Dealing with the expectations

hey guys,
                 We always expect a lot, almost from everyone,yeah even from strangers.if someone attractive passing by, we start our thought processes, expecting to see them again, or might a small tête-à-tête. Just got a bit lucky with something? might it be a game or just a simple bet and our expectations start to get lucky again.

                 Out of all the expectations, the ones I just wanna talk about is expectations when you're in love, a hopeless one-sided love or more accurately crushing on someone who you feel is a bit or more out of your league. are you crushing on someone? if so, then you can relate a lot to it. There are endless stupid things that are shown in movies and described in many stories. Some can be related to life of an average guy/gal but many can't be. Don't consider me out of the league. I was too once from the same league of teens, who had a hopeless crush on someone.
                 How we get feeling something about someone just randomly like this feels me like some unsolved mystery or might be some kind of magic. if you're gonna justify it then you might call it the work of new hormones raging in the body. creating a halo around someone, making them so attractive that you start relating them to angels on earth, well which they aren't. at times we get so carried away with all this stuff that we don't even realize how obsessed we get with them.
               Like every good story has a beautiful start, and a  meaningful end. there comes a time when everything feels like just crashing and feelings drowning away. you start feeling like a barren land. with no thoughts in your mind and getting restless about something but can't know why? suddenly we start feeling that world's at end. but alas it isn't when you see that person which once you dreamed about day and night again, it doesn't give that crazy feels once again rather it leads you into anger, depression and sadness.
                 you might start thinking, how a big idiot you were once and how that thoughts entered your mind. but alas once again clueless. doesn't it feel like some magic or mystery?? whatever it might be crushes are still best part of being single. without being into any relationships, any breakup issues, screwing up yourself and making a mess outta your lives, you can just like an idiot look at your crush and have hopeless dreams and enjoy all the fantasy in your mind and just walk away with time that there was nothing. leaving no trails behind just like walking on a beach where foot trails just stay as long as the waves don't wash them away.....with this i hope you enjoyed reading this and while reading i guess you might had pictured your crush in your mind at least once. haha doesn't matter it happens all part of life nothing to panic about. so guys enjoy fun parts of life and  happy crushing....  :P

thanks for reading,

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Friendship V/S Relationship.........The Teeny Love

hey guys!!
                       This post is for you guys, after the Friendship V/S Relationship post there were many requests for writing another post on this topic. So guys I,m back again with this topic,but with slight twist hope you enjoy reading this too.
                Teeny Love, a fever that's almost on every teen's mind. Irrespective of either being single or in a relationship, one thing that almost every teen has in mind is love. Just like in the previous post Just a friend or something else? , at times you might have come across a situation where your best friend thinks that you are more than friend for him/her.  And wild thoughts start occupying your mind.Finally you come to a point thinking to reply in affirmation or..........umm something else.

               Most of the times people can't handle is the expectations, whosoever it may be. they start thinking about their actions, and how the opposite person will react to it, churning and thinking out all the possible reactions & later start worrying about them. there will be thoughts in your mind like," What will he/she think if i reply in affirmation","What will he/she think if i say no"," what should i do?", " If say no will i lose him/her?", " will there be same bond even after yes/no ",etc...
              Over thinking results in tension, depression and over imaginations of situations that are never going to happen. Once this thought comes in mind that someone likes you or is attracted towards you, we start thinking towards the person who loves us in a completely different manner. Personally i think it's good that someone likes you, or vice versa, but relationships aren't a stuff for teenage, this stuffs require a level of maturity that most of us don't have at that teensy age. Those fancy stuffs from movies for once may let us believe some attractive and imaginative stuffs. But When it comes to real world, it means a lot different things. there are of responsibilities, expectations, from them as well as family and world outside. Most of the time fail we  to suffice those and then start getting depressed and get demotivated. The expected sweet after effects that you had visualized start getting blur, and you feel that you are deceived. but is that so?
               Some times we just over expect and over imagine stuffs that later on let us to either demotivation or depression. Guys teenage is the first step in the world outside. where we start into planning our carriers, making new friends, socializing. learning and showing the talent out to the world. Don't you think we would lose all this getting into demotivation and depressions? Let destiny handle the plans and you enjoy the life. Time will get to you all things at right time and place. So instead of searching love partners at this petty age shouldn't we enjoy our lives to fullest. live upto the responsibilities and expectations that we already have to fulfill. with this try thinking on this and do let me know what are your views.

thanks for reading,
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#Love #Crush #Infatuation #Attraction

Greetings Fellas,
                             First of all thank you so much guys for all your love that you showered through your feedback. Sure I'll get to the stuff you wanna read and will consider the points you'll stated. Apologies for not posting for a long time.
              Life is a Roller coaster & Love is everywhere,where you can be anti-romantic for a moment but can't run from this wonderful feeling ever. While travelling which each one of us does as a part of our routine, to and fro from either workplaces or schools or colleges, etc.... We can find lots of interesting stuff going around us if we keep our eyes and ears open. A few days back, in train a group of college students, were discussing about some new novel possibly would be a love story, hearing their discussion gave me idea to write up this post.

              Many of us are confused between these"love","attraction","infatuation","crush". so i just randomly asked differences between all of these One of my buddies, Kritika came up with the most beautiful answers.

LOVE- The feeling that makes you do anything for your lover!! The feel of that unconditional strong support from him/ her

CRUSH- The feeling similar to love, but mostly one sided which lasts for a few days,weeks or months.

ATTRACTION- The Instantaneous feeling of adoration for someone for a limited time due some of their features like eyes, smile, hair, etc...

INFATUATION- The feeling that is somewhat similar to attraction, but this one is rather for a longer period of time and isn't instantaneous.

