organized, Stress-free and Decluttered Life by Gwyneth Snow
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Blurb from Goodreads :
Ever been stressed out by the clutter on your desk? Or when you’re trying to find an important document, or a specific outfit from a messy closet? The truth is – the more stuff we have, the more difficult it is to keep them organized. The more clutter and mess we end up with as a result can lead to a stressful day, and this stress can build up over time. This has to stop. 

Minimalism: The Path to an Organized, Stress-free and Decluttered Life is my humble attempt to help you realize the benefits of incorporating a minimalist lifestyle in order to rid your life of excess in a systematic and strategic way. Here’s a quick overview of the book: 

• The first section of this book highlights a brief history of minimalism and its origins. It also covers how the minimalist movement has evolved over time, what modern day minimalism looks like, and its benefits. 
• The second section covers a wide range of strategies and techniques that you could use to declutter, get organized, and live in a stress-free and minimalist home. 
• The last section highlights what a minimalist lifestyle could look like; it covers a wide range of topics including minimalism in money, health, relationships, and much more. 

My goal, through this book, is to empower you to find joy in simplifying and to find happiness in fewer things that truly matter.


Usually I don't read such books but this one caught my eye while scrolling through the kindle store and I decided to get it and give it a read. It is a decent collection of concepts and information about minimalism from the Internet. It's quite little but tried to touch most aspects about the topic.

I liked the way the Author first explained the concepts and philosophy of minimalism, then diving into history and moving slowly into the modern era. Later on beginning with the little tips and solutions for the ones who are interested in this ideology. Coming from your Average & Typical Indian family I am fairly accustomed with the concepts that are described here, its not labelled here as much but most people follow the similar lifestyle.

Get only what you need and just leave the excessive not needed clutter behind. I'd say it a really nice one time read for the one who wants to try out or just accustom themselves with the concept and the ideology of living minimalistic.

Book Buy Link :

Note : At the time of posting this review, the book is available for free on Kindle, so do check before downloading and get your copy if it interests you.

Also, if you love reading Hindi Poems, this ( , ) Book is available for free to download and check out.


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Also, a minor headsup.... Obsessed is free to read on Kindle Unlimited! Do check it out. I'd be glad to read your reviews!
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Download A love read in the library for free

A love read in the Library.

Abhishek is a doctor and Priya is an engineer, they have different views on every subject. They both had a lot going in their lives. This is a rollercoaster ride of their live. How they overcome every difference for love.

Here, I am back again with a free book that you can read and enjoy on weekends. The Book is free to Download till 21 Jan 2019. You can follow the link below to get your copy.

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Review: Click! She's stuck in his Head

Click! She's stuck in his Head by Seeta N
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Blurb from Goodreads :

Anil's life was set to be changed forever the moment he had boarded that Mangalore Express, when a chance encounter brings Aaliah into his life and within a week's time, propels their friendship to a full-blown love relationship. But it's only on Anil's return from the trip, that Rohit, Anil's best friend-cum-business partner, suspects something odd when Anil begins to show a photograph of Aaliah to his drunken friends at a party. Rohit being slightly sober notices something strange. Astonishingly the girl, who Anil verbally describes, looks nothing like the girl in the photograph, who is called Aaliah. And she is the one who Anil claims to be in love with. This raises suspicion in Rohit's mind as to who the girl Anil was describing could be? And does she even exist, since she is nowhere to be seen in the photographs. With million questions in his mind, Rohit finally embarks upon a quest to uncover the truth behind Anil's strange behaviour.To uncover the truth about Anil and Aaliah, and the mysterious girl that Anil keeps describing come and be a part of this unique and exciting romantic journey in unravelling the mystery behind Click! She's stuck in this head.


From the Blurb I felt there wasn't much interesting to read but still I opened up and gave this a try as I didn't wanted to judge a book without reading it. As I started reading it, I realised the book is somewhat cliche. One Male, One Female in a romantic location and the story begins. I wanted to leave it at that moment thinking its just another your usual they met and fall in love romance story but the narration and writing styled had gripped me to the book so I decided to continue reading.

