Struggling with Academics? Does that mean you're next great personality?

Hi Everyone!!
                       Whenever we  come across a great personality, be it CEO of some heavy profit churning company, or a political leader, or a scientist or maybe someone similar. Most of the times one thing is found common with all these great personalities, i.e. At some point of time in their life  they were either failure or were struggling with their academics. Does this mean everyone who is finding difficulty to cope up with academics is a next great personality?? Lets find this out.
                    While we are talking of great personalities who had to struggle through academics, we have many examples like Bill Gates, Micheal Dell, Mark Zuckerberg, etc rest you can check here :P. But does this mean that every person who is has difficulty in coping up with academics is a next great personality? I don't think so. We can't fully relate academic failures with path to success. All of these great personalities had some of the special qualities which they had polished with their perseverance as the time passed. Their planning, hard work and patience lead them to their destinies.
                     However on contrary being excellent with academics also doesn't guarantee your success. Success however has its own path. Everyone of us knows that there's no short cut to success, But still there is an ample of population that hits up google with queries like "shortcut to success". Why everyone is so obsessed with success? One of the main reasons that we fail, is while we are working be it anything, sometimes our focus slowly shifts from completing the tasks to tracking the record of its success. we measure every step with the amount of profit and loss that we would get.The terms "profit" and "loss" serves its meaning here as"Benefits" and "Harm".
                  Even while preparing for the simplest of test or any examination we categorize topics and subjects according to their marks and difficulty level of that particular topic, and while doing this our whole focus shifts from the studying to the calculations that the topics that you have covered till now and how much marks we can score after covering these topics. But guys doesn't that depend on question paper?? If we fail after planning this much, we start our famous blame game. Or while working in a business setup that's newly started, we try every possible technique to attract customers and try obtaining the maximum of the profits, but while doing this, at times our focus unbeknownst from product development and feedback implementations to the calculation of the profits.
               Our failures always teach us something, we just need a vision to see and learn from it and improvise. Its said that the one who learns from their own mistake is wise, but one who learns from other's mistake is wisest. Academics are just a part of our education process. Whether one excels or finds it hard to cope up with the them is totally a different thing, It doesn't really have any of connection in becoming next Bill Gates. Outshining and developing our inner talents does have connection with success. Success may be defined as fruit of patience, hard work, perseverance. In martial arts, its said that its not the strength or the power of your blow that makes a attack lethal but rather its the speed and precision that you attack with makes your attack lethal. Similarly its your speed and precision with which you execute your plans brings you success. Guys do comment on what you think about it, may it  be here or on Facebook page, I would be glad to read from you guys......

Thanks for reading,
Dhawal :)
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Just a friend or something else.......???

Hi buddies,
                    Could you relate yourself with the title? then I suppose this post is for you. Life is so complex, with so many emotions around us. You deal with a lot of stuff everyday. There is so much of work, and along with it there, lies a lot of expectations from everyone.even after all this there is someone for whom you find time to share everything that's happened with you all the day long. who knows every single moment that has ever existed in your life, and there is not even a single day when you have forgot or missed a chance to enlighten them with your life's happenings. I suppose is that someone Special your best friend?? if i am on a right track, that special one has already occupied at least a little space in your heart or maybe in your life.

                     You may or may not realise this, but others do realise this. And they make you notice this.and now after this first of all you don't accept this realisation that you have developed feelings for them but later on after thinking a lot, you start panicking. And questions like these come to your mind. 'What's happening here?' 'What i was doing?' or maybe 'What's wrong with me?' 'How can i even think of this?' etc.........

                   Most of the time people confuse friendship with something else and vice versa. Its absolutely normal as sometimes what is going in your mind might not be same with the other person's thought process. And to find out what's the matter we just start fetching for some different kind of tips and tricks from our friends who have a lot experience in dating. Yeah I know this sounds absurd but its true. Seems like a movie script right? You meet someone and get attached to them so much of attachment that you misunderstand the relationship sometimes.

                  There's something we know as close or deep friendship. We have many slang terms for it as well umm like besties, buddies, and so on. Now out of all this matter you'll say then we can find out whether the thing we have in our mind is same as the other person right? For this many will take internet quizzes, tips, will go through several instructive articles and at the end there's big confusion. The thing that I wanna say is just ask this out to your special someone straight and clear, I know it requires a lot of courage but there will be either yes or no simple. Why we keep on thinking about this and get frustrated. Some will say if "I get rejected then?", for them I wanna suggest that if you guys were close enough there would be enough understanding between both of you and involving any third person will just mess it up. So its just like go and ask them out straight forward, if you are shy enough then you can go for text messages . But remember one thing even if your special one doesn't feel same as you, dont get depressed and try out the other stuffs on web. Here I know many of you will have one question in your mind that how I know all this right? So for your answer I research first before writing and posting anything hehe.....

                  So guys, get them enlightened with the thing thats going in your mind. There will be just either 'yes' or 'no'. For 'yes' I dont think I require to say anything, but for 'no' I wanna say, don't get depressed, feel rejected and be the same friends like that you were before. It's difficult once you have developed feelings for someone but rather time heals it much better tham anything and isn't it a better option than being a crybaby or person who continuously sulks always or on worse getting labeled as a despo? Many people will come in your life ahead, life is all about moving ahead, enjoying and cherishing every moment of it . Thanks for reading. 
Dhawal Joshi :) ;)
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