Mini Review: Immortal Requiem

Immortal Requiem by Rose Summers
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Book Description : 

“The world ended nearly one hundred and fifty years ago—they say the flames from our sun cascaded down to earth like sparkling, flaming serpents, and then vanished in an instant, leaving the world in utter darkness. This darkness lasted three days’ time, ending when the moon’s mysterious light illuminated the world with its despondent glow, revealing that only chaos remained.
I was born fifty years after that night and was given a curse at birth. Some may have called it a blessing, as I’m sure it was intended to be—to have immortality given to them at birth—but there was a cost for my safety that none had anticipated. I could not die, but I also could not feel, mentally or physically. My emotions were so greatly suppressed I wasn't able to feel love, compassion, hate, or fear. Only my anger was strong enough to seep through. That was, until I met him…
My name is Evangeline and this is my story; a tale of how I learned who I was… not a demon, or an angel, but what both make me…”  

There's a ton of action here. Story telling fairly seems a bit lax as for the most part there's action and loads of it. It feels like every possible fantasy element like witches, vampires, dragons, chimeras, etc... Anything you can think of is in this book. It goes a bit overboard and feels overwhelming as you continue reading. I couldn't feel any story gripping me enough but it might differ for someone else. The plot was feeling like scifi but overboard of every possible fantasy elements makes it a weird bit.

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