Why Ebooks aren't trending in India

I published an Ebook via amazon and enrolled it for kdp select (which you can check via clicking here ) I was all happy and set for being a published author. Personally me being an ebook lover I hardly bought any paperbacks apart from my syllabus books  as Ebooks had their own fair share of advantages out weighing paper-backs by loads. Hence, with all those thoughts in my mind I opted for Ebook only as paperback needed investment (which me being a broke student couldn't afford :P ) Now many of will ask why I didn't  ask my parents for money? Well I wanted to do it on my own. I didn't wanted to invest loads on first into it and as said before I had 0 interest in paperbacks.

So coming back to point, well just like every other kindle author I began to search for tips to market the books well. How to pitch to your reader share of market and loads of other tips, but then I realised a super huge fact. Teenagers who comprise of most readers and a majority in this market. Well they don't have access to a basic thing which is needed for online shopping (especially in case of ebooks) i.e. credit/debit cards. For buying paperbacks its a whole different scenario as they can use the option of COD or just  head into a bookstore and get its copy if its a well known book/author. But for ebooks only option left is either online payment or kindle membership.

Now most wont opt for the kindle membership and ones who do merely comprise of 2-3% rest all still go via other options. Now imagine you asking your parent for credit/debit card to get that cheap little ebook (romance novel case) . Or you being a parent where your teenager kid is asking for your card to shop online.

I know many won't still be getting the issue here so lemme explain. The thing is Cards be it Debit/Credit, anything related to banks is a pretty serious matter in India, and Indian parents tend to keep either kids away till they are of certain age or monitor it regularly, at time even after that kid has their own kids.

So for a kid imagine going to your mom/dad and asking them for their card to get a new novel of your famous romance and chicklit authors or even sci fi or fantasy and then that awkwardness when they fire their faqs at you.

Now my dear friend if you still don't find any issue here then you need to read that again or you aren't familiar with Indian culture. I don't know if anyone has ever thought of this, be it amazon itself or authors who are publishing ebooks there. If not then start thinking and I'll return with more of such mind-tickling topics.

For those who are curious about My book, its here. Click on here and find our more ;)

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Rangolis with Mom

You know what is the best part of Diwali? Some will say Fireworks, Some will say sweets, Some will say lights, but nah I'd say its the Rangoli. One of the most beautiful forms of the art which comes out from hibernation during the time of Diwali. Rangoli is an ancient form of art which is been done on special occasions usually by females of the house.
A Typical Rangoli is made on a brown canvas, which is made by using a soft red rock like chalk traditionally called gheru in the local language. Then using white powder called charodi/chirodi in the local languages a basic outline or a sketchy framework for design is made in which we later on fill in the colours. There are various forms of rangoli some of which are sanskar style, classic dot form, the flower rangoli  and the modern artistic ones.
I still remember me being a 5 yr old, observing mum making rangoli outside our house. I kept watching it with awe when it was finished. My mum's actually super skilled at the traditional dot-style rangolis . Since then, as I grew up, I kept observing and learning from her. Then slowly one day I asked her if I could help her out. She smiled at me, took a little dish and poured some white powder into it from her dish and handed it out to me. She said, " Try some of your own in that little corner at first." I let a frown and stared at her for a while and then being grumpy me I said, "I wanna help in this one."
She smiled and said,"But for learning you need to try out there first and then I'll see if you do any good then I'll allow you to work with me in this one." At that moment, I felt like my self respect was hurt and I was challenged. Since I loved challenges even as a child, I began my drawing my own separate rangoli beside hers. Every day, during each of the diwali seasons. I used to do that. It felt as if I was mentally competing with her. Each time I made my own and then frowned when I compared that with my mom's. Hers used to flawless and perfect. Each line precise and dots straight in line whereas mine were like some ants were crawling by. But that 5 yr old me never left hope. Each year I tried to do better than ever.

I was 10 yrs old, again it was the diwali season. I finished mine and asked mum, "how's it?" with a broad smile plastered on my face filled with satisfaction of my completed 'picasso' style artwork. My smile turned into frown when she said, "It's Okay." I gazed at mine for a while and then had a look at the huge one she was making for diwali. As usual I sat down beside her and began observing. As I rested my chin over the palm she said," Take  this colour and fill it here. In this part." I couldn't believe what I had just heard. I blinked a few times and then realised finally I am working on the main one.
Since that day, till this date every year me and mom together put out some cool designs. Each year we try something new, from traditional to sanskar style to some modern art forms. We always sit together and plan as if we are gonna make a architect plan for some building. Which colour? In What combination, Which style should we do? what size etc etc. I know many of you would be thinking being a boy I am into rangolis. Well to be honest, art doesn't go by sexes and its joy of making and creating something awesome that pleasant to eyes that inspires me to do that.
Below are a few pics of Rangolis which me and mom have made.

This one isn't mine but just added coz I liked it.

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Dushera Special


well from quite a long time I was thinking to start a new category of posts which will be following around the main theme of my blog i.e. viewing the world with different vision. So, Here I am with a new series where I'll be posting about things that we actually miss out, things that we never paid such close attention to even after being it an integral part of our lives.

We know about the Ramayan, we know the story where Ravan kidnaps Sita and Ram goes to rescue her. It's been like hard-coded into our mind that Ravan is bad, Ram is good. But ever took a moment to think back closely and relate to the story. I am not into any 'This is right, that is wrong perceptions' or debates but just wanna bring out the fact that how blindly we just jump onto conclusions without even thinking about it again, that is that really a thing or just a hoax fed into our brains just as thing without even a proper reason which passes from one generation to another?

If you anyhow might have read more deeply about the characters of the Ramayan, you'd definitely awe at the personality of Ravan. Just because of his one mistake, one wrong decision all his other deeds are covered up as bad.

For several of you who don't know yet, Ravan was one of the most intelligent personas of his time. He was not only the scholar in regular subjects but also was a veena maestro. He was an efficient and extremely skillful administrator for his kingdom, A fierce warrior and a smart thinker as well.

He was a deep enthusiast of Arts and other Scholarly interests. According to myths its said that He is represented with 10 heads because he had so much of knowledge that it couldn't fit in one head, that resulted in representing him with 10 heads, as we see now.

In Sri Lanka there are temples where Ravan is a deity and people pray for their well being and prosperity, isn't it a fun fact? We just blindly hate anything/anyone most of times because that information is just fed into our brains. We never actually took a few minutes out of our lives and thought about it.

Ravan was just an example of the fact about several things that are just fed into our brains as kids as we grow up. Not saying that everything told to us is wrong but to be very honest and frank, most of the things need to update themselves with the time. We need to broaden our perspectives and look at the things in much better manner with open minds.

As I usually say,

Nothing's right and Nothing's wrong, its all about the perceptions that we have.
I hope you enjoy reading this and upcoming posts in this series. If you enjoy reading it then follow me on socials for keeping up with the posts else can subscribe to the blog via email. Don't forget to comment down your thoughts below. 
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