Honestly, I am glad that I didn't leave the book at that moment and continued reading ahead. The story changed its tones from sweet to now romantic and then slowly would go mysterious. Throughout the book, I loved the way the story was narrated and the writing style as well. It was a major factor that kept me hooked to the first place in the book.

The story changes it tones as you keep reading further and the twists well, they will make you read ahead as at one point you'd feel you've read this before and you can predict the story but as you go on reading, it turns out to be something else. It had some cringe and overly cheesy moments but it was well suited to the theme and didn't irk me much.

I loved the little things that were taken care of while writing and the narration actually made me feel that I was there in that place. It was clearly showing its bollywood influence but it was okay as the overall theme was well suited and blending was really good with the story.

I wish there were more of the reactions of the female at the end, you'd know when you'll read and will know what am I talking about here. I felt the story can possibly have a sequel and would love to read if there will be any. It was a really good read I had after a very long time.

Buy Link :
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Movie Review : The Accidental Prime Minister

Image Courtesy : Google Search

About The Movie :

Based on the memoir by Indian policy analyst Sanjaya Baru, The Accidental Prime Minister explores Manmohan Singh's tenure as the Prime Minister of India, and the kind of control he had over his cabinet and the country.

Release date: 11 January 2019 (India)
Director: Vijay Gutte
Story by: Sanjaya Baru
Production company: Pen India Limited
Producers: Sunil Bohra, Dhaval Gada

Review : 
It is a very rare occasion when some movie has me excited and awaited for its release. This movie one of the very few. While scrolling across twitter I assumed this movie would have some sort of political agenda hidden into it, but after watching it my opinions are surely different.

I was instantly hooked after watching a few teasers about the movie on Youtube. I really wanted to know how the story would unfold as its after-all about the Ex-Prime Minister of India. The teasers has a kind of comical touch to it which felt really entertaining as it showed the most tense situations in a very light hearted manner.

I was expecting it to be really politically inclined movie as it was based on a controversial book with the same title and by the same author. But it totally felt different, while watching the story. It felt as if I was really close friend of the person who's story is being told and it had this comical gossip tone overall.

More than being about politics even if its a story of a politician, it felt more like the story of a person who once was seated in one of the world's most powerful chairs. The acting was really amazing as everything felt so real. Some might disagree with me but this is really a movie that I feel every Indian should watch.

The 2018 is been a year with a lot of nationalism and politically inclined movies for bollywood. I really loved Parmanu, the Accidental Prime Minister adds to the list of 2019 and I'd be eagerly looking forward for the movie URI next.

I usually tweet about my movie experiences but decided to just write some more and elaborate my thoughts over it. Hence beginning with this movie, I might be posting more movie and show reviews that I loved watching.
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Chapter Thirty

Chapter Thirty

“Where are you going?” Gemma calls out to Parnika who had just opened the door. “I know what I’ve to do. I’ve made this mess and I’ll get sort it out.” She closes the doors and walks out. “Pari! Hey! Wait for me!” Gemma runs behind Parnika who was walking towards Jake’s Room. Gemma worried that Parnika is going to do something that she presumed already. Gemma tries to catch up but she’s late as Jake is about to get out while he meets Parnika in midst of hallway.

Jake was nicely dressed in Navy Blue shirt and Black denims. The aroma around him had a nice smell to it. It was evident he was going to plan the surprise which Gemma had told Parnika about. “Pari! Wait!” Gemma calls out before Parnika can speak anything. Jake looks at both of them suspiciously. “Gemma, what’s up?” Jake tries to be as casual as possible. He thought that Parnika was about to confront him about his surprise. The last thing he wanted tonight was his surprise proposal to end up in a failure.

“Ah nothing Jake. We had been discussing about my Marriage. Pari thought it’d be great if all of us can get together on that day.” Gemma tried to cover up but she knew that the matter has slipped out of her hands already. “Oh, I see. I have some work to do, I’ll catch up with you guys later.” Jake sighs in relief thinking that his surprise is still intact.  He is about to walk by them when Parnika holds his arm and stops him.

“I have something very important to tell you.” To Jake she appeared quite serious. Jake was catching up on the vibes around and guessed that something’s not okay. “Yeah sure, come, let’s sit and talk in my room.” He invites both girls inside. Gemma was seemingly trying to tell Jake that it’s not her fault at all with her eyes.

