Why pirating a book may not always affect the author.

This might be an endless debate or at the same time can be something you'll be adamant about. Book Piracy is a sensitive topic and I finally made up my mind to share a few thoughts on it. I am not sure whether this article changes your thoughts about me but this is something that I want to bring into light.

We are all aware of what's content piracy but here, I really want to talk about Book Piracy. If you want to get the whole article in brief than I support it and oppose it at the same time. If you want to dive deeper into my thoughts about it then continue reading ahead.

You might be astonished to read that being an author, I actually support piracy to some extent. To understand why I made a statement let's first agree on what piracy means to you. In a very simplest manner piracy to me means reading a book without paying for it. If you consider it in the terms of sharing PDFs and Ebook formats of the popular books that you cherish reading over the Internet then it comes under DMCA and even legally recognised as piracy. Why? The answer : is because the person never paid for the book & read it.

If that's what actually piracy means then me sharing a paperback with a friend is also considered as piracy since the friend never paid for the book. Legally even that is piracy but we all do it and no one talks about it either. If you read the very fine text in the book there's somewhere mentioned about who can read the book or how it can or can't be stored or transmitted. Many top publishing houses legally forbid sharing of the books without the consent of the publisher or the author.

Even libraries have to get permission from the respected rights holders before putting their books in the library. Now you will argue that a reader has paid for a membership in a library. But let me ask you a simple question, does the library sends the amount you paid for reading the books to the author or the publisher? In most cases it's a big fat NO. The whole idea of piracy propaganda that runs on the internet revolves around the idea of 'the poor creator aka the author creates this brilliant piece of work and still doesn't get paid enough.' But if piracy was such an issue why these media publishing houses would be so neck deep in cash while the authors still have to work a daily job while writing the next manuscript just to earn a living? There are several other things that affect the authors in the first place, let's discuss those.

The whole stunt of this is to just encourage people to buy their own copies. If in terms of ebook, I'd say it's fine as long as the system of distribution is managed but in terms of printed copies, it's a wastage of paper. There are several cases where the piracy of the book turned into a free marketing campaign for the author. The word of mouth travels much better and in a reliable manner than actual paid ads. No book blogger, bookstagrammer or whatever influencer or marketing can reach that level of reputation and reliability.

No matter what, authors are always are on the shorter end of the stick. That's the hard truth, but I don't think really piracy of books affects an individual author's reputation or revenue in any manner. If the book becomes popular enough to be pirated then there's a very obvious chance of the story getting ported into a movie or a web series. That would be a great boost of value in terms of royalties and reputation for an author.

But this doesn't mean everyone of us starts rampant piracy of books. If you somehow download the book without paying from the internet or sharing it with a friend or you get it from a library, the fact is that the source doesn't matter. If you have received the book for free, make sure you put out a review on possible platforms which also include social media. If you like the book, share the details about book with your friends, encourage them to grab a copy of their own. If possible two people can contribute to get a copy together.

There will be many who'd say, 'I read books hiding it from parents or I don't have any money' etc. You can help the author promoting the book on the social media. This is the real way where some value reaches the author in a proper manner. If you liked a book, read it from any pirated source then make sure you get your copy someday.

Trust me, it takes a ton of effort and a super hard will to finish a book. A book becomes successful or not to be honest relies a lot on the luck.

There's also a trend on reviewers getting books to review for free, they already help in promoting their part. Some big reviewers who have like millions of followers, even charge more than the author would be earning in the entire lifetime of this book. Now, we know the world is not fair, but atleast make an effort to not rip off the author. Being a blogger myself, I know the ins and outs of this industry very well so far. Both the sides have fair arguments but at the same time somehow authors still always end up on the losing end of the spectrum.

I have even noticed cases where some sneaky reviewers selling off ARCs. No comments on that, isn't that piracy? Personally I feel reviewing shouldn't be an industry in the first place. A review is basically a consumer's opinion of a particular product. How come an opinion on something become a product in itself? This is something even I have failed to understand so far. I have also seen many people become reviewers just to get in free copies of the books. I don't mind that but at the same time the value returned is next to negligible. I wonder if anyone has thought about it?

It's going to be an abyss of arguments.What are your thoughts on it?

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  1. I do agree to this topic today there are people who read books without buying it!! And it leads to piracy but one author should get effected by this issue cropping up. If one doesn't gets effected by sharing his/her PDF books then what is the use of his/her writing an novel just giving out whatever they have, it might even end up by giving endless time, hardwork, thinking, their own imagination everything goes for nothing. This topic should be raised as from now onwards me myself will not support book piracy!!!

  2. I totally agree with you. If I should say, I myself have experienced these. I have done these. There have been times when I didn't have the enough saved money to buy a book. Also the books weren't going to help me after I had read them once. It usually goes off to second hand store or to my friend. Only I might have paid, others do not. If the book really seemed to amaze me then, I would make sure that I recommend all my friends to grab a copy of their own.

    Also I totally agree with what you told about reviewers! Each person might have different opinion on anything and everything. One cannot go by just one person's perspective. One would have any other thoughts on it too. Moreover we aren't informed about the reviewer's type of genre.

    Your way of writing is so natural and relatable. You have stated the fact, which might be bitter but true. Kudos to your writing and do write more on topics which are scared to be spoken of.


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