              Some of you might be thinking, why am I defining all of these?? haha No I ain't defining any of these. Its just that we are so confused about this. Out of the friends I asked this question,they were the ones who claimed to know much about love, failed to answer this, but someone randomly came up with the most beautiful answer. Guys love can't be defined, is unconditional, its feeling to be cherished not to be captured or possessed. Most of time we hear someone saying, 'I have a huge crush on him/her','I get butterflies in stomach when i see him/her' etc.... so what is it? attraction, infatuation, crush or love?? think. so next time you come across any such feeling get yourself straight what is it? signing off for now.
Thank You so much for reading,
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Struggling with Academics? Does that mean you're next great personality?

Hi Everyone!!
                       Whenever we  come across a great personality, be it CEO of some heavy profit churning company, or a political leader, or a scientist or maybe someone similar. Most of the times one thing is found common with all these great personalities, i.e. At some point of time in their life  they were either failure or were struggling with their academics. Does this mean everyone who is finding difficulty to cope up with academics is a next great personality?? Lets find this out.
                    While we are talking of great personalities who had to struggle through academics, we have many examples like Bill Gates, Micheal Dell, Mark Zuckerberg, etc rest you can check here :P. But does this mean that every person who is has difficulty in coping up with academics is a next great personality? I don't think so. We can't fully relate academic failures with path to success. All of these great personalities had some of the special qualities which they had polished with their perseverance as the time passed. Their planning, hard work and patience lead them to their destinies.
                     However on contrary being excellent with academics also doesn't guarantee your success. Success however has its own path. Everyone of us knows that there's no short cut to success, But still there is an ample of population that hits up google with queries like "shortcut to success". Why everyone is so obsessed with success? One of the main reasons that we fail, is while we are working be it anything, sometimes our focus slowly shifts from completing the tasks to tracking the record of its success. we measure every step with the amount of profit and loss that we would get.The terms "profit" and "loss" serves its meaning here as"Benefits" and "Harm".
                  Even while preparing for the simplest of test or any examination we categorize topics and subjects according to their marks and difficulty level of that particular topic, and while doing this our whole focus shifts from the studying to the calculations that the topics that you have covered till now and how much marks we can score after covering these topics. But guys doesn't that depend on question paper?? If we fail after planning this much, we start our famous blame game. Or while working in a business setup that's newly started, we try every possible technique to attract customers and try obtaining the maximum of the profits, but while doing this, at times our focus unbeknownst from product development and feedback implementations to the calculation of the profits.
               Our failures always teach us something, we just need a vision to see and learn from it and improvise. Its said that the one who learns from their own mistake is wise, but one who learns from other's mistake is wisest. Academics are just a part of our education process. Whether one excels or finds it hard to cope up with the them is totally a different thing, It doesn't really have any of connection in becoming next Bill Gates. Outshining and developing our inner talents does have connection with success. Success may be defined as fruit of patience, hard work, perseverance. In martial arts, its said that its not the strength or the power of your blow that makes a attack lethal but rather its the speed and precision that you attack with makes your attack lethal. Similarly its your speed and precision with which you execute your plans brings you success. Guys do comment on what you think about it, may it  be here or on Facebook page, I would be glad to read from you guys......

Thanks for reading,
Dhawal :)
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Just a friend or something else.......???

Hi buddies,
                    Could you relate yourself with the title? then I suppose this post is for you. Life is so complex, with so many emotions around us. You deal with a lot of stuff everyday. There is so much of work, and along with it there, lies a lot of expectations from everyone.even after all this there is someone for whom you find time to share everything that's happened with you all the day long. who knows every single moment that has ever existed in your life, and there is not even a single day when you have forgot or missed a chance to enlighten them with your life's happenings. I suppose is that someone Special your best friend?? if i am on a right track, that special one has already occupied at least a little space in your heart or maybe in your life.

                     You may or may not realise this, but others do realise this. And they make you notice this.and now after this first of all you don't accept this realisation that you have developed feelings for them but later on after thinking a lot, you start panicking. And questions like these come to your mind. 'What's happening here?' 'What i was doing?' or maybe 'What's wrong with me?' 'How can i even think of this?' etc.........

                   Most of the time people confuse friendship with something else and vice versa. Its absolutely normal as sometimes what is going in your mind might not be same with the other person's thought process. And to find out what's the matter we just start fetching for some different kind of tips and tricks from our friends who have a lot experience in dating. Yeah I know this sounds absurd but its true. Seems like a movie script right? You meet someone and get attached to them so much of attachment that you misunderstand the relationship sometimes.

                  There's something we know as close or deep friendship. We have many slang terms for it as well umm like besties, buddies, and so on. Now out of all this matter you'll say then we can find out whether the thing we have in our mind is same as the other person right? For this many will take internet quizzes, tips, will go through several instructive articles and at the end there's big confusion. The thing that I wanna say is just ask this out to your special someone straight and clear, I know it requires a lot of courage but there will be either yes or no simple. Why we keep on thinking about this and get frustrated. Some will say if "I get rejected then?", for them I wanna suggest that if you guys were close enough there would be enough understanding between both of you and involving any third person will just mess it up. So its just like go and ask them out straight forward, if you are shy enough then you can go for text messages . But remember one thing even if your special one doesn't feel same as you, dont get depressed and try out the other stuffs on web. Here I know many of you will have one question in your mind that how I know all this right? So for your answer I research first before writing and posting anything hehe.....

