Are you ashamed of yourself?

Heyo! By the title you might have guessed what this time I am gonna write about. But you know the trend on this blog. I am not gonna give you any motivational super-boring lecture but rather a fun and mind tickling read.

Coming to the topic, are you actually ashamed of yourself? I have been within this writing community for a long time now. I made a few very weird observations here on perspectives that people are having. Basically I am going to relate a few things with writing community here as my main message is for them but this also applies to others.
Why are you ashamed of yourself?
We being Indians have seen a lot of people around faking accents. To me, nothing annoys me more than a person who is faking something just because he is ashamed of his own self. We Indians specifically have this tendency to always feel low of our selves because of our English that we received as an hereditary package from British. But as time passed, we have developed our own touch with English.

Most people shame it by calling it as 'Mother tongue Illness' by classifying it as illness. Let me tell you, It's not Illness. This is a very peculiar thing that is going on in our literature community especially. There are people who think we still are going somewhere wrong with our language. They think Literature is something that should be on level of Shakespeare else its rubbish. But they forgot the most important aspect of Literature here i.e. Language. Language changes with people, with time. I have seen many users classifying them as #GrammarNazis online. But then I laugh as grammar is something with also made by people. Grammar changes with language.

Most of you won't know fun fact about the famous lines that we always use online.
Roses are Red, Violets are blue, ...... blah blah
Well I know most logical nazis will say that violets are violet and not blue. Is that person colour blind? But when this thing was framed, the colour violet wasn't recognised. It was more like a shade of blue. Hence violets are blue here.

I have seen people classifying books as shit and rubbish online, surprisingly they're best selling ones. I know at times marketing nuisances make actual shits famous but well that doesn't apply to all books or art pieces you think. You don't like a thing that doesn't equate to shit always.

Apart from all these things, I personally despise people who despise our own Indian way of English. Even software have Indian English options these days, c'mon we are  in 21st century. India is 2nd largest populated democracy. If you ignored a thing here, language is made for people by people.

Time changes a lot of things and we need to adapt to it. I have a few friends who think Victorian Era literature is only thing that we can call as books rest other is shit. My friend I am sorry to say your head is filled with shit. I have never said that thing before ever on my blog posts, but this time I needed to say this.

I know this Indian Author, until she got published herself, when someone asked her about what did she read and why? Her answers used to be, I don't read Indian authors, because they write shit. and after her own anthology got published the opinion changed to, I discovered that not all Indian Authors write shit. You know How many times I have facepalmed on this thing?

I know there's a term popular for these people which you might already have guessed it in your heads and I won't write it down. Samajhdaar ko Ishara Kafi hota hai.(A Hint is good enough for the Wise )

Even more ridiculed I am right now because every wannabe I meet across this community turns out to be same ideology beholder. The issue isn't when they keep these ideologies with them, Issue is when they make actions based on these ideologies. They demotivate people, here good writers. I have discovered many really good writers during my Wattpad Journey. I may not have written many things myself but I have read a lot. I don't judge others usually but this was something I had in my mind for very long. How shallow minded can anyone be?

Only thing I would like to tell such people, If you aren't happy with things around you, don't demotivate others.That's the minimum you can do to help yourself and people around you. Secondly I really Hate, if someone says Indian Authors Don't know English or write shit. You my friend should better get off somewhere else because this place isn't for you.

Apart from that, I want to end this with a positive note. Remember the story of the Ugly Duckling,for those who don't know, it's a classic children's tale that you can google up. You will come across a many people in your life. Most haters will disguise themselves as critics, but trust me, a critique will try to improve your skill by giving a solution. If their opinion isn't providing any solution they aren't a critique, its just a hater. Mean comments and haters are like black spot on a white board. No matter how white the board will be, our focus will be somehow on that black spot. I'd say everyone is unique, people wait for something unique always. You can't eat pasta and burger with same flavour all your life. The same way you can't follow cliched old trends all your life. With time you need to adapt, you need to change and most importantly you need to grow. Because nature doesn't wait for anyone and it only makes the best survive.

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Lets Talk About Motivation #thinking Wisely

Recently I was talking to one of my friends on my humble writing abode aka Wattpad. So While chit-chatting here and there she shared one YouTube Channel link. It had a 16yr old reciting some poems with loads of emotions and stuff which discussed issues of people around. She is a sucker for motivational things and especially TEDTalks.

Many times she shares a lot of motivational stuff she feels is good enough for me, and me being regular savage puts it down. Well, I ain't rude on a purpose or someone who thinks high of himself. I just think in a very practical manner.

Think of it, you and me every time we are online scrolling across screens and websites, walking down the lanes or having a discussion in group.There comes a topic where almost everyone has something to talk about. Everyone has a point that they think should be considered. But if you just push aside the haze of that smoke gathering around you and burst your bubble you'll find something that might amaze your mind.

