When expected never happens.

Its been a super long series of events where I had planned something and then it never happened. Also, there were occasions when I expected nothing and there turned out to be a huge surprise. Life itself is a surprise in that manner.
At times I end up on thoughts where I either don't wanna plan anything out or plan everything out, checking things a several times on list.

But the fun fact I realised is that life isn't a mathematical equation where you can get the value of x and then easily estimate the y. Its a probability function which never has a stable answer. All it gives is a certainty or 'technically' a probability about something happening.

In this world where you don't know what will happen the next hour, you planned all your life on a piece of paper making it picture perfect. It'll never be that. There always like this uncertainty around it which can change your plans any moment.

So when you plan something regarding your life and it never happens as assumed. Don't get disheartened and depressed. Instead just wait to see what is awaiting you. You never know something more than you expected can be awaiting you and you'd never see it or probably even miss that chance just because you were depressed about things not working out as per your plan.

If I be honest in life there are lot of things which aren't even visible from our POV. Things that we miss even after them being right in front of our eyes often shape out the future. You know the most fun part out of this? No matter how much you plan, how much you get it precise there'll be always one such moment that'll change the course of your life in a direction that you never had even thought of.

Instead of just planning layout of your life's Architecture and living it like a robot, live out your life. Its an adventure where you never know what will be happening the very next moment.

Life is very short to get depressed about things, failures, love betrayals. Its much more than anything that might appear alluring to you right now. So better than planning it out. Pack up your bags for an adventure, grab on necessary skills and tools and go on an adventure. That's the moment when you will actually begin to live your life.

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Finding the truth if Facebook Pages and Instagram Business Profile actually cut down your organic reach?

I have been blogging for a long time and also have been a part of this online marketing community for a long time now. I have been observing the changes that are happening in the Technical and Internet ecosystem for a while and made a few unique observations of my own.

If you are a small blogger or a person who's livelihood depends on the online marketing then this post might be helpful for you. For a the past few months I have been experimenting with social medias to see which way gets your the maximum reach organically (because each one of them does extremely well on paid ones).

I used most of the popular Apps including a few personal messaging apps as well. The Apps I tried were Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and even our old but yet reliable friend Email.

I have been reading about a lot of Algorithm based changes that might be happening in these platforms as well as the google search results. But where most of the others were yet decent in terms for organic reach, the ones that disappointed me the most were Facebook Pages and Instagram.

After Facebook taking over on Instagram there are a lot of changes that almost every other Instagram user is been hating for a while now. I am not here to crib about those changes rather than that I wanted to showcase a point which I don't know most people have been realising or not.

 If you use Facebook and Instagram for your marketing activities then you will be very disappointed to know this. If you aren't one of those who usually creates the paid promotions on these platforms then both of those are as good as useless for you. The reason being the organic reach is crippled in a way that it hardly reaches even 3-5% of your followers. Instagram might not be worse in that manner at times but Facebook Pages definitely are.

After a lot of searching and shuffling through apps that are available in market, I rounded my focus on Facebook Pages, Instagram and Twitter. For obvious reasons Facebook and Instagram are in the list due to huge user base and options to find new people.

I used the same posts on all the three networks and to my utter surprise Twitter was the best of 3 in giving me organic reaches as well clicks to the links I had been sharing. When I checked my Instagram and Facebook stats they were rather discouraging then encouraging. For a while I thought it might be a human error since all these 3 networks work on different algorithms and might have different priorities, hence I did what each network favoured but still Twitter somehow rocked.

For a change I decided to try promoting a post with Facebook. I created an advert and allowed the ad to be displayed on Instagram as well. I connected my Facebook Page with my Instagram and created a business profile on Instagram. I tried the paid promotions for just 3 days and miracle happened.

While my organic reaches for the same posts were like 20-30 likes on Instagram and 5-6 likes on Facebook Page , they spiked up to 250 likes on Instagram and 60 likes on Facebook Page. So gauging the difference between organic and paid promotions, I concluded that If you are someone who is all into organic reaches and less into paid promotions then Facebook isn't a place for you totally.

To again try it differently, I used the same posts on my personal Facebook profile and switched Instagram profile to personal, again I got the spike on engagement even with the lamest of posts. The reasons and the results being pretty evident it a no brainer for me. I am planning to delete the Facebook page or keep it as it is without doing anything special for it. I'd rather enforce my personal profile and link my Profile's follow button instead of Facebook Page's.

If you are bored of the constantly changing social networking market and algorithmic issues then email marketing is still one 100% guaranteed option that can be used to cater to your audience. But here are some really strict rules to be followed as each and every email is catered directly into someone's inbox.

