Why education should be conceptualised and not materialised.

The state of education in the current time period is no doubt a lot better than the previous decades but somewhere down the road it still lacks the focus it needs. Across the Internet there are several quotes like, 'Education system is like judging a fish on it's ability to climb a tree.' Somewhere along the side lines it's true. Although, not every education system is the same and some prioritize one thing over the another but most of them at the end of the day materialise the whole concept of education.

Education sector has indeed become a cash cow in today's age but that's not at all the focus of this piece of writing.  Yesterday a many readers asked me to write on similar thought provoking topics which aren't much into the limelight. I felt this is the right time to talk about it.

To understand what I want to discuss here, just ask yourself this question. What drives you to be educated? Don't bother answering me just ask yourself and know the truth. Most get educated because their parents put them into an institution, some because it's the way world's been, while other give reasons like for getting a good job, some will also have reasons like to get good grades. But hardly anyone will have a reason because they had thirst for the knowledge.

Ask yourself, do you have this curiosity of knowing? This deep thirst for knowledge? If you think knowledge is limited to things like books, exams and grades then I am really sorry for you. Knowledge is all around you. You just need to look around with curiosity to find something to learn new. It's not about any subject like science, commerce, or arts. It's about learning.

Education in today's age is heavily materialised because no one speaks of learning for the fun of it. There's always deep hidden a materialistic goal behind it which can't be fulfilled without this grade or that diploma or that degree. Learning to walk and run or riding a two wheeler is also getting educated in terms of driving and navigation. You learnt that because you wanted to, not because of some deep threat or insecurity of being left behind.

When you do something because of your inner drive, the things work like miracle because inherently and mostly subconsciously you always give it your all. When I mention conceptualisation of education I mean to say, most forget the soul of education. Make some easy memorable formulas some tips and tricks and just end up giving you at the end of some period with some sort of certificate. Current education system no matter where, is like a soulless body. It will work maybe like a puppet but without soul it won't live long and just decay with time.

The essence of education really lies in that drive to learn something new, in that emotion where you really want to learn something new, make a new robot, or draw that nice painting, or learn that new K.O move or some new stunt or a dance form. Success only kisses those who have this thirst for knowledge and never the ones who have materialised the concept of education.

In our school there used to be a quote on the walls which I always used to read even if I had read it a thousand times already.

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

If you know what I mean to say then you're already on the step to really learn for fun else the rivers will always keep flowing into the sea as the world progresses ahead into another era.

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  1. Amazing piece of work! Even though a lot of people know about this deep inside, they do not tend to accept it on the first place. I'm glad that you did knock on sense. We always do hear about students getting frustrated when don't achieve the marks, they expected. Some even go to the extent of suicide. Somewhere or the other, I guess even we, as a society, are responsible for their this situation. We expect them to attain certain marks to be recognised is the society while we don't look into their abilities.
    Such a thought provoking piece of work. Do continue doing so!!


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