                  So guys, get them enlightened with the thing thats going in your mind. There will be just either 'yes' or 'no'. For 'yes' I dont think I require to say anything, but for 'no' I wanna say, don't get depressed, feel rejected and be the same friends like that you were before. It's difficult once you have developed feelings for someone but rather time heals it much better tham anything and isn't it a better option than being a crybaby or person who continuously sulks always or on worse getting labeled as a despo? Many people will come in your life ahead, life is all about moving ahead, enjoying and cherishing every moment of it . Thanks for reading. 
Dhawal Joshi :) ;)
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In the Prison of Mind

hello everyone!!,
                             So I'm back again with another angle to view the world. a few days ago i had posted a post "It's not easy being a GUY", so this one for all daddy's princesses out there hehe :P :)......Just kidding, yeah but through this post i want convey a message to everyone out there, hope you get that till end of article :P........... but on a serious note this post i wanna dedicate to all my female friends out there.......

                                   So are you thinking I'm gonna right about some sort of topic related to women's rights or topics related to feminism and other things like that??.........if you are thinking this than sorry to ruin your expectations out there. this post upto some extent is for all of us. Yesterday me and my best friend were playing a game on chat.......yeah it's something new, but its interesting and she had got idea of playing such game. The game is named situation game, one person gives other a situation where other has to answer how would they react to that situation. so we were playing and the game was interesting enough for not losing interest. so it was my turn and i asked her this question,

"suppose you were made a guy for a day, what would you do?"

                         And the reply shocked me, yeah it wasn't something big in reply but after reading the reply a thought appeared in my mind, and thus i made a note to blog about this. And yeah i'll tell you the reply, you'll find it in post soon.

                       You know our mind is so strong and our thoughts are so powerful that it can affect someone even miles or maybe lightyears apart. the biggest restrictions that someone poses ever to us is our mind, to be precise our thoughts. how you think affects a lot of stuff around you. because thoughts get converted to action and our actions have impact on surroundings. I'm not in a mood to give a lecture on motivation hehe......... And the reply that she gave to my question was this:-

"i would try all possible stuffs dat me as a gal r always restricted to."

                  some of you'll think I'm crazy, or maybe worse. but this reply struck a thought that when we are living in 21st century, where both sexes are considered equal this kind of thoughts still remain in our minds. many of you will have counter thoughts for this topic and do let them reach me, you can comment or mail me. According to me i don't think there's a thing that girls are not allowed to do or are restricted to, yeah there maybe some social taboos around the globe. but the world's changing and there's improvement every day. Girls are now engineers, pilots, police officers, even in armed forces.nothing restricts you all more than your thoughts.And yeah there are restrictions for guys too, but that's different thing that some of us find way out of them. its a matter of view point. all of your power lies in your thoughts, nothing binds you more than your thoughts.
               so whenever you think of restrictions, those all are in your mind. boost your self-esteem, but not ego, there's nothing that is labelled as a guy's work or a girl's work. both are equal out here. so whenever there's something that you think as restriction, think whether its a plot of your mind or really such restriction exists. And really i don't feel female as a weaker sex. none of sexes are strong or weak. so with this i'm signing off for now, hehe.....

tysm for reading :).
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Awesome ways to kill a conversation

hello everyone,
                          Did you sensed sarcasm in title? All of us chat online on facebook, hangouts, whatsapp, and other such messengers. you might have taken contact of someone you like or wanna have conversation with but wanna make sure that they don't get bored of you or avoid you or on worse, block you. So here on a major part i will be talking on text conversation part, though some of it applies to face-to-face conversations and video chats too.

                           So here i have mentioned the ways that kill a healthy conversation. and may the opposite person lose interest in texting you.Basically these are the things that matter in any conversation.i.e.

                         (1) Choice of words.
                         (2) Use of appropriate tone
                         (3) Use of appropriate smileys/emoticons [ for text chats]
                         (4) Replying in Time
                         (5) Messaging in proportion.
                         (6) Knowing limits and where to stop.

(1) Choice of words:- when it comes to conversations, may it be online or face-to-face, choice of appropriate words matter a lot. whatever the language you may use make sure to use proper words with proper person. you don't need to get into much of manners, just be yourself, except for giving out rude or replies that hurt feelings.
               when it comes to choice of words avoid use of monosyllables. like "ohh","ok","k","hmm", etc..these kind of replies like "hmm", "k", show your lack of interest in conversation. if you are using such words make sure you add some things behind, like try changing topic if you don't like the previous topic but avoid giving monosyllabic replies.
               if you get engaged in some work, or are unable to reply, atleast use terms as"ttyl/ talk to you later", or "c ya later", "brb/ be right back", etc.... these are some of the ways that let you give a pause during a chat without giving the impression of being rude.

(2) Use of appropriate tone:- this thing applies on both text chats and in person conversations. use of proper tone matters in a conversation as much as choice of words. words are just like body in which life is added by an appropriate tone. or else it may happen that you meant something else and some other message is being conveyed to other person. avoid using sarcastic tone, as its observed over use of sarcastic tone makes one lose interest in a conversation.

(3) Use of appropriate smileys/emoticons:-  this is same as use of proper tone in a conversation. smileys are used to express emotions. use of smileys in text have effect on conversation.

(4) Replying in time:- giving reply in appropriate time leaves a lot of effect on a conversation. avoid replying after long time. like someone sent you "HI" and you reply back after hour or half hour even after being online. and if you can't reply just say that your busy up with some work. reading messages and replying in monosyllables and that to after long time. thats best combo you can try to make someone lose interest in talking to you.

(5) Messaging in proportion:- as long as i think i don't feel need to elaborate it much, make sure you don't over text someone, send messages in appropriate proportion. it should not look like someone's just ignoring messages and you still keep on texting them. flooding their inbox with messages.

(6)Knowing limits and where to stop:- i think this also itself explains everything, still know yout limits while conversing with anyone. know the difference between close conversation and just talking first time with someone you met. or talking to opposite gender, or a person elder to you. gauge the situation, mood and time and text.