You shouldn't spam your email subscribers and ensure that detail's aren't leaked anywhere. Respect their privacy and don't send annoying mails everyday. Make it a weekly email update list if you blog daily. Use the email option in a way that doesn't annoy or creep out your audience.

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Real Life Super Hero - Movie Review Padman

Padman was one of the movies I had on my to-watch list since it was being first promoted via socials. Not because it was some another super-hero movie but the actual man and cause behind it. It's a real life inspiration as many may know. Here's IMDB link if you wanna know more about the movie itself. In this blog I am not gonna talk about the usual stuff that you'll find on every second post over Internet.

This story again goes the on route of mad genius making an impact on the society. Here out MC isn't even educated enough but yet he invents a machine that can make sanitary pads for women at low prices. There are many times so many problems around us which are either ignored or we are just grown used to. The problem of using a dirty cloth during periods is one such issue that still is quite prominent in the rural areas. Here talking about India this person somehow faces the backlash of the society by going against its norms and yet gets one his message conveyed to masses.

I can pull out many things from this story that some people might not notice easily. One of those is talking about issues, just talking about issues never helps. Issues only get resolved when they're acknowledged, thought upon and solved. Neither just knowing an issue helps nor talking about it.

This person Arunachalam Muruganantham is one such inspiration for all the people out there. If you know a problem and are hell bent to solve it, you should do it no matter what happens. Here it was the case of health and hygiene. Where most companies are too busy and involved in money making this man got his product to masses.

I am personally touched by the dedication to solve the issue and then putting it out in public. Many times we think facing backlash from society isn't much if you ignore it but think what will be the use of your solution when there's no one to use it? Society is the one you are making your solution for, because if you only had an issue and knew the solution you'd use it quietly without sharing it.

India is one such country where there's enough taboo about a lot of things, at times even shockingly weird things that are ought to be necessities. Open -defecation is one such issue, when it is addressed by some layman people laugh and make fun but when some popular person does that he is awarded and rewarded.

Akshay Kumar here has done wonderful task of bringing this topic into light just like he had through his another movie Toilet. He's been visible doing such movies these days which is a good point where others are still busy pairing 40-50 yr old actors with 20-22 year old actresses and people enjoy that movie with  popcorn making it a 300 crore club movie.

cheers to the attempt and its one of the must-watch movies. Not because it has a social message but it is a work of art and sheer inspiration.

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My Experience Learning - Machine Learning with Krishnakant Mane

Well last week out College authorities had come up with a plan of organising a Machine Learning workshop which would be taught/guided by one of the leading personalities in Industry Krishnakanth Mane.

The word Machine Learning itself had me very pumped up as its one of the fields I want to work in after I complete my graduation. Machine Learning isn't a new topic, it has been there since 90's but it's now gaining popularity because we have finally achieved the levels in computation field to support the whole ideology and concept of ML into real-life devices.

The workshop was for two days, I know most of you will think 'how can you learn such a broad topic in 2 days?' for them answer will be buddy, you can never finish this topic and say I am done knowing all about it. We mostly had a brief introduction with the Machine Learning and Learning Python.

Yours truly(extreme right) with his friends in LAB

Our first day was spent mostly learning tips, tricks and basics of python language. Programming on python was really a fun part as there was no major hassle of dealing with syntax and other to-do stuff that you need to do with other languages.

It was really fun while declaring variables, array and adding data to it as it was so seamless experience. But when things went complicated like pushing number into the array, it wasn't that seamless.

Being so adapted and accustomed with JAVA, I felt a bit restricted and confused with the syntactical aspect. Like while you write the code it was fun forgetting all the braces but when you headed back to read the code or solve some error that could be some major night mare if you aren't using some IDE like Emacs or even a simple editor like gedit that provides you an indentation guidelines.

Without that auto-indentation feature of Emacs it'll be a nightmare to read a huge python code later on. Imagine that code is written on paper compared to a piece of Java code on a paper. Reading will be nightmare if indentation isn't done properly since in Python Indentation works as braces holding the information within class or a method.

There were many fun parts while experimenting with Python on terminal and then Emacs, as Emacs as IDE was a whole new level of learning and fun.

I could here compare the python/emacs with linux somehow and JAVA/NetBeans/Eclipse/Android Studio with windows on the base of how they're perceived in terms of complexities. Python as a language might appear very easy and friendly on first but as you dig deep it gets complex, after all its a high level language. Emacs was definitely a fun to use software but for the 2 day use I felt it had its own major learning curve. It might change my opinion as I may use it ahead but for now I feel if you are in any industry and training a newbie to construct a new app framework or a background code Emacs would be a living nightmare for that trainee as it'd take him months to get around compared to as comfortably and quickly as a NetBeans or any other IDE would do.

