Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Scariest thing ever said "TRUST ME" :P :)

Hey buddies...!!!
                            In some posts ahead i might be talking about the factors that are extremely small but essential in our life. Sometimes we don't realise the presence of it but its absence is always regretted......and the first of it is "TRUST"
                            leaving all other thoughts aside from your mind, just think if ever someone has said this to you, i mean this "TRUST ME" thing....??? so what were the first thoughts that came to your mind.....???
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Thursday, 25 June 2015

THE OMG Effect.....!!!!

hello everyone..!!!
              yeah you might be thinking what has gone wrong with my brain, but unfortunately everything is as good as it was before... :P. but yeah the "OMG" i'm referring here is the movie "OH MY GOD"........
              There are some movies that have made a significant impact on my life and the way how I see the world..........I might talk about them in my next post but here i wanna share some interesting things i found out,though sources for these facts were reliable enough(don't ask me about it, as i don't remember... :P).............So, back to topic, this movie has made a great impact on my life, some days ago i came across a page on web, while randomly scrolling through the web. and the facts on that page made me think that all of the religious customs that we think of are not a complete waste. Getting confused.....???? Let me Explain........
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Saturday, 20 June 2015

#pets #BFFs #loved #forever

hello everyone...!!!
                   I'm sure there are ample of pet lovers here, right..??............so this post is dedicated to such lovely animals who have became an integral part of our lives. "Pets"........... there's a lot to talk about them, like be it any animal, or any species, but each of 'em is loved and adored. i know many of you aren't so crazy about pets........but for all animal and pet lovers its like their pets are/were an extreme important part of their lives.
                Majority of us have either dogs, or cats, some may have birds like parrots, love birds, etc.....and such many species.....,but I'm gonna talk of all pets but most probably i would be talking about dogs, the most common pet, and the most faithful friend.........
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Thursday, 18 June 2015

True Love......Mystery still continues.....

hey guys...!!!
              First of all I would like to thank you all for all of your valuable comments and your point of views that all of you shared with me, yeah be it not in the comment section below :P.....but yeah in the world as there are many people their are equal point of views to have a look from......so i am back with a another thought to think on........
               With the monsoon season, in India, more specifically to be here its raining in Mumbai, in the city that never sleeps :P...........and as rains are always connected to all the romantic and luvy duvy stuff.........the thought that grabbed my attention was "What is TRUE LOVE?"..........
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Monday, 15 June 2015

Incredible INDIA........The Harsh Truth

NOTE:-This post is about the some of the ironies of INDIA, yes our INCREDIBLE INDIA. Some of the points I  mention here might be a topic for some debate and disagreement, so its a request to take it as just a post and not a topic for debate, no intentions to hurt anyone. Extreme apologies if done by mistake.So think on this whenever you get time and try having a look at reality. this post is not for ones expecting a luvy duvy and a mushy mushy sweet topic........IT'S JUST A POST After all but if even after this there's slight change then i will find posting this worthy.

Every day we hear a lot of things, where we INDIANS are mentioned, the people of INCREDIBLE INDIA. India our motherland is blessed with the most of the natural beauty and wealth in the world, its a sort of heaven on earth. Just think on some of the Facts about INDIA our INCREDIBLE INDIA...............
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Monday, 8 June 2015

It's NOT easy being a Guy

Some Days ago there was mother's day; a large number of people changed their profile pictures with their mom's pictures. But normally it's not the same case on father's day. why so?........I'm not into any gender bias but just wanna divert some of your attention towards an interesting mindset that our society has developed.

When a male child is born the poor chap is loaded with loads of expectations from that very moment on wards. i don't know much about guys in other countries but here i'm in general talking about Indian guys, here we have a different set of problems to face.
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