Sunday, 8 January 2017

You need a #Change?

How many of you are really searching or working towards a change? I want you to ask yourself a question, "Do I really need a Change?" and the rest depends on the answer that comes from within you. If it's a "Yes" be it small whisper, but that's the thing which will drive you ahead. And if it's a "No", be it the someone screaming inside you. It'll let you be the change.
There are quotes all around social media like,
Be the change you want.
Everytime change can't be given to you,
You should bring the change.
Well for a moment these will inspire you, and out of sudden impulsive inspiration, you'll have desperate desires to change something. But what if I say all this is a myth? What if I say that there's no such thing in existence as #Change? The one you're searching for.

The matter of fact is we all are frogs in well. Frogs in different sizes and diameters of wells. All we need to jump out and see the world. These wells are nothing but just channelized form of thoughts that we absorb from our surroundings. Someone just watched a new movie and got inspired to do something, whereas someone just felt angry by watching some news update over television. Someone just vented out his/her anger over social media and others started making it popular.

It doesn't work that way. A poor will think that money can bring change in his life. A rich will think more time will bring change in his life. A harassed will thing being powerful or having a powerful law abiding system is the change.

Honestly, what if I tell you,
Change is the only constant
You'll notice the change each and every day, in every single part of the world, Only if you jump out of your well. Don't be a frog and jump out of the wells of your thought processes. Millions of people will claim to be open minded and what not. Honestly, everyone is narrow-minded in some or the other way.

All we need is to do the thing that's needed. Talking won't solve any issues. Posting statuses over social media and just creating a sensation won't help at all. Stop shouting over social media, if you feel something's wrong just take a little step in correcting it. If everyone takes little-little steps you'll definitely see the change that you needed.

All I need to say is spreading awareness and ranting over social media are two different things. Doing absolutely nothing and posting statuses and quotes is just a complete waste of everything, from your internet bandwidth till the calories you burnt while typing them out.

So don't be a frog inside your well. Step out, get a broad mind and be a Doer instead of a Ranter
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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

How Wattpad became more than just an App

With happy new year kind of posts plaguing the internet, I thought about doing something different. Well, 2016 was a kind of special year for me. It was a year full of surprises and thrills like a roller coaster ride. High soaring heights along with deep scary chills were filled throughout the year and now it's finally over.

I am actually awaiting the surprises that are packed in this new year. Along with the year end It was also a year completed on Wattpad. I know officially and technically I had logged into Wattpad for the first time last week of Dec 2015. But I considered it seriously only after March.

So I am sharing my first year at Wattpad Along with my book writing journey with you guys. Jan and Feb were the months I considered Wattpad as just like any other app that you install.

I am a regular tester and try a lot of apps including their beta versions as well. So while scrolling across the play store I came across with this app named Wattpad. At first, I felt like 'Okay! this sounds cool. Let's try this.'

As I logged first time into the app, I was totally disappointed by its interface and design. I know some of you will say its a place for writers. But let me tell you, my internal instincts of a programmer and beta app tester didn't allow me to get impressed at all with the design of the app. That was one of the reasons I did consider the app seriously till March ending.

I hadn't uninstalled it but I didn't even look at it during that time. I was too engrossed with reading published eBooks. As everything has an end, so had my collection. Being a foodie for books kind of a person (i know there's nothing as such, but stop being so nit-picky)  I started my search for new books in Wattpad.

To my astonishment, I came across wildest of book themes and the topics I could ever imagine. Most of the Books I could see were filled with Mafias and their angel romances or Bad Boy-nerd girl romances. I know again people will say making a grumpy face - 'there are a lot of books apart from that on Wattpad' to them I'll reply - 'I know dear!'. But those are the kind of books that still plague my Wattpad recommendations.

So coming back to the story, I started writing my first book which I titled-"Friendship V/S Relationship". Yes as the title suggests It really has a war between Friendship and Love.  As it usually does, A first few chapters went unnoticed. It might have a few reads but everything felt like a waste as I had uploaded more than half of the story by September and it still hadn't completed 1k reads.

But later on during Oct-Nov when I had started editing at bit and uploading the chapters again. My Book hopped up into What's Hot list and that's where the fun part begun in the journey. I completed the book by November and December was one of the best months in my writing journey. The book was completed and it ranked highest in the What's Hot list.

While I was still busy enjoying my new found writing success. I received a message on Wattpad from Wattpad Team. I had applied for Wattpad Ambassadors during Aug-Sept. Well, they really felt that I can be a worthy candidate and I landed up in the "Friends Of Wattpad" Group.
The people and engagements with the Wattpad community are the things that really makes it all special. The stories and imaginative worlds along with the mixture of different communities and people from all over the world makes Wattpad overall more than just a web-portal for me.

As I started engaging more and more with this awesomesauce community Wattpad really became just more than an App for me this year.

I have started writing my second book which is a sci-fi and fantasy mix. I hope it's loved as well.
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