In the Prison of Mind

hello everyone!!,
                             So I'm back again with another angle to view the world. a few days ago i had posted a post "It's not easy being a GUY", so this one for all daddy's princesses out there hehe :P :)......Just kidding, yeah but through this post i want convey a message to everyone out there, hope you get that till end of article :P........... but on a serious note this post i wanna dedicate to all my female friends out there.......

                                   So are you thinking I'm gonna right about some sort of topic related to women's rights or topics related to feminism and other things like that??.........if you are thinking this than sorry to ruin your expectations out there. this post upto some extent is for all of us. Yesterday me and my best friend were playing a game on chat.......yeah it's something new, but its interesting and she had got idea of playing such game. The game is named situation game, one person gives other a situation where other has to answer how would they react to that situation. so we were playing and the game was interesting enough for not losing interest. so it was my turn and i asked her this question,

"suppose you were made a guy for a day, what would you do?"

                         And the reply shocked me, yeah it wasn't something big in reply but after reading the reply a thought appeared in my mind, and thus i made a note to blog about this. And yeah i'll tell you the reply, you'll find it in post soon.

                       You know our mind is so strong and our thoughts are so powerful that it can affect someone even miles or maybe lightyears apart. the biggest restrictions that someone poses ever to us is our mind, to be precise our thoughts. how you think affects a lot of stuff around you. because thoughts get converted to action and our actions have impact on surroundings. I'm not in a mood to give a lecture on motivation hehe......... And the reply that she gave to my question was this:-

"i would try all possible stuffs dat me as a gal r always restricted to."

                  some of you'll think I'm crazy, or maybe worse. but this reply struck a thought that when we are living in 21st century, where both sexes are considered equal this kind of thoughts still remain in our minds. many of you will have counter thoughts for this topic and do let them reach me, you can comment or mail me. According to me i don't think there's a thing that girls are not allowed to do or are restricted to, yeah there maybe some social taboos around the globe. but the world's changing and there's improvement every day. Girls are now engineers, pilots, police officers, even in armed forces.nothing restricts you all more than your thoughts.And yeah there are restrictions for guys too, but that's different thing that some of us find way out of them. its a matter of view point. all of your power lies in your thoughts, nothing binds you more than your thoughts.
               so whenever you think of restrictions, those all are in your mind. boost your self-esteem, but not ego, there's nothing that is labelled as a guy's work or a girl's work. both are equal out here. so whenever there's something that you think as restriction, think whether its a plot of your mind or really such restriction exists. And really i don't feel female as a weaker sex. none of sexes are strong or weak. so with this i'm signing off for now, hehe.....

tysm for reading :).
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Awesome ways to kill a conversation

hello everyone,
                          Did you sensed sarcasm in title? All of us chat online on facebook, hangouts, whatsapp, and other such messengers. you might have taken contact of someone you like or wanna have conversation with but wanna make sure that they don't get bored of you or avoid you or on worse, block you. So here on a major part i will be talking on text conversation part, though some of it applies to face-to-face conversations and video chats too.

                           So here i have mentioned the ways that kill a healthy conversation. and may the opposite person lose interest in texting you.Basically these are the things that matter in any conversation.i.e.

                         (1) Choice of words.
                         (2) Use of appropriate tone
                         (3) Use of appropriate smileys/emoticons [ for text chats]
                         (4) Replying in Time
                         (5) Messaging in proportion.
                         (6) Knowing limits and where to stop.

(1) Choice of words:- when it comes to conversations, may it be online or face-to-face, choice of appropriate words matter a lot. whatever the language you may use make sure to use proper words with proper person. you don't need to get into much of manners, just be yourself, except for giving out rude or replies that hurt feelings.
               when it comes to choice of words avoid use of monosyllables. like "ohh","ok","k","hmm", etc..these kind of replies like "hmm", "k", show your lack of interest in conversation. if you are using such words make sure you add some things behind, like try changing topic if you don't like the previous topic but avoid giving monosyllabic replies.
               if you get engaged in some work, or are unable to reply, atleast use terms as"ttyl/ talk to you later", or "c ya later", "brb/ be right back", etc.... these are some of the ways that let you give a pause during a chat without giving the impression of being rude.

