Review: The Runaway Bridegroom

The Runaway Bridegroom by Sundari Venkatraman
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Eight-year-old Chanda Maheshwari and thirteen-year-old Veerendra Singh Choudhry are married as per custom. But when the bridegroom runs away immediately after the wedding, the Maheshwari family’s world comes crashing down. They move to Jaipur to begin a new life in the city.

Fourteen years later, as a management student in Delhi, Chanda takes up a temporary job at RS Software Pvt. Ltd and finds herself falling head-over-heels for her boss, Ranveer Singh. But, for all her feelings, Chanda is still a married woman. Meanwhile, Ranveer’s secretary, Shikha, is determined to win him for herself. Even though his second-in-command, Abhimanyu, keeps getting in the way, she keeps a steady eye on the main prize. So when Ranveer starts to show an interest in Chanda, Shikha is furious. Back in Jaipur, an astrologer predicts that Chanda’s errant husband will soon make an appearance.

A secret childhood marriage, a vindictive secretary and unwelcome cosmic predictions—how much can Chanda deal with? And does anyone care about what she wants? Torn between the man she loves and the claim a missing husband still has on her, will Chanda ever find happiness? 

Sundari Venkatraman always brings you classic styled stories in an enjoyable manner. It felt I'm back into old bollywood. The story was really good. It was predictable for me to be honest but even after being quite predictable it was a really good read.

The language was lucid and narration will keep you hooked throughout the story. There are a few spicy scenes in case you aren't expecting from it since the story feels like a classic. It will keep you hooked on to the scenes for sure. The descriptions are nice, not too much and not too less, just the amount you'd need in a good book. No over use of complex words just to show off vocabulary. A nice entertaining read if you ask me.

Overall it was an enjoyable read which I'd recommend for the ones who want to read something which is new but gives out vibes of a classic. The blurb gives out pretty much what's inside the story if that's what you like....

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