                         i hope this helps you out to have a good conversation, i was about to write on some other topic but one of my close friend asked me on this topic, so i thought this might help out everyone so wrote up an article for this. hope you liked comment and share if you like this :)

tysm for reading :),
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Tick Tock Judgmental Clock

Hi everyone,
NOTE:- many of my friends{of course Readers, i consider you guys as friends ;)} complained me that i didn't inform them about the new post, so for specially for you guys i have started sharing on FB too, or on mobile version of site there's a follow me button for the ones with google+ accounts,and in desktop version if you view there is follow by email option.

                       Now seriously tell me how many of you read above note?? umm almost 8/10 readers must have read the full content right?? and many of you might even have labelled me as a like gatherer or a attention seeker?? right........ so here's the thing to which i wanna drive your attention, JUDGEMENTS.

                        Right from the time we wake up from the sweet night long sleep on the bed, till we sleep again and some might even in dreams!!! are running their judgmental clocks 24/7, judging every single thing around, right from the way you wake up or how the tea/coffee is, or how you look early in morning. I mostly compare human brain with a extremely powerful supercomputer, don't you think it is a supercomputer?? getting back to topic, so we judge almost everything be it any materialistic thing or a situation or a person, its an inborn ability which helps us every now and then to make correct decisions.

                         and i am sure your minds are still busy judging me even now, what i'm talking about, so steering to clarity, the thing i wanna say i the judgment making capacity, it helps us how to behave or act at situations, places or with specific persons in certain environment. but at times we make wrong judgements, many a times it happens, we judge someone wrong based on any kind of first impression. and these judgements ruin every relation, yes every single relation, may it be a buisness relation, may it be personal. some of you'll say that then without having an idea about the person, or situation how can we react or give our response accurately,right?? for that i mean to say that is sometimes not judging helps a lot, as even sometimes supercomputers perform calculation errors. you can't be right everytime. i have heard this from many people while gossiping ( so sorry, to have an ear on your talks, but couldn't help it, as you were discussing it so loudly, just kidding , there's nothing as such :P ) "he/she has so much attitude, couldn't he/she smile back, whats wrong with him/her, can't they reply a smile", or may be it this "i sent her HI so many times but she didn't replied after reading she just ignored, she thinks she's some kind of super model?? has a lot of attitude" and many more..

                       so the thing i wanna say is that no one can judge a person on just a first look, so at this many concepts like"LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT", "INTERVIEWS" and many such other things may fail, as the everyone of us acts differently on different situations, and situations like above can be easily planned out, so without knowing a person how can you pass your judgements for anyone?? who gave you the right?? and if someone wakes up late and sleeps late, is that gonna affect you?? if someone wears different kind of clothes (in sensible manner atleast) who are you to judge 'em?? is someone doesn't talk to you there can be many reasons, like maybe they are shy, they are not comfortable the language you converse in, or maybe they don't like your idea about the world. none of it can be classified as showing attitude. so at times isn't it better to give our huge judgemental clocks a rest and live the situations as they are, because everything in excess is always harmful.

                     whenever situations come in your life where you don't get how to react, then just give your supercomputers a rest and restart them again after sometime hehe maybe you get the solution to your problem.....think on it.........

tysm for reading,
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Scariest thing ever said "TRUST ME" :P :)

Hey buddies...!!!
                            In some posts ahead i might be talking about the factors that are extremely small but essential in our life. Sometimes we don't realise the presence of it but its absence is always regretted......and the first of it is "TRUST"
                            leaving all other thoughts aside from your mind, just think if ever someone has said this to you, i mean this "TRUST ME" thing....??? so what were the first thoughts that came to your mind.....???

                          Yeah! I know "TRUST", this word has many meanings in it, just this one word "TRUST". when you apply this to different situations you get different meanings.
for example:-
 A Knight says to his King,"trust me, your majesty", or your friend says,"trust me buddy", or maybe your gf/bf/life- partner says,"trust me love". In all of the situations the word "TRUST" has its different meanings, in first one it shows the loyalty of knight, while in second it means the real meaning of trust to have faith, while in third case it means "love".....yes in any relationship, whether its business or service, or any relation, all of them fail when there's one thing missing, and yeah that's TRUST.
                     Trusting someone means, having faith in them, having faith in their actions, decisions, thoughts that whatever they'll do that will be good for you or will not harm you. But imagine a situation where your trust has been broken many times by a person and the same person says you this thing"TRUST ME".....then will you trust that person again?? for most of us the answer will be obviously NO, a big HUGE NO....... forget that even if someone betrays us once, we think at least 10 times on again trusting that person, am i right or wrong???

                    Gaining someone's trust is not that easy when that person is betrayed several times, It feels like, its almost impossible for them to trust someone again. And i don't think there's a single person in the world who has not broken someone's trust, if not intentionally maybe unintentionally and they still not know it........Yeah, at times we also don't have idea that we have betrayed someone, be it a simple promise. the most difficult of all is that to maintain the TRUST factor intact.

                   You'll must be thinking why I'm suddenly writing all this, so for that here's your answer.........In life you have to trust a lot of people, and you do that, everyday without even realising it like:-
(1) While travelling in public transport.....don't you trust the driver/motorman/..etc
(2) Buying stuff of your favourite brand...... be it anything.
(3) Your parents.......the ones who brought you in this world
(4) Your teachers and someone helping you in time of need

                     yeah i know the last two cases have some exceptions, but every single thing in this world works on trust,so keep this things in mind, never break someones trust and second never let someone break your trust. yeah as for business it may not matter to that extent as every thing there is done with paper work and in legal manner, but what when it comes to the our real life?? here the trust gains its importance much more. misunderstandings may occur in life, but have at least one person in life to whom you can go and pour your heart out, with the trust that it'll be between both of you.