“Jake, I never realised that us hanging out together meant so much to you. I know your feelings about me and it’s my fault that I decided to ignore them and just think you’d get over them. All these happy moments we had together might have made you think that I have the same feelings towards you. I know I have been a horrible friend leading you into something totally false. I was just trying to get over someone and you just happened to be there. I thought spending time with you would make me forget him but I failed.” Parnika breaks down into tears.

“What are you talking about Pari?” Jake wraps an arm around her and rubs her shoulder as she rests her head on his chest. “ I have been a horrible person. I never intended to lead you into something which was wrong. Jake, I just see you as a friend. I know you have something in your heart for me but I am not the one who deserves it.” Jake wanted to interrupt but Gemma grips his shoulder and stops him. She nods at him gesturing to let Parnika speak.

“You know Jay is a huge part of my life. I thought I could just let him go and would be happy without him too, but all of it got in vain. I thought I’d be replace him with you but couldn’t. Today when I learnt that he has the same feelings for him as I have for him, I realised my love isn’t unrequited. I so just want to go back and get into his arms.” She pulls out from Jake’s embrace and looks at him.

“But Gem made me realise that all this while when I was struggling with myself. I had unintentionally hurt many others. Jake I know you wanted to ask me out tonight.” She takes his hands in hers. Jake looks at Gemma who’s looking at him apologetically.

“It’s not her fault. Actually it’s better that she told me. I don’t want you to be in a situation I had been all of the year. I want you to be happy because you are my best friend. Jake, buddy, I am not the one for you. I know it’d sound weird but today, do as you had planned. You’ll find someone who truly deserves you and would love you back more than I would’ve if I wasn’t with someone. I know all of this feels weird but just trust me and do it. If you really loved me, you’d give my share of love to this girl who’ll meet you tonight. Keep her happy for me Jake. I know you will.” She gets up rubbing tears off her cheeks and walks out. Jake looks at Gemma wondering what had just happened.

Jake’s world had been shattered in a few minutes as if an earthquake passed a few seconds before. He was trying to digest all that happened within those few moments. He was confused whether he should be sad or happy. He wanted to cry because the one he loved will never love him back. But on the other side he was happy because there was someone who loved him without his knowledge.

It felt like bittersweet chocolate for him. He gets up and walks out without looking at Gemma with an expression of confusion on his face. He just wanted to spend some time alone right now trying to just understand what had just happened. Gemma tries to stop him but he kept walking ignoring her. His mind was already occupied by millions of thoughts right now.

Gemma walks back to Parnika’s room and doesn’t find her there. She waits for a while but runs as soon as a thought strikes her. Parnika was right there walking out from Clara’s room. Gemma walks to her and grabs her by shoulder. “ What did you just do?” Gemma said in a stern voice which clearly told Parnika that she was in her no-nonsense mood right now. “Calm down Gem, I made a mistake and I fixed it.” She walks past Gemma back to her room.

Gemma annoyed for not been answered follows Parnika. Parnika watches her entering the room and gives her a smile. “What did you do Pari? Will you tell me?” Gemma sounded worried about her. A few moments back she was panicking but now she was smiling at her. “I just fixed what I had messed up. I feel as if a huge guilt has been dropped off my conscience.” Parnika smiles as she sits back on her bed. “You’re not being clear at all. I am not getting any of it. Will you tell me now?” Gemma clearly was still annoyed at her. She knew Parnika was someone to trust and rely upon but when it came to dealing with emotions Parnika had a weak spot there. She knew Parnika would just jump in fire of hell to save anyone she cared for but she won’t do the same if it had been her in the situation. She’d happily sacrifice herself for someone’s smile. Gemma was worried thinking about what did Parnika tell Clara.