Think of it, with the population we have around and most have access to the internet. What if everyone starts a YouTube channel, or a blog or something where they just crib and cry about some issue without even finding solutions for it? Is that gonna help solving any issue? I don't think so, then there comes people with different sorts of made up views, they thinking cribbing and crying about any issue will spread awareness.

No my friend that doesn't do a thing. It rather just creates clouds of hatred, gossips, negativity. You are actually farming negativity over that portal of yours which was supposedly to be helpful.

You know what someone does when they actually wanna help?

They get their asses off into the battlefield and get straight to work
The simplest inspiration I can give you is from our soldiers. They know a lot of things before they sign up for the armed forces. They know there's terrorism, its bad. They know there are lot of discrepancies around still they join the forces to do what? TO HELP! that's your cue here.

If you feel you can motivate someone, you can get someone from bad to good or can bring a significant change in the people around you. Begin at your own stage. You might be a school going kid, you might be a teen, or a millennial or a retired person. Its upto you, how to go about and bring a change.

All talking never helps, its very easy to sit and comment and chat about issues. But very difficult to go down there in field and change it.
If talking was the thing that could help then there won't be scientists, doctors or engineers around to solve the daily issues and bring out the inventions to get rid of them. There would be just a bunch of cry babies who would cry and crib around and get problems solved on their own.

If you want to bring a change be a doer and not a talker. 
If you think what can you do now apart from sharing those cribbing articles, then my friend there's a lot that you can do. Just have a look at the opportunities around you. Calm down, think practically and reasonably you'll find a lot of things where you can improve yourself and then you'd be proud of the change that you've brought in.

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Truth behind the trend of Book Series

Publishing books in series is the latest trend in the market. Somehow everyone turns up with a duology or a trilogy or many times the series continues till there are like 15 - 16 books in the series. The funny thing about this is that many actually have the story that goes on till that many books and rest others end up bloating the book and publishing a series at the end.

If I sum up all the disappointment I've got in my whole life from reading books, 70% of that comes from the book series. I know it would to be too blunt to just say it out like that without being buttery or diplomatic. Most of the authors just go as their publisher asks them to do or they just are over possessive with their art on the paper. So, instead of trimming their books or lining up the story line properly in a better and interesting way that makes reader love the book, they end up making a series out of it.

I know some of you think I am removing some kind of frustration but well if you look around yourself. Just take any book series and look for the points that I just mentioned, see if they are somewhere true, you'll find your answer.

Now the question comes why a book series and not stand alone book? Well talking about stand alone books, most of the times these book series, parts don't even qualify as stand alone novel in their own. If I just jot down their story line in some points that I won't even find a proper story in the book. Hardly a few points or turn-arounds that make you feel Oh yeah! that feels like a nice plot! But nah! 70-75% bloat is published in the name of character development and plot building.

Well, for the answer to WHY? That all is done to earn more. Most of the publishers go for a series tactic as in this way they sell more. Why would an Author object with this when he/she could feel relived about their manuscripts not getting trimmed and instead getting divided as two different books? So, when the first book in the series is launched, they promote and invest a lot. Doing loads of giveaways, promotional campaigns, Marketing discount campaigns etc.

If we see this from the marketing and business perspective this is actually a nice way to sell more. Honestly I don't have issues of Book series which actually have some story ongoing and those books can stand alone if someone's not read the other parts.

But why to publish bloat and call it a book series? Ever thought on that? Well this is all from me. I'd love to know your comments about this.
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Review: Sensation of a Soul

Sensation of a Soul by Jyoti Patel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Blurb from Goodreads: 
In spite of their contrasting personas, two people gets conjoined and manifests that true love stories never have finales; and a women's fingers flings away from the keypad at the very instant of reading startling news. A man founds himself standing in silence amidst of talks, unable to react to love of his life. A couple never praises each other until someday; and a guy always prefers to look up at the sky and think enormously about his darling's life and death. There are some of the sorrowful and amiable poetries and thought provoking stories.
The affecting poems and captivating stories in this book share the theme of relationship, adoration, passion, love, hope, faith, desire, dreams and life.
The inner meanings are even deeper than the words used in this splendid and awe-inspiring book. Sensation of a soul is sure to touch hearts of many readers; and brings out the best moments of one's life and encourages people to evaluate their inner selves and world around them with advanced eyes.


The Sensation of a Soul is a poetry book by Jyoti Patel. Poetries usually touch your soul and heart. It reveals the feelings going inside in a beautiful manner.

So as this book is a complete package if you are finding something in a poetry genre. It contains of 51 different poetries with different meanings which are beautifully expressed.

