Friendship V/S Relationship.......whats your pick..???

Hey guys,
                 Many of us are in relationships, many a times our friends complain to us that we forgot them after getting a partner. Am I right guys? Have you ever thought that are you the same person that you were before or you have changed?
                So when you are in a relationship and a time comes to choose between either of your girlfriend/boyfriend or your BFF (Best Friend Forever), who would you choose? Too many questions right? Let’s get some views on it.
                If someone asks my choice then I'll definitely choose my best friend, you want to know why? Because it was my best friend who was with me even before if I had met her, but it’s nothing like she's not important..... Rather I'll try to balance both sides :) .According to me friendship is the only bond that is totally unconditional, some people might state that even love is the same but rather love still requires inputs like time, care, and sometimes even money :P , just kidding..... Real love doesn't require money but it rather stands on pillars of time and caring what you give and receive .
              While that's not the case with friendship, Once a friend always a friend, even if you meet your buddies after a long time period you share the same bonding, whether you had contacted them in between that time period or not. but that's not the case with relationships.... people face breakups in if the fail to even respond to their partner's messages.... can u imagine that?
              There are some of us that break all connections with friends and totally get busy with their partners, and forget that there is even a life outside it.
           And the most important of all when you face breakups and get into depression, there are your friends who get you back on track from that tragedy..... As every coin has two sides and we have to balance both its the same here, but whenever you get in situation like friendship v/s relationship .... Then what you choose it depends upon you ;) :).

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Being sweet and nice............. Are you flirting?

Hi everyone,
                     Firstly I would like to ask you your opinion on who with you would like to have a conversation with? A sweet and polite natured person or a rude and attitude struck person? Most of us would surely like to interact with the sweet natured person. Why this is so?
          As world today is progressing towards the 21st, the we are slowly and gradually turning more practical and materialistic in behavior, it’s becoming like being polite is so rare that it’s now being compared with flirting, or rather, is being considered as being a tail taddler.
                      Being sweet and nice is such a crime? That it’s being viewed with such suspicion. On this I remember some of my classmates gossiping about a guy from our class, who is very polite and sweet natured boy, and is a bit talkative too. People mostly consider him as a flirt or tail taddler at first sight.
            Why can’t we be polite? Is it that difficult? Maybe it’s not that easy also, controlling our temper comes into a big picture here, most of the times we lose our temper easily due to the stress that comes out of from our daily life. Our way of conversing with the person matters the most to make him/her to pay attention to what you are talking about. But imagine a world where everyone is polite and sweet, how you would feel when someone is being nice to you? Don’t you feel like talking with that person and being with them always? And that rather makes you feel special and wanted.

          Most of the people consider nowadays abusing and talking rudely as a part of coolness which appears them like a way to gain attention and become popular. And thus the polite and sweet natured person is also compared to a flirt nowadays. Let’s be polite rather than being rude, also being polite doesn’t mean to be a fake person.

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R.I.P. English..... :P

R.I.P. English..... :P
        "R.I.P. English", frankly we might have commented it or have came across this  comment several times.I am not going to lecture on this, but introduce you to a new view on this comment.
         Yesterday while checking through news feed on my Facebook account I came across this comment on post of my friend who was a little weak in this aspect. My friend rehan (name changed), is one of the toppers in academics as well as in sports right from school days.The irony is that he had completed his basic education(1st-10th std) from a vernacular medium and so was relatively a bit weak in english, The language which everyone is so proud of, and even bigger irony it's not even our language but an adopted language which has now occupied our lives such that even basic needs are now on dependence of it.
         I know it very well that this post is in english too :P :) but just unable to speak a language or being uncomfortable in it even costs some people a livelihood. Yeah people don't get job if they don't know English.
         Is unablity of proper grip in english is a crime? I bet there are many of us who don't even know to speak or neither can read or write in their mother tongue...... then why don't we comment r.i.p. at such occasions?  My intention is not to offend anyone.