                      Most of the relations break due to lack of trust and if you really love someone tell them "I TRUST YOU", than "I LOVE YOU" saying i love you is easy but committing to someone means a lot. so guys remember these things, with which i conclude this....
1. There will be 'N' number occasions where you have to trust people,so give them a chance.
2. Even if they break your trust, don't let it effect your decision for trusting others, at least give them a fair chance ;)
3.Get an idea about the situation in which the person broke your trust. maybe he/she had no other option left.
4.Don't allow anyone to break your trust on someone.
5. And last but not least HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF, and you'll never get depressed.

and tysm,
for reading this.. :)
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THE OMG Effect.....!!!!

hello everyone..!!!
              yeah you might be thinking what has gone wrong with my brain, but unfortunately everything is as good as it was before... :P. but yeah the "OMG" i'm referring here is the movie "OH MY GOD"........
              There are some movies that have made a significant impact on my life and the way how I see the world..........I might talk about them in my next post but here i wanna share some interesting things i found out,though sources for these facts were reliable enough(don't ask me about it, as i don't remember... :P).............So, back to topic, this movie has made a great impact on my life, some days ago i came across a page on web, while randomly scrolling through the web. and the facts on that page made me think that all of the religious customs that we think of are not a complete waste. Getting confused.....???? Let me Explain........

              So the scene is like after the movies like OMG and other such movies, my atheist belief got much stronger(Yeah i was a science kid right from childhood, judging and analysing and viewing everything from a scientific vision) i use to think if all such things like rituals, pujas, and all such stuff do work??? but then a thought would come to my mind that the elder people who made these customs were not crazy people, afterall their brains have made it possible, this morden era, where we enjoy all sorts of technology and facilities...... and yeah i got a new angle to view this customs and rituals and finally got some proper explanation for some of them :-

          (1) Throwing coins in rivers, lakes and other such water bodies and making wishes.
                 In olden days, the coins were used to be made of copper, bronze and other such metals, out of these mostly copper coins were used. And such coins when get into water bodies released ions, which helped to improve the digestion and overall health. as human body needs several kinds of ions, and thus their deficiency can lead to problems. but now coins are made of different kinds of alloys and whats use of them throwing in water bodies, unless some one collects them or maybe there will be a mine developed after some thousand years... :P

       (2) Women not allowed to move out during periods by some customs.
              While talking on this one I wanna make it clear that I'm not on any of gender bias. the reason I found out, the logical one is that, thinking about that era, there were no proper medical facilities available, temples and even most of villages were near to forests. considering the weak immunity and physical condition, allowing them to rest, and keeping them away from all kind of infections may be a reason, and most important one...........hehe it maybe not scientific but its logical enough. how many  moms get holidays???? this gave them a sort of weekend effect, but this too came with some shitty non-sense stuff.and majority of you know it very well.

      (3) Observing fasts, of several kinds. the reasoning for all i don't know but still majority has this reason.
            In majority of religions there are customs where different variety of fasts are observed. with different kinds of procedures,like in some fasts there is allowance to eat from a listed food items, in some only liquids, and in some nothing, not even water (Nirjala).
            these fasts help in some or the other way to maintain a good working of digestion system, and in short a healthy and fit body, as on daily basis we do or don't eat some stuffs that these fasts prescribe us and are certainly good for still with minor glitches may be the possible reason.

so guys, by not making all long and boring to read, i'm concluding it here, but at the end of all this i wanna say that, think before you act, every time. apply logic as these customs were extremely beneficial at the time they were made but now the time has changed and the laws and these things are facing a urgent need to change according to the lifestyle that we live in we need. but they are not at all bad to be thrown off and sort of ignored and banned.......

and the most important of all
TYSM....!!!, for reading this;
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#pets #BFFs #loved #forever

hello everyone...!!!
                   I'm sure there are ample of pet lovers here, right..?? this post is dedicated to such lovely animals who have became an integral part of our lives. "Pets"........... there's a lot to talk about them, like be it any animal, or any species, but each of 'em is loved and adored. i know many of you aren't so crazy about pets........but for all animal and pet lovers its like their pets are/were an extreme important part of their lives.
                Majority of us have either dogs, or cats, some may have birds like parrots, love birds, etc.....and such many species.....,but I'm gonna talk of all pets but most probably i would be talking about dogs, the most common pet, and the most faithful friend.........
              We bring them home, love them and care for them. but there are some special ones who, bring home pups, and when they grow up and remain not so cute as they were as pups, or maybe it has become difficult to meet their needs, they make them to live the life ahead as stray dogs........ Sad but true.......i wanna also give some of the facts regarding it and its also same for other animals and with the people with other weird pets like tigers, lions , and varied other reptiles............sometimes i think they were better before till you brought them home........because when a pet is brought home they slowly get attached to us, and the surrounding environment, and when suddenly as they grow up we throw them out of house and force them to live their lives on streets!!!!............some people say they love their pets as their own kids, do they do same with them..???? I'm not sure about that also :P
               But on a serious note........the number of stray animals on streets are increasing every day, their struggle for existence has become more harder then it was in wild...........I know dogs are not that wild creatures but certainly for other animals and birds like parrots and other species,but this will not only harm them but also us.....taking example of florida and alligators, honey bees imported from Africa to America,, and many more. destroying forests also contribute to this to some extent.
              here are some of the facts i wanna share about homeless pets.......
  • Only 1 out of every 10 dogs will find a permanent home.
  • The main reasons animals are in shelters: owners give them up, or animals control finds them on street.
  • Homeless animals outnumber homeless people 5 to 1.
  • Each year, approximately 2.7 million dogs and cats are killed every year because shelters are too full and there aren't enough adoptive homes.Act as a publicist for your shelters so pets can find homes.
  • Approximately 7.6 million comparison animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year. Of those, approximately 3.9 million are dogs and 3.4 million are cats.
  • According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy(NCPPSP), less than 2% of cats and only 15 to 20% dogs are returned to their owners.
  • 25% of dogs that enter local shelters are purebred.
  • About twice as many animals enter shelters as strays compared to the number that are relinquished by their owners.
  • It's impossible to determine how many dogs and cats live in the United states. Estimates for cats alone range up to 70 million.
  • Only 10% of the animals received by shelters haven been spayed or neutered. Over population, due to owners letting their pets accidentally or intentionally reproduce, sees millions of these "excess" animals killed annually.
  • Many strays are lost pets that were not kept properly indoors or provided with identification.
                         so one thing i wanna conclude with this, bring pets home when you are gonna care for them, not as some neighbour or friend has and you wanna have a pet too like 'em ,,,,,,,,,they are not toys buddy...........and whether they are cute or not pets are always best make them one and adopt pets rather then getting them from  pet shops.....and if you are unable to take care of 'em then handover them to someone who can care for them.........don't let them lives as stray animals or get euthanized. as i wanted to keep it short i have not added pics to post.....else the sights of homeless pets in shelter homes or on roadside were horrible.....internet is full of them.......
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True Love......Mystery still continues.....

