Sunday, 12 July 2015

In the Prison of Mind

hello everyone!!,
                             So I'm back again with another angle to view the world. a few days ago i had posted a post "It's not easy being a GUY", so this one for all daddy's princesses out there hehe :P :)......Just kidding, yeah but through this post i want convey a message to everyone out there, hope you get that till end of article :P........... but on a serious note this post i wanna dedicate to all my female friends out there.......

                                   So are you thinking I'm gonna right about some sort of topic related to women's rights or topics related to feminism and other things like that??.........if you are thinking this than sorry to ruin your expectations out there. this post upto some extent is for all of us. Yesterday me and my best friend were playing a game on chat.......yeah it's something new, but its interesting and she had got idea of playing such game. The game is named situation game, one person gives other a situation where other has to answer how would they react to that situation. so we were playing and the game was interesting enough for not losing interest. so it was my turn and i asked her this question,

"suppose you were made a guy for a day, what would you do?"
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Friday, 10 July 2015

Awesome ways to kill a conversation

hello everyone,
                          Did you sensed sarcasm in title? All of us chat online on facebook, hangouts, whatsapp, and other such messengers. you might have taken contact of someone you like or wanna have conversation with but wanna make sure that they don't get bored of you or avoid you or on worse, block you. So here on a major part i will be talking on text conversation part, though some of it applies to face-to-face conversations and video chats too.

                           So here i have mentioned the ways that kill a healthy conversation. and may the opposite person lose interest in texting you.Basically these are the things that matter in any conversation.i.e.
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Monday, 6 July 2015

Tick Tock Judgmental Clock

hi everyone,
NOTE:- many of my friends{of course Readers, i consider you guys as friends ;)} complained me that i didn't inform them about the new post, so for specially for you guys i have started sharing on FB too, or on mobile version of site there's a follow me button for the ones with google+ accounts,and in desktop version if you view there is follow by email option.

                       Now seriously tell me how many of you read above note?? umm almost 8/10 readers must have read the full content right?? and many of you might even have labelled me as a like gatherer or a attention seeker?? right........ so here's the thing to which i wanna drive your attention, JUDGEMENTS.
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