(2) Use of appropriate tone:- this thing applies on both text chats and in person conversations. use of proper tone matters in a conversation as much as choice of words. words are just like body in which life is added by an appropriate tone. or else it may happen that you meant something else and some other message is being conveyed to other person. avoid using sarcastic tone, as its observed over use of sarcastic tone makes one lose interest in a conversation.

(3) Use of appropriate smileys/emoticons:-  this is same as use of proper tone in a conversation. smileys are used to express emotions. use of smileys in text have effect on conversation.

(4) Replying in time:- giving reply in appropriate time leaves a lot of effect on a conversation. avoid replying after long time. like someone sent you "HI" and you reply back after hour or half hour even after being online. and if you can't reply just say that your busy up with some work. reading messages and replying in monosyllables and that to after long time. thats best combo you can try to make someone lose interest in talking to you.

(5) Messaging in proportion:- as long as i think i don't feel need to elaborate it much, make sure you don't over text someone, send messages in appropriate proportion. it should not look like someone's just ignoring messages and you still keep on texting them. flooding their inbox with messages.

(6)Knowing limits and where to stop:- i think this also itself explains everything, still know yout limits while conversing with anyone. know the difference between close conversation and just talking first time with someone you met. or talking to opposite gender, or a person elder to you. gauge the situation, mood and time and text.

                         i hope this helps you out to have a good conversation, i was about to write on some other topic but one of my close friend asked me on this topic, so i thought this might help out everyone so wrote up an article for this. hope you liked comment and share if you like this :)

tysm for reading :),
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Tick Tock Judgmental Clock

Hi everyone,
NOTE:- many of my friends{of course Readers, i consider you guys as friends ;)} complained me that i didn't inform them about the new post, so for specially for you guys i have started sharing on FB too, or on mobile version of site there's a follow me button for the ones with google+ accounts,and in desktop version if you view there is follow by email option.

                       Now seriously tell me how many of you read above note?? umm almost 8/10 readers must have read the full content right?? and many of you might even have labelled me as a like gatherer or a attention seeker?? right........ so here's the thing to which i wanna drive your attention, JUDGEMENTS.

                        Right from the time we wake up from the sweet night long sleep on the bed, till we sleep again and some might even in dreams!!! are running their judgmental clocks 24/7, judging every single thing around, right from the way you wake up or how the tea/coffee is, or how you look early in morning. I mostly compare human brain with a extremely powerful supercomputer, don't you think it is a supercomputer?? getting back to topic, so we judge almost everything be it any materialistic thing or a situation or a person, its an inborn ability which helps us every now and then to make correct decisions.

                         and i am sure your minds are still busy judging me even now, what i'm talking about, so steering to clarity, the thing i wanna say i the judgment making capacity, it helps us how to behave or act at situations, places or with specific persons in certain environment. but at times we make wrong judgements, many a times it happens, we judge someone wrong based on any kind of first impression. and these judgements ruin every relation, yes every single relation, may it be a buisness relation, may it be personal. some of you'll say that then without having an idea about the person, or situation how can we react or give our response accurately,right?? for that i mean to say that is sometimes not judging helps a lot, as even sometimes supercomputers perform calculation errors. you can't be right everytime. i have heard this from many people while gossiping ( so sorry, to have an ear on your talks, but couldn't help it, as you were discussing it so loudly, just kidding , there's nothing as such :P ) "he/she has so much attitude, couldn't he/she smile back, whats wrong with him/her, can't they reply a smile", or may be it this "i sent her HI so many times but she didn't replied after reading she just ignored, she thinks she's some kind of super model?? has a lot of attitude" and many more..

                       so the thing i wanna say is that no one can judge a person on just a first look, so at this many concepts like"LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT", "INTERVIEWS" and many such other things may fail, as the everyone of us acts differently on different situations, and situations like above can be easily planned out, so without knowing a person how can you pass your judgements for anyone?? who gave you the right?? and if someone wakes up late and sleeps late, is that gonna affect you?? if someone wears different kind of clothes (in sensible manner atleast) who are you to judge 'em?? is someone doesn't talk to you there can be many reasons, like maybe they are shy, they are not comfortable the language you converse in, or maybe they don't like your idea about the world. none of it can be classified as showing attitude. so at times isn't it better to give our huge judgemental clocks a rest and live the situations as they are, because everything in excess is always harmful.

                     whenever situations come in your life where you don't get how to react, then just give your supercomputers a rest and restart them again after sometime hehe maybe you get the solution to your problem.....think on it.........

tysm for reading,
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