I so wanted to try out real algorithms on the sets of data that were provided by the team. To most part we didn't to do any of the major installations as the teaching team had everything done already on our Ubuntu-32 systems. I'd have loved if I had been installing it myself as to get a total overall experience and handover for the next time I do it on my own.

For most of the part during the workshop it was more of exploring python and Emacs along with their tips and tricks that they were providing which was making coding a piece of cake. We used data sets and ran them across the algorithms viewing results in all sorts of graphs. It might not be possible to learn each and every concept of machine learning in a day after all. It will take time and effort to go through all the concepts of the language and the editor first before diving deep into the field of ML.

I feel it was a really fun learning experience to learn from a person who has such deep knowledge and experience in this field. As he had quoted from some personality

Learning isn't best until its obvious learning

I'd agree with him in this part. That day the path we had followed was obvious learning. We discovered a lot of things on our own instead of being spoon fed. He also shared his blog link where in future we can read more about  Emacs and python in detail. To be honest I actually wanted to do a 'how-to-learn python in 2 days' post but due to time constraints my schedule is been giving me all I could do is talk about my experience in the workshop.

Indeed it was a really fun learning experience and I wish to see him again someday and learn more about ML in detail this time.

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Review: A Dark Lure

A Dark Lure by Loreth Anne White
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Blurb from Goodreads:
Twelve years ago, Sarah Baker was abducted by the Watt Lake Killer and sexually assaulted for months before managing to escape. The killer was caught, but Sarah lost everything: her marriage, her child, and the life she loved.

Struggling with PTSD, Sarah changes her name to Olivia West and finds sanctuary working on Broken Bar Ranch. But as her scars finally begin to heal, a cop involved with her horrific case remains convinced the Watt Lake Killer is still out there. He sets a lure for the murderer, and a fresh body is discovered. Now Olivia must face the impossible—could the butcher be back, this time to finish the job?

As a frigid winter isolates the ranch, only one person can help Olivia: Cole McDonough, a writer, adventurer, and ranch heir who stirs long-dormant feelings in her. But this time, Olivia’s determination to shut out her past may destroy more than her chance at love. It could cost her her life.


I wanted to read a mystery book for a long time and my kindle suggested me this. Hence I bought the book and was on the read. After reading this one, I had quite a lot of mixed opinions about it. The narration was absolutely amazing, I loved the way author was narrating the scenes. The descriptions were apt and to the perfection.

Somehow Internally I felt there were two completely independent stories going on in the book until the very climax. There were a lot of diversions and distractions that would've driven you away from the main story. That actually hampered the reading experience for sure.

Somehow I felt it wasn't that good and that it could've been. Like during the whole book I was waiting for some action, something to happen but nothing as such happened. It was overall a slow paced and not-so-exciting story line.

The most I can say, I actually skimmed through the last chapters like from 16-17 as it was totally filling up. I feel if someone just reads a few chapters from starting and directly read the ending chapters from 20, they could know the story without actually missing on some stuff.

Yes the parts I loved where they mystery how the characters' lives were intertwined. There was one moment where I felt 'Oh yes, that's something interesting' rest went at very cold reaction. Nothing new, no major twists, nothing as such a 'wow' factor.

It felt way too draggy and went to boring when I had been reading in the middle. Like irrelevant parts were just added to fill up the space. Somehow I feel it could've been much useful if there had been some connection to the original plot.

Due to all of this I mentioned about me having mixed opinions. It was a decent read, I had expected much when the story had begun but it kinda disappointed me as it went on going cliched at the end where even the last scene where that could've been some awesome mystery or action, but there was nothing.

Narration, description and way of writing with the vocabulary, plot were the strong points whereas the Story actually, the mixing of characters and their relations, draggy nature of story, Not many exciting scenes in the story were weak points.

After reading it, it leaves you with the feeling of incompleteness, it could've been way better but isn't bad at all totally. Lands somewhere in okay zone for me.

If you wanna try out the book the here's the links

Amazon.in : http://amzn.to/2ED6Zch
Amazon.in(paperback): http://amzn.to/2DYGlNL
Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/2ECkTLA
Amazon.com(paperback): http://amzn.to/2Ef94gI
Amazon.com (audiocd) : http://amzn.to/2Ee6VSc
Amazon.com (mp3): http://amzn.to/2GMRkYA
Amazon.com (wallchart): http://amzn.to/2EENqjI

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