Love, desire, dreams, heartbreaks, overcoming of it etc how a relationship suffers, what all it go through everything is shown in such an alluring way that while reading it you'll probably love to read this in one go. You won't be able to take your eyes off from it.

Personally I just have one problem with it and that's this book cover, it looks like full of life but the poetries inside, the story shown by her and it's cover I find it mismatch. Probably it can be improved a bit more from my point of view.

Now again coming on the poetries then some of its poetries are written so gracefully that it takes your breath away. Not being much of a Grammar Nazi, the book has a smooth language and can be easily understood by the readers.

You don't need to keep a dictionary to understand the words. The writer has maintained the flow but at some points you'll find that writer has brought some unnecessary things in between but when you get a complete package of heartwarming poems in one book then this can be neglected easily.

The writer Jyoti Patel has given her best in this book. She has probably covered the every section which usually few writers miss too cover and had shown the complete story or a novel in the parts of poem which is quite a tough job but she has successfully done that.

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Paperback :

Description :

In spite of their contrasting personas, two people gets conjoined and manifests that true love stories never have finales; and a women's fingers flings away from the keypad at the very instant of reading startling news. A man founds himself standing in silence amidst of talks, unable to react to love of his life. A couple never praises each other until someday; and a guy always prefers to look up at the sky and think enormously about his darling's life and death. There are some of the sorrowful and amiable poetries and thought provoking stories. The affecting poems and captivating stories in this book share the theme of relationship, adoration, passion, love, hope, faith, desire, dreams and life. The inner meanings are even deeper than the words used in this splendid and awe-inspiring book. Sensation of a soul is sure to touch hearts of many readers; and brings out the best moments of one's life and encourages people to evaluate their inner selves and world around them with advanced eyes.
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Review: Two Angels

Two Angels by Nivedita Vedurla
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Blurb from Goodreads:
Do you know the love story that the sea shares with the sea shore? The mighty sea travels with his companions; boats, sailors and the sea creatures together visit many destinations. When he gets tired from all his travels, he comes to the sea shore, and crashes down onto her, surrendering everything that he has. The sea shore keeps her arms wide open when he reaches for her, to soothe his tired body and take away his pain. The moment he is relieved of his pain, he longs to go back, and the seashore lets him go.
The love that Arun and Esha share is just like that between the sea and the sea shore. Their relationship is short and leaves Arun devastated. Could he have found love only to lose it all to fate? Will he survive the loss? The answers take him back to Esha, and to the realization that love comes in many forms. This story is a journey to love through friendship, from loss to hope.


Nice cozy read and thoroughly enjoyable.

Its a nice warm and cozy read. I enjoyed the story throughout the book. The narration was nice, word flow and simple grammar made it more attractive read. Its one of those reads you'd like to read while having your cup of tea or coffee and enjoy lesiure reading. I'd recommend this to people who love mature romances as the story here is just more than average girl boy teen flings. Kudos to author for such a nice read.

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Review: The Fall of Lucifer

The Fall of Lucifer by Wendy Alec
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Blurb from Goodreads:
A sweeping epic of origins and mysteries, the fall of Lucifer tells a tale older than the universe itself. Set in opulent palaces and frightening hell worlds, this is a timeless saga of doubt, of demons and angelic warriors, of obsessive love and treason, and of an ancient evil that knows no bounds.

Soon the universe itself will be rocked by war...
A war between three angelic brothers...
A war fought for the greatest prize in the universe...
That war for the race of men.

I rated it 3 stars just because I felt the story was weak here, the plot wasn't either engaging much. I was too busy trying to get along with the over the way language. Though It could be my personal part but I felt it was a bit over do on the writing rather than going with the story.

Book could've been more fun to read if it had been more engaging in this feels more like a curriculum designed textbook which has loads of words you need to google before reading ahead. A bit over do on my part. I'd Like to read for leisure, for study my academic books are enough :P Jokes apart If someone is a fan of 70's language and writing style with all those shakespeare kind of vibes this one is for you. For someone looking into action-fantasy and leisure reading this one isn't for you.

This book as more references to the Bible so, you might find a lot of things familiar while reading.
Advice, read slowly and keep a dictionary handy because this book will surely increase your vocabulary.

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Which smartphone should you buy ?

Well if you're thinking that I am going to review some ton of smartphones and then direct you to some particular brands (paid/not paid) then my friend you are on the wrong side of the internet. With this all round media hype with new smartphones and new tech bumping in every few months. Reviewers are going bonkers with the amount of smartphones they are reviewing each month.

Well in this point i'd rather mention a few points that might open up your brain to new areas and might help you in buying the device that will be best for you instead of some random reviewer comparing ton load of smartphones and suggesting you pixel 2 or iPhone X as the best phone and then when you glance at your budget and I will be able to see that frown on your face.