hey guys...!!!
              First of all I would like to thank you all for all of your valuable comments and your point of views that all of you shared with me, yeah be it not in the comment section below :P.....but yeah in the world as there are many people their are equal point of views to have a look i am back with a another thought to think on........
               With the monsoon season, in India, more specifically to be here its raining in Mumbai, in the city that never sleeps :P...........and as rains are always connected to all the romantic and luvy duvy stuff.........the thought that grabbed my attention was "What is TRUE LOVE?"..........
              Everywhere there are different views regarding it........"LOVE" this feeling is the most unpredictable and is one of the weird feelings ever. this feeling itself has many meanings, many ways of expression. But here I'm not gonna talk about the parental or sibling love.........but the love about which you are thinking in your mind right now............
              Rains are always connected to love by the poets, authors etc,..........most of us are maybe in relationships, many of us maybe are even what you guys think on what is true love.......???? Some thing to be felt?? enjoyed and cherished...?? or to be achieved ?? or found out like a hidden treasure or uncovering a mystery???
                According to me a true love is never something that can be never be defined, it has its own conditions, own mysteries, and its own special moments to be cherished and enjoyed.........and not to analysed and judged by some materialistic means or parameters........
                Sometimes i think that is  it really worthy or i mean to say appropriate to judge your relation by some app or on a advice of some or other random dating expert..?? its like as every lock has its own key, similarly every relation has its own essence and lets not ruin it by some random stuff and by comparing it with things like some sort of compatibility and by advice of some random guy/girl who advice you on how abouts of any relationships......
                  So winding up this one here and letting you think about the real meaning of true love......and do let your views reach me........they are valuable to me....

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Incredible INDIA........The Harsh Truth

NOTE:-This post is about the some of the ironies of INDIA, yes our INCREDIBLE INDIA. Some of the points I  mention here might be a topic for some debate and disagreement, so its a request to take it as just a post and not a topic for debate, no intentions to hurt anyone. Extreme apologies if done by mistake.So think on this whenever you get time and try having a look at reality. this post is not for ones expecting a luvy duvy and a mushy mushy sweet topic........IT'S JUST A POST After all but if even after this there's slight change then i will find posting this worthy.

Every day we hear a lot of things, where we INDIANS are mentioned, the people of INCREDIBLE INDIA. India our motherland is blessed with the most of the natural beauty and wealth in the world, its a sort of heaven on earth. Just think on some of the Facts about INDIA our INCREDIBLE INDIA...............

(1) India is the only country where all 10 bio-geographical regions are found.
(2) There are majority of indians everywhere in the world occupying the top notch fields and positions.
(3) We have a varied history and a glorified past, where India used to be mentioned as the "GOLDEN BIRD".
(4) Several religions reside here, a lot of languages, equally the number of cultures and their cultural diversity.

Instead of all of this now what we are doing actually, the above were just some of the random facts that i mentioned.when we talk about INCREDIBLE INDIA, on factually counting the things that we native indians made are.......???? does any of them come to the level of the things like taj mahal, red fort, or the gateway of india......???? oh leave it. some days ago while surfing on through a social site found a troll, kabaddi should be the national game of india........because..?? its tendency of indians to pull others down, holding their legs, sadly this has become like if i don't succeed i'll also not allow you to succeed. Wow..!!! Really great, I mean hatsoff.......we are now also famous for the level of corruption.....not for the great people and their great discoveries.WE all just keep fighting internally and just boast it like fools, let it be anything, a window seat in public transport..????......or.... bargaining from a poor seller roadside for a rupee or two and just wasting money on things like soft drinks and such other waste.(NOT INTENDED AGAINST ANYONE JUST GENERAL IDEA)

we do anything special or not, there are some things we all are good right from birth........sarcasm......complaining........trolling........showoff (how can i forget this :P).........

we fill internet with the various trolls, and sarcasm, but just filling up the social media doesn't do the thing guys..!! Recently there was a lot of stuff going on both online and offline on SWACHH BHARAT tell me one thing how many of you did even one single thing for that mission, stations are as usual dirty, tracks lined up with garbage and shit (yup...!! yeah really shit)..............we just heard it from one ear and just threw it out from other.........and WE EXPECT THE THINGS TO CHANGE..........seriously no government is completely good or completely worse.........but the change happens when  we, yeah us the people change.........just try thinking on stuff like this I have to conclude this post here itself as this is a topic for great discussion and debate but for now ending this here...try thinking on it.......and please do let me know your views on this.....
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It's NOT easy being a Guy

Some Days ago there was mother's day; a large number of people changed their profile pictures with their mom's pictures. But normally it's not the same case on father's day. why so?........I'm not into any gender bias but just wanna divert some of your attention towards an interesting mindset that our society has developed.

