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I am experienced in freelancing as a Beta Reader, Editor, Developer/Programmer, Manager, and also in things like Content Writing, Graphic Design, Public Speaking, etc..

You can get in touch with me if you need me for any of the tasks below.
  • Creating and Hosting a Website
    I am Freelance developer by profession and have experience in creating websites on Wordpress, Blogger, and usual Html/php/javascript/sql based websites that connect with Databases. The charges will include my labour charge rest of the pricing will be depending on what technologies and features you want in your website/blog.
  • Beta Reading a Manuscript
    I have been beta reading books for a lot of authors by now along with reviewing them post publications. If you have a time bound manuscript then there will be charges depending upon the deadline specified.

    Reviewing as a Beta Reader will Include:
    1. Grammar and other Error checking
    2. Plot improvement and guidance tips
    3. A genuine and honest feedback as a reader
    4. Discussions on where to and how the story can be improved further.
    5. Editorial Remarks
  • Book Review
    I read and review books over my Blog and cross post/share it multiple platforms across I use. For more details you can check out my review policy here which throws a lot light on it.
  • Graphic Design
    You can have banners, posters, Book covers, Website graphics made all as per your needs and specifications. All you need to do is get in touch with me via email and mention your specifications. The charges will be mutually agreed upon depending on the deadlines and work amount/quality.
  • Product Review
    For a product review you would need to send me in your product along with the details you require to be mentioned in the review. If you plan to keep any coupon codes and discount offers then please do mention them so I can include them in my review. As for now there are no charges for product reviews, just send in the products and the details required to be mentioned in review. Being from Engineering background I am most suited to technical products.
  • Content Writing
    You can hire me as a content writer for your blog/website/event. The charges will depend upon the deadline and amount of content/quality you'd require.
  • Manuscript Editing
    You can hire me as an Editor, I can read and edit most genres of books. The charges depend on deadline and amount of work. The editing will cover and also include services like Beta reading.

The mode of payments will be from PayPal, PayTM, UPI payments, or if any other mutually agreed upon email communication. All the charges would be reasonable and surely won't be over-charged :)

Click here to view the review policy

For further details do drop me an email at click here and let's discuss it out.