Review Policy

This review policy is for all the products being reviewed over the Website. Since primarily I review books over this website there are more details specified for books here. For other products they will be communicated via email.

For reviewing purposes I'd need to receive the product. You can either send the product directly or send a giftcard/payment to buy the product from the respective store. (Note : If you require review on Amazon, it is required to buy product from Amazon itself as a resultant of strict policies.) For books I'd prefer any from either physical copies or E-book Formats ( epub, mobi, azw3, kfx ). I do not prefer PDFs unless and until they can be converted into E-book formats mentioned above(because I read them on my Kindle). For product delivery on residential address you'd need to get in touch with me via email.

I run this blog as a hobby and read/review when I get time out from my work. Hence the review might take a little bit of time. If you want to have a review within a fixed deadline then you are expected to sponsor the post ( Charges : 50 INR within India , 1 USD anywhere else. You can send the amount separately or include it with the gc). The review will be uploaded over the website and shared across most types of social media that I'd be using at that point of time (For ex, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Goodreads, BlogLovin ). All the reviews will be unbiased and honest opinions, be it sponsored or not.

Why Should You Sponsor A Post?
  1. Sponsored posts will always be uploaded as per the mutually agreed deadline. Non-sponsored post might be subjected to unmentioned delays or rejections depending upon the circumstances.
  2. Sponsoring a post doesn't mean biasing the review. It'll be still an honest opinion depending on best of my knowledge at the time of uploading the post.
  3. Sponsored posts always get the highest priority than their non-sponsored counterparts. Priority within sponsored posts will be decided upon the payment v/s deadline ratio.
  4. Sponsoring helps me run the blog independently as you might know that running a website isn't cheap at all. I try my best to push the posts over socials and get you maximum exposure possible over the time.
  5. You can always send in an email with your reason if you are unable to pay the charges. I'd be happy to grant a free slot depending upon appropriate circumstances.

How I Rate Books:
  • 5 Stars-  I absolutely loved it and would love to read it again.
  • 4 Stars- I enjoyed reading but just felt something amiss from it being a 5-star book and there was a scope of improvement.
  • 3 Stars- I liked reading it but didn't find it so good that I'd recommend them to everyone. This might be due to book might not be my type or may not have that much grip over the readers.
  • 2 Stars- I read and found it okayish, neither loved nor disliked, somewhere in the middle.
  • 1 Star-  I finished the book but wouldn't recommend.
  • DNF (Didn't finish) - I might review these books depending on the circumstances, mostly I will have a talk with Publisher/Author and then act upon as mutually agreed.
Note : Failure in any mutually agreed payments might result in post being taken down as well as a strict and appropriate action being taken.

Also, If you have any promotional offers running or have plans to run please do mention beforehand so I can let my readers know about those. I'd be happy to help for those for free and provide with a spot.

Thank you for reading this! Hope we crack a deal ;)