Mini Review: Narendra Modi: A Political Biography

Narendra Modi: A Political Biography by Andy Marino
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Book Description : 

Narendra Modi, the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, is powerful, popular and controversial. With the general elections due to conclude in May 2014, Modi’s campaign rallies have drawn unprecedented crowds. Yet, the man remains an enigma. His supporters regard him as the visionary, decisive leader India needs today. His detractors see him as a polarizing fi gure. Is Modi authoritative or authoritarian? Decisive or divisive? A team player or a loner?

Andy Marino recorded interviews with Narendra Modi during more than half-a-dozen exclusive meetings – unprecedented access to a very private man. What emerged is this riveting, objective biography of a man who could be India’s prime minister. Not shying away from the controversies that have dogged Narendra Modi, including the Gujarat riots and questions about the Gujarat model of governance and development, this political biography provides an unbiased account of possibly the most important figure in Indian politics today. Marino records hour-by-hour details of the 2002 Gujarat riots, presenting a balanced analysis of that raw wound on India’s polity. It also reveals hitherto unpublished, authenticated documents, which makes this one of the most important books of 2014.

The author analyses Narendra Modi’s values, the people who shaped his thinking and the sort of national leader he will make. Personal details of Modi’s early life, his wanderings in the Himalayas between the ages of seventeen and nineteen, his rise through the political ranks, his vision for India and his personal philosophy on religion and politics are revealed in a book that is lucid, fast-paced and readable. Narendra Modi: A Political Biography is an insightful, exhaustive and impeccably researched account of the ascent of a political leader. 

This one is a fairly okay read. It throws a ton of light on how a simple boy who sold tea grew up to be the prime minister of world's largest democracy. It's more into the personal life account. There's a web series by eros which feels quite similar to the book. I am not sure if its based on this book or not. But if I give you an option, go for the series.

If you're someone who's looking to read this from informational political point of view then you'll be wasting your time. Its more of personal account even though the title says "political journey".

If you want to connect with the personality and know him other than politics, this is the book you should read.

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