Why you should create a Bookstagram before a Book Blog - Are you a Book Lover?

In past many of you have asked me several questions on book blogging and if you have remembered it, I always have said this with the answer,
Starting a Blog is easy but maintaining it is difficult.
Here, in this article I have compiled my thoughts on why you should have a bookstagram before a book blog. I will address most questions related to this topic and will try to give my best advices based on whatever I have learnt during this full year of book blogging. I will try to explain all my statements which are possible in the limits of this article, rest you can just comment and I'd be happy to explain.