Reviewers often get review units. Well this is quite argue-able point as many reviewers get and many don't but most of your famous reviewers which you keep a track of get review units. Which they area allowed to keep for a while till there's the hype about the phone and then return when their review is done or the hype dies. At times they are often allowed to keep them like gifts.

As I said many would argue with me on above point, some reviewers also order the devices for
their personal usages and also if that device isn't available in their own regions. Which probably if you do after watching your favourite YouTuber or Blogger buying the device then you end up paying custom fees which most of the times people aren't aware of or might end up getting scammed from some random 3rd party website shipping those devices to your region.

As these days market is changing and new tech coming every day the device you bought at for example 20 bucks might be available at just 10 bucks after half a year or maybe it's just too  old to be sold.

The technology is upgrading itself rapidly especially in the world of smartphones. So what to do when you wanna buy a phone and also keep up with the latest tech if you are a tech lover like me. Answer is very simple. Get yourself a budget or maybe a mid-ranger device if you still wanna spend more.

As I said tech especially in the smartphone world is upgrading at a rate that after a year or two your flagship might be comparable to mid-ranger or worst case a budget device. You might think that you invest so much into a flagship and it didn't outshine a few years.

Invest in a top-of the line budget device or a decent midranger device. In this way even if you change your device every 2 year or so, which undoubtedly most of the people do these days due to various reasons. You can spend less every time and still stay with the best tech which might be available in the market.

For those who still are stuck upon thinking that they'd always opt for the most costliest device, dude you are all good to go.  But don't buy it with an intention that a it'll be top of the line and best till 3/4 years you are intending it to keep.

For some people who might be thinking about the E-waste situation here, I am not promoting it by any means. People already are doing that  without saying every year. So instead of buying a new, either get it exchanged with website/store you might be buying that device with so you might get a discount as well or you can pass on the device to some member of the family who might require it. You never know with the 2017 era mobiles have grown more importance for everything.

So what do you think about this?? I'd love to read your thoughts comment em down below. See ya later next time.
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A Ray of Hope

Hope this word is small but it's meaning is so humongous that it at times leaves lives in despair and shock. Some have it, some are trying to have while some have totally lost it. Hope is something that we all trying to have our hands on and never lose it again, as its the thing that drives the life. Being honest, life wouldn't be possible at all without hope.

Everyone has at least one vision or mission in their life which they live for, hope for it to get complete. But what happens when they begin to lose their grip on that hope and slowly lose it completely.

A Hopeless man is nothing but like a zombie, who eats, lives, and sleeps without any aim. They are no different than robots who just work just because they have to work. At times people even commit suicides and while some just live like lifeless beings as there's something that is stopping them, holding them back from doing something so worse.

That my friend is hope, Its right there in you. When you truly lose hope, your life ends. I'm not talking about self-harming attempts here. They are sure insignia of cowardice.  But you actually never lose hope completely, you just lose confidence in it that it is there. You just tend to negate and refuse its existence just because you have failed in something.

Failures are the stepping stones to success
As its said since ages, you need to learn from your failures, get better. Always remember,
How you Fall isn't important, but how you get back up surely is.
Once a child was sitting on the stairs outside the backyard upset, holding is face in hands. His grandpa observes that 5-yr old upset and sad about something. Out of curiosity, his grandpa sits beside the kid and asks him about the reason for his sadness.

At first that kid looks at his grandpa and thinks whether he should say it or not. Seeing his doubts, grandpa pulls him into his lap and hugs him asking about his problem again. This time the kid said,"I lost the race with James again. He's so tall, he always wins. I don't wanna race anymore with him."

To this his grandpa chuckles and points towards the ants below the tree,"Can you see those ants working?" Kid frowns thinking that his issue was ignored by his grandpa and doesn't answer. Grandpa smiles and continues,"what will happen if you put a log in ant's path?"

The kid puzzled looks at grandpa and then stares at the ants for a while. For once he completely forgets about his own problem and answers," It turns away and moves from the other side."

Grandpa smiles putting him down from the lap ,"what if you do that again?"
"It again does the same, what difference does it make?" Kid replies seemingly a bit annoyed.

"If you put hurdles in ant's path, it takes a different way but never stops. The same way you should keep trying and never lose hope. There might be times when you lose and there will be times when you win. But remember son, always keep trying."

If you feel exhausted then take a break. Go on a holiday or something, do some adventure activities, get out exercise, make your body sweat. Remember, exercise always helps your body to get away from depression and is only natural key to keep a lot of problems away. Take proper rest and have a good work out daily and trust me there are ups and downs without them life is impossible and like a dead wave on an electrocardiogram.

If you understand Hindi then check out this video, it is really helpful.

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