        But rather continuing to comment this stupidity, let's help them to get comfortable with this important language. What you says guys?................ and if u have friends like rehan, help them to improve their fluency in English. And who knows they might help you up with ur assignments :) :P.........
With regards,
Dhawal :)
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School Days......days of fun and innocence

School, this brings me the happy and sweet memories of fun  and frolic. The days when we used to get early in morning by mom's shouting and not by alarms roar :) :P
         When we were in school we used to hate it like waking up early and holidays were cherished like treasures by just curling and cuddling in beds till late, whole day playing and the most important no study ;)
         I remember during school days mom used to wake me up every day instead of setting 3 alarms every day :P and getting late every next day, since I wasn't one of morning birds at that time but as time passes now I can get up on myself with alarm. The scolding for incomplete homework,  or maybe pranks and mischief done, I bet there's no one in this world who has not been this situation even once in life. But as years passed the holidays had been encapsulated by extra tutions and homework loads, slowly and gradually there came the day of farewell from school life and entering a new world where there's a blind rat race for everything, even for lazing around :)
         Farewell function at school was one of the most moments to be cherished and stored in our memories. The ones who had fought a lot became best buddies, even the grumpiest of teachers were seemed to cry out any moment. Everyone was promising each other to stay in touch with each other even if they were miles apart. The students which never talked to each other also became best friends.
          When we were in school, we hated it but now we miss every moment of those innocence and carefree blissful days. Its truly said the value of thing is most before its obtained and of person after the contact is lost..... we miss you teachers, buddies........ and wish can meet up once again and relive those days of absolute innocence.
With regards ,

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Love...reality or fantasy

  Love.......its the most exciting and never ending topic of discussion nowadays, the most popular topic for teenagers, film industry, authors, and several others.
         But I have a simple question do love really exist or its just a fantasy that we enjoy thinking and believing. As I entered the college life, this topic was on my mind too. Within a month every next or other day I saw people entering relationships and within a week or maybe a month having a breakup. The length of such relationships were like measured in days and months, weren't they were to be existed till forever as they were in love. Not to hurt anyone but I found ans to my question when one of my closest friend entered in one such relationship.
        Like every other fling(as I may like to call it :P) this one to ended within 3 months....... and my friend went into serious depression. Then while observing and understanding such other breakups i got my answer.
         What's the thing that we have hear almost every day "he's so cute", "she's so beautiful", "is he/she single....?". People find their partners by looks and not personality, they try to lure and woo them through different ideas some by presents some by sweet talks, but is that real you....? For most of them the answer comes 'no', once you enter relationship your goal to obtain a partner gets accomplished and you slowly and gradually stop being that sweet talking and generously gifting and surprising person. And your partner slowly feels the change in you, then start the arguments, fights, and finally after long or maybe short suffering a heart break (as they call it).
          Is this we wished for, and adored every single moment thinking about it? Umm no I don't think so anyone of one wished for der anyone please do comment.
         So better being someone else for impressing someone lets try to be ourselves and wait and watch what destiny has for you, and I m damn sure it'll be best of even you can think of.....
         And to conclude lets enjoy feeling of being in love and enjoying being loved. And remember love is not limited to just such relationships its a lot beyond it because your family started loving you even before you entered this world.:) ;)
         So keep reading and commenting, see you guys with my next post till then enjoy kaleidoscope
With regards,

Dhawal :)
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My first Post........My Inspiration to write a blog......

hey everyone.....

             Let me introduce myself, i am a engineering student, yes this itself is a enough to give an overview of my world....    :)
            The reason for writing this blog is to connect and view the world with different vision, vision of others.Now you might think the reason why chose name kaleidoscope for my blog, because the world is like kaleidoscope, view it from various angles and interesting things get visible to you.
              To all my friends, teachers thank you very much for inspiring me to express my ideas and a different view towards world.
             Not to extended much, but hearty thanks to all my readers, and do feel free to comment and give your ideas too.....    :) would be glad to receive your views and ideas.
                                                                                                                                          with regards,
                                                                                                                                           Dhawal :)
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