Secret To A Happy Life

There are a myriad of books, lectures, podcasts and what not which just go on preaching the secrets of a happy life. For a moment, we take a deep breath and take everything the person or the book mentioned into consideration. Later, possibly just a few hours later or at the max a day past that moment we are back on our usual self.

Then we just sit down and crib about almost everything in the world. We barely realise that we are missing one very simple thing.
अति सर्वत्र वर्जयेत् 
The above is quoted is from a sanskrit text. You might be aware of its the origins if you are well read. It just means that everything suits in limits. A simplest edible item can poison you if taken more than what's required. We do the very same mistake every time. People who want to get fit will eat only veggies, or maybe just eat green leafy stuff like barn animals all the time. Why not take a balanced diet approach? People who often are proud of their work become workaholics, myself was one at sometime in past. Keeping things in the limits isn't a task. Rather knowing what your limits are is the one gigantic task.

There's no one way solution for this, as everyone has their own limits. You have to find out the borderline post whence you start taking stress. Again, let me remind you, pushing yourselves a little for growth is needed but don't push too much ending up breaking yourself. Alongside, stop compensating for your efforts. It took a lot from you to get up and get going by compensating and making yourselves feel good will just roll back on your efforts.

Most easily available example would be a person who works out daily with a goal to get fit and lose some weight. Later on, just as a method to self appraisal she ends up eating cakes and other junk to make herself feel good and motivate for the next day. That happens with little to no realisation that you just nullified your own efforts.

If you see, this formula of limiting things comes into every example like spending too much, saving too much ( being stingy ), happy too much, sad too much.. like this 'too much' is the thing actually causing issues rather than individual instances.

All of this happens because of desire to grow. To grow we constantly push ourselves and others most of the times getting ahead of our capacities. For a moment or two it might just work all well but in a longer run it everything just falls down head on. It causes nothing but issues mostly mental but several times the issues dive into the materialistic world as well.

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