When a male child is born the poor chap is loaded with loads of expectations from that very moment on wards. i don't know much about guys in other countries but here i'm in general talking about Indian guys, here we have a different set of problems to face.

We know that it's difficult to be a woman, The high heels, the leg-shaving, the period cramps, and the pain of child birth -- they seem to get the short end of the stick at almost every turn, but in that discussion, it often gets forgotten that being a man isn't a total walk in sun-dappled park, either.

We have our own set of problems and vulnerabilities, some small-- even funny -- and others large and painful. we also live with the constant expectations to be strong and to keep our issues to ourselves.

Society expects us to be strong, rough, emotionally stable as well as to be kind, generous and sweet natured. While it comes to choosing our careers mostly it's affected by some non-existing long distance cousin or by the financial condition of the family, the choice of the career depends on how much we can earn after completing the graduation.

For getting girls too it's like playing a game of chess for us, we always have to struggle and play our cards well else or it's always a risk of getting landed into friendzone, or getting either tagged as weirdo, creepy or the worst combining the expectations of the parents, girlfriends/spouses, friends. Our situation's like juggler juggling with knives in a circus. one mistake and game's over.....

Pity us men.......
If you put a woman on a pedestal and try to protect her from the rat race, you're a male chauvinist.
if you stay home and do the housework, you're sissy.

if you work hard, there is never any time for her.
if you don't work hard enough, you're a good-for-nothing bum.

if she has a boring repetitive job with low pay, this is exploitation.
if you have a boring repetitive job with low pay, you should get off your butt and find something better.

if you get a promotion ahead of her, that is favoritism.
if she gets a job ahead of you, it's a equal opportunity.

if you mention how nice she looks, it's sexual harassment.
if you keep quiet, it's male indifference.

if you cry, you're wimp.
if you don't, you're an insensitive jerk.

if you make a decision without consulting her, you're a chauvinist.
if she makes a decision without consulting you, she's a liberated woman.

if you ask her to do something she doesn't enjoy, that's domination.
if she asks you, it's a favor.

if you like a woman to shave her legs and keep in shape, you're sexist.
if you don't, you're unromantic.

if you try to keep yourself in shape, you're vain.
if you don't, you're a slob.

if you buy her flowers, you're after something.
if you don't, you're not thoughtful.

if you're proud of your achievements, you're up on yourself.
if you don't you're not ambitious.

if she has a headache, she's tired.
if you have a headache, you don't love her anymore.

if you want it too often, you're oversexed.
if you don't, there must be someone else.

thanks for reading,
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Reactions to my blog....not actually post.....just experience :)

Reactions to my blog.
        Posting back after a long time sorry to keep you waiting.I had created this blog approx a month ago, had posted some articles and got a great response, which was totally unexpected. Thank you all so much.  It was my wish to create a reader's choice blog and keep my views in front of everyone so they can feel, relate to & comment if they feel like, so soon i will be writing upon the topics you all have suggested me. But first I would like to share the interesting and varied responses I got after creating blog.
      Many of them didn't know whats blog, so there were several different types of questions asked like for example......
1) What you wanna do with this thing?
2) Are you going to earn money with this?
3) Are you planning to be next Chetan Bhagat?
And so to answer all such questions umm i wanna just say that nope i dont want to be next chetan bhagat but yup surely i'll try to bring out some interesting topics, nope not so serious like nuclear physics and quantum mechanics but just some things that we may see every day, which has a great impact on our daily lives but we just tend to either ignore it or rather don't even realise.
   so thank you all for so much of support and please do comment your views and ideas what you feel about the post it means a lot to me and critics are most welcomed.......
                                                                                                                                     thanks for reading,
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Friendship V/S Relationship.......whats your pick..???

Hey guys,
                 Many of us are in relationships, many a times our friends complain to us that we forgot them after getting a partner. Am I right guys? Have you ever thought that are you the same person that you were before or you have changed?
                So when you are in a relationship and a time comes to choose between either of your girlfriend/boyfriend or your BFF (Best Friend Forever), who would you choose? Too many questions right? Let’s get some views on it.
                If someone asks my choice then I'll definitely choose my best friend, you want to know why? Because it was my best friend who was with me even before if I had met her, but it’s nothing like she's not important..... Rather I'll try to balance both sides :) .According to me friendship is the only bond that is totally unconditional, some people might state that even love is the same but rather love still requires inputs like time, care, and sometimes even money :P , just kidding..... Real love doesn't require money but it rather stands on pillars of time and caring what you give and receive .
              While that's not the case with friendship, Once a friend always a friend, even if you meet your buddies after a long time period you share the same bonding, whether you had contacted them in between that time period or not. but that's not the case with relationships.... people face breakups in if the fail to even respond to their partner's messages.... can u imagine that?
              There are some of us that break all connections with friends and totally get busy with their partners, and forget that there is even a life outside it.
           And the most important of all when you face breakups and get into depression, there are your friends who get you back on track from that tragedy..... As every coin has two sides and we have to balance both its the same here, but whenever you get in situation like friendship v/s relationship .... Then what you choose it depends upon you ;) :).

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Being sweet and nice............. Are you flirting?

Hi everyone,
                     Firstly I would like to ask you your opinion on who with you would like to have a conversation with? A sweet and polite natured person or a rude and attitude struck person? Most of us would surely like to interact with the sweet natured person. Why this is so?
          As world today is progressing towards the 21st, the we are slowly and gradually turning more practical and materialistic in behavior, it’s becoming like being polite is so rare that it’s now being compared with flirting, or rather, is being considered as being a tail taddler.
                      Being sweet and nice is such a crime? That it’s being viewed with such suspicion. On this I remember some of my classmates gossiping about a guy from our class, who is very polite and sweet natured boy, and is a bit talkative too. People mostly consider him as a flirt or tail taddler at first sight.
            Why can’t we be polite? Is it that difficult? Maybe it’s not that easy also, controlling our temper comes into a big picture here, most of the times we lose our temper easily due to the stress that comes out of from our daily life. Our way of conversing with the person matters the most to make him/her to pay attention to what you are talking about. But imagine a world where everyone is polite and sweet, how you would feel when someone is being nice to you? Don’t you feel like talking with that person and being with them always? And that rather makes you feel special and wanted.

