How to use Instagram from Desktop PC - All Mobile Web Features Without any Installations.

Update :  Instagram now officially supports DMs and even lives on desktop web. This article might be still of some relevance incase things don't work as intended or you need to use a specific function of the mobile web interface.

There are many of you who wished there was a way to browse and use Instagram normally just like you are used to using it on your mobile. On the Desktop version of Instagram you can't really access your DMs or can upload or edit a post, or even upload a story. But here's a simple trick using which you can use Instagram with ease on your PC with most of the features that you'd find in the phone.

Here we are simply tricking the browser to think that you have opened the website on a mobile phone. Here we will make use of Chrome Dev Tools to trick it into thinking that we are on a mobile version.

Steps To Follow :

Open Instagram Account or Simply website in a new chrome window/tab ( window preferred, you'd soon know why)

Right click and Select Inspect or Press Ctrl+Shift+I

It'll open a new complex looking dev portal. Don't worry you don't have to do any coding mumbo jumbo here. Our work is kinda almost done here. It'll look something like this.

Now as you can see, we still don't have that little bottom bar and there's no DM icon on the top right. Now to trick into thinking it's been used on a mobile device you can either select a device of your choice or just leave it at responsive. It isn't gonna matter if you would be resizing the window anyway but still just for the fun of it if you wanna try give it a try. It'll look something like this.

I'd recommend using phone models for sake of simplicity but as said before It might not matter further. Next we would undock the Dev Tool Docker from the window, making the docker separate into a new window. Undocking is important as if you just close the dock from this window itself it'll revert you back onto the Desktop Instagram Site. You'll find this in top right, second option, it'll be a 3 dot menu.

Now you'd be able to see a window like this below. Next you'd have to close the docker from the separate window. Enjoy using your Full featured instagram from pc. If it doesn't happen right away ensure your window isn't maximised ( if so resize window to fit mobile frame.) Also refresh the mini window before closing the docker, that would do the work if your browser cache is causing the problem.

This trick can be useful for a lot of people ranging from people who don't have their phone in hand but want to use the full fledged features of Instagram without a major mumbo jumbo of installing apps or android emulators etc. You can also be a social media manager and you don't want to plague your android time and again with client's instagram accounts. There can be varied usage scenarios for why you'd like to use a Instagram from the PC for uploading, chatting etc.

Also there are many extensions in the chrome web store that will help you simulate mobile views. But that would require you installing that extension. If you don't want to install this is the way to use it every time you wanna use Instagram on PC, a few easy steps. But if you're absolutely lazy and wish for a one click solution then those mobile web testing extensions are your way to go. Here's one of the extensions I used to use for my own web development testing purposes before switching to chrome dev tools completely.

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