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Previous Chapter || Next Chapter

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Copyright © 2018 by Dhawal Joshi

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

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THE CAGED TIGRESS by Dr.Arundhati Hinge
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Blurb From Goodreads :

The book is a combination of LOVE ,HURT ,PAIN, DEPRESSION,INSPIRATION,AWARENESS and essence of HISTORY.We all are aware of physical abuse on girls But abuse can also be done emotionally.That is the central theme of this book.To spread awareness of EMOTIONAL ABUSE which is not visible and many girls are unaware of this. 
Dr.Aadya who is a well educated yet simple girl.Her dad puts proposal of arrange marriage in front of her. Aadya fell in love for the first time and after marriage she faced another personality in her husband.She got confused,depressed and directionless. And she came to know the term "EMOTIONAL ABUSE" for the first time. 
Along with Aadya,The historical story of MANIKARNIKA (RANI LAXMIBAI) has been entangled. 
The story is narrated beautifully to maintain enthusiasm and interest alive.


The whole concept of connecting with the Queen of Jhansi in dreams had gotten me sold on the book. I loved the concept of parallel story-telling of both girls making it resemble as if its a re-incarnation or some sort of 'History repeats itself' storyline. The whole plot was quite unique and I really liked the way of story telling. But somewhere, there I felt it fell short on letting me as a reader connect with the world of Aadya. The story felt really fast paced as there was no much depth for a reader to indulge and dive into her world. It felt as if you're just getting to know from the outer layers, the facts. I'd have loved it more if there was a deep connection to the characters inner thoughts and emotions.

The story tries to bring out the topic of 'emotional abuse' which is very often easily neglected and tough to prove as it doesn't carry any much of the physical traits to prove that someone is been victim of such abuse. Here, there's an attempt to bring out that hidden trope of the society which isn't spoken about much. I feel this is one of my first Indian feminist themed books. At times people forget the fine line between being feminist and misandry. Here I feel it was balanced on that aspect. Although, I'd have loved more on the marriage part which just really flew through in the story.

Somewhere I felt the author could've played a lot more with the concept of bringing the ancient queen back to her dreams and teaching her or training Aadya or something. But this is a first book in the series so I'd rather wait for the second one before commenting much more about it.

Apart from everything I mentioned above, I liked the debutant author's story and her idea of bringing something new out rather than beating the old bush again and again. I wish her good luck for the second book and would recommend this book to all those who want to read more on the topic of emotional abuse, or those who enjoy reading feminism themed books. Somehow, I felt the book had a sad/dark vibe overall, so if you're someone who loves dark stuff can check it out as well.

Link To Buy :
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Chapter Twenty-Nine

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Gemma knocks at the door seeing Parnika walking in circles like a maniac. “What’s wrong?” She looks at Parnika whose face was a combination of fear and confusion. She continued walking back and forth in circles as if Gemma wasn’t even there.

“What’s wrong with you?” Gemma grabs her by shoulders and makes her stop.

“Nothing, everything’s fine.” Parnika tries to fake a smile but it soon turns into frown and frustration.

“Here, sit down and tell me everything. What’s happening? What’s all the panic about?” Gemma takes her hand and tries to calm her down.

Parnika takes a few deep breaths and pulls the laptop close. She opens her inbox. “ Read all of these, from the beginning.” She hands the laptop to Gemma who had no clue what has happening. The look on her face changed as she continued reading the mails one by one. On finishing them, she had the same expression as parnika on her face.

She shuts the laptop screen, placing it aside she looks at Parnika. Parnika was looking at her with puppy eyes, hoping for some sort solution for the mess she had created.

“Pari dear, this doesn’t feel right? What do you want?” She looks at Parnika straight in her eyes.

“You know I can’t get Jay out of my thoughts. It was already difficult as it is and now after this, it’s impossible. I so want to just mail that idiot and tell him how much I love him. But thinking about it just scares me as what if something goes wrong? Should I tell him in person this time? All these thoughts are plaguing my mind.” She gets up and looks at the setting sun.
“Pari, how selfish you can be?” Gemma’s words surprised her as well as hurt her.

“What do you mean by that?” She walks to gemma who was still seated on the bed.

“What about Jake? What would you do about him? What will you tell him? You were playing with his feelings all this time? It’s not that simple dear. Jake wanted this to be a surprise but looking at this mess I have to tell you.”

“Tell me what?”

“Jake has planned to propose you tonight. He has planned a dinner on cruze. He wanted me to help him in his plan. But it seems poor Jake will have to face heartbreak tonight.”