          Most of the people consider nowadays abusing and talking rudely as a part of coolness which appears them like a way to gain attention and become popular. And thus the polite and sweet natured person is also compared to a flirt nowadays. Let’s be polite rather than being rude, also being polite doesn’t mean to be a fake person.

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R.I.P. English..... :P

R.I.P. English..... :P
        "R.I.P. English", frankly we might have commented it or have came across this  comment several times.I am not going to lecture on this, but introduce you to a new view on this comment.
         Yesterday while checking through news feed on my Facebook account I came across this comment on post of my friend who was a little weak in this aspect. My friend rehan (name changed), is one of the toppers in academics as well as in sports right from school days.The irony is that he had completed his basic education(1st-10th std) from a vernacular medium and so was relatively a bit weak in english, The language which everyone is so proud of, and even bigger irony it's not even our language but an adopted language which has now occupied our lives such that even basic needs are now on dependence of it.
         I know it very well that this post is in english too :P :) but just unable to speak a language or being uncomfortable in it even costs some people a livelihood. Yeah people don't get job if they don't know English.
         Is unablity of proper grip in english is a crime? I bet there are many of us who don't even know to speak or neither can read or write in their mother tongue...... then why don't we comment r.i.p. at such occasions?  My intention is not to offend anyone.

        But rather continuing to comment this stupidity, let's help them to get comfortable with this important language. What you says guys?................ and if u have friends like rehan, help them to improve their fluency in English. And who knows they might help you up with ur assignments :) :P.........
With regards,
Dhawal :)
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School Days......days of fun and innocence

School, this brings me the happy and sweet memories of fun  and frolic. The days when we used to get early in morning by mom's shouting and not by alarms roar :) :P
         When we were in school we used to hate it like waking up early and holidays were cherished like treasures by just curling and cuddling in beds till late, whole day playing and the most important no study ;)
         I remember during school days mom used to wake me up every day instead of setting 3 alarms every day :P and getting late every next day, since I wasn't one of morning birds at that time but as time passes now I can get up on myself with alarm. The scolding for incomplete homework,  or maybe pranks and mischief done, I bet there's no one in this world who has not been this situation even once in life. But as years passed the holidays had been encapsulated by extra tutions and homework loads, slowly and gradually there came the day of farewell from school life and entering a new world where there's a blind rat race for everything, even for lazing around :)
         Farewell function at school was one of the most moments to be cherished and stored in our memories. The ones who had fought a lot became best buddies, even the grumpiest of teachers were seemed to cry out any moment. Everyone was promising each other to stay in touch with each other even if they were miles apart. The students which never talked to each other also became best friends.
          When we were in school, we hated it but now we miss every moment of those innocence and carefree blissful days. Its truly said the value of thing is most before its obtained and of person after the contact is lost..... we miss you teachers, buddies........ and wish can meet up once again and relive those days of absolute innocence.
With regards ,

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Love...reality or fantasy

  Love.......its the most exciting and never ending topic of discussion nowadays, the most popular topic for teenagers, film industry, authors, and several others.
         But I have a simple question do love really exist or its just a fantasy that we enjoy thinking and believing. As I entered the college life, this topic was on my mind too. Within a month every next or other day I saw people entering relationships and within a week or maybe a month having a breakup. The length of such relationships were like measured in days and months, weren't they were to be existed till forever as they were in love. Not to hurt anyone but I found ans to my question when one of my closest friend entered in one such relationship.
        Like every other fling(as I may like to call it :P) this one to ended within 3 months....... and my friend went into serious depression. Then while observing and understanding such other breakups i got my answer.
         What's the thing that we have hear almost every day "he's so cute", "she's so beautiful", "is he/she single....?". People find their partners by looks and not personality, they try to lure and woo them through different ideas some by presents some by sweet talks, but is that real you....? For most of them the answer comes 'no', once you enter relationship your goal to obtain a partner gets accomplished and you slowly and gradually stop being that sweet talking and generously gifting and surprising person. And your partner slowly feels the change in you, then start the arguments, fights, and finally after long or maybe short suffering a heart break (as they call it).
          Is this we wished for, and adored every single moment thinking about it? Umm no I don't think so anyone of one wished for der anyone please do comment.
         So better being someone else for impressing someone lets try to be ourselves and wait and watch what destiny has for you, and I m damn sure it'll be best of even you can think of.....
         And to conclude lets enjoy feeling of being in love and enjoying being loved. And remember love is not limited to just such relationships its a lot beyond it because your family started loving you even before you entered this world.:) ;)
         So keep reading and commenting, see you guys with my next post till then enjoy kaleidoscope
With regards,

Dhawal :)
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My first Post........My Inspiration to write a blog......

hey everyone.....

             Let me introduce myself, i am a engineering student, yes this itself is a enough to give an overview of my world....    :)
            The reason for writing this blog is to connect and view the world with different vision, vision of others.Now you might think the reason why chose name kaleidoscope for my blog, because the world is like kaleidoscope, view it from various angles and interesting things get visible to you.
              To all my friends, teachers thank you very much for inspiring me to express my ideas and a different view towards world.
             Not to extended much, but hearty thanks to all my readers, and do feel free to comment and give your ideas too.....    :) would be glad to receive your views and ideas.
                                                                                                                                          with regards,
                                                                                                                                           Dhawal :)
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