Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

General Information

  1. The blogs will be containing affiliate links which help me to earn a little percentage in form of commission which helps me to support running this blog.
  2. No private information is being collected apart from email address which is done by using Feedburner to send blog updates to all the readers via email.
  3. All the Trademarks and Graphic rights( for example book covers) belong to their owners which might be mentioned or used in reviews.
  4. All the Graphics used for non-review posts are google searched and taken from sources which allow free use of those graphics over blogs.
  5. All the product/book reviews are unbiased and totally based upon the experience.
  6. Paid and Sponsored posts will have a disclaimer below mentioning their status, these posts will be unbiased and content will be based on the information gathered and experience.
  7. All the information on the blog is supposed to be true to my knowledge apart from a few technical aspects which may change according to time as the technologies change quickly.
  8. All the content on the blog apart from the things mentioned in point 3 are bound by the intellectual copyright and advance permission will be needed to copy/replicate the content.
  9. If you are hiring me for a particular service then the details regarding the charges and work details will not be disclosed to 3rd party.
  10. The charges will have to be paid upon the service/work completion else the finished product (content/website) will be product of my intellect unless its been paid for.
  11. This Blog is hosted over Google's Blogger Service, cookies might be installed for pageviews and other analytics tracking by Google, for cookie details you'd need to check out Google's Cookie Policy.
  12. It'll be assumed that the Review Policy is being considered before requesting a review.
  13. Sponsored posts along with the products which are personally bought and reviewed, will be mentioned otherwise should be considered as received for honest opinion and an unbiased review.