“WHAT?! This can’t be. We were just hanging out. I wanted to get Jay out of my mind and hanging out with friend was the best option. I don’t see him more than a friend gem. I don’t know what let him to this thought that I like him. What should I do now?”

“If what you’re saying is true then this will be a huge mess up. Remember the day you two had been stuck inside cold storage? Since that day he has been open about his feelings for you. It’s really strange that you never noticed it.”

“I know gem but I tried looking at him as more than just a friend. But every time I tried to replace Jay with him I failed miserably. Hence I decided to just let the things flow and time deal with the things. I don’t know what came over me today and I ended up reading this now. It’s just impossible for me to lose him too. He is one of my best friends gem. You have to help me out of this.” Parnika sits beside Gemma taking her hand in hers.

“You think it is easy? Pari, you’re not the only one who is in need of love.” Gemma takes her hand back.

“What do you wanna say? I am not getting you Gem” The situation was getting tense with every moment passing.

“Clara loves Jake.”

“What?!” This was a huge shock on Parnika’s part. Her friendship with clara wasn’t as good as with Jake or Gemma. She always had been a bit of with Parnika when she tried to get close to her. She always used to wonder why she was treating her like that but now she starts understanding the reason behind her behaviour.

“What should I do now?” Parnika could now sense the level of mess that had been created. She never had imagined in her wildest dreams of getting into a situation like this.

“Clara had given up on Jake because she knew Jake was hitting on you. She hated you on most part because you kept treating him as a friend as Jake tried to go after you and not her. It was hurting her see Jake desperately trying to get your attention every single time and you treating him like it was nothing special.”

“She thought I was a bitch to Jake? How can she not know that I already have someone else in my life? It’s not my fault that he is coming after me all the time.”

“Yeah I used to tell her the same until…” Gemma sighed looking at Parnika who was now panicking.

“Until?...” Parnika knew what would be coming up next but somehow she wanted to know from someone else.

“Until you started giving him a chance. You started flirting back at him. You started going on dates with him.”

“I never was on a date with him. Wait! Do you think all those hangouts were dates?” The expression on Gemma’s face had made it very clear that her worst fears are true.

“Oh god! I had just been hanging out and spending time with a friend. Ask Jake he’d tell if that was a date or not. I am no way playing with his feelings I promise!” From the inside Parnika was well aware that she had been toying around with Jake’s feelings for her own personal benefit. No matter how much she wanted to deny this but she had done it and now it was getting back at her. She never had wish to do this with anyone but here it was, she had done it and she didn’t know how to deal with it.

“You think that’s the reasonable explanation for what you’ve been doing these days? Jake isn’t stupid Pari. I can’t believe you did this with him. You know the pain of unrequited love yourself then how can you do that with someone else?” Gemma was always the responsible one in the group. Often when Parnika or anyone else had a dilemma they used to share if with her. She was like the Grandmother of the group, caring for each one of them, guiding them in their difficulties.

“My love isn’t unrequited and you know that. It’s just the matter of time he realises it. Speaking about toying around with Jake, I’ll call him right now and tell him the truth. No more lies and no more assumptions. Let everything be clear for once and for all.”

“No! That’s not a good idea at all. What about Clara? She wanted to tell Jake but looking at you two together last few months she thought her love was unrequited. Pari dear, Jake might forgive you for once but Clara won’t. What are you going to do now?” Parnika’s face falls for a moment and she sits down taking her head in hands. Her sobs were loud enough for anyone to hear. She couldn’t control her tears now as they flowed down her cheeks like a waterfall. She never had thought in her wildest dreams that her decisions would let her to this moment.

Gemma pulls her into hug as Parnika tightly embraces her back. She was guilty and ashamed of what she had done. “It’ll be all okay pari, don’t worry. We will do something.” Gemma gently rubs her back hugging her. “I have to correct the mistakes I’ve made. I’ll do this before we all go back to our places.” Parnika rubs back of her hand brushing her tears from the cheek and gets up straight. Her face had now a total focused expression which could clearly tell she had decided something. Gemma wondered what was she going to do now. She hoped Parnika doesn’t make this any worse. She knew Parnika was good at all other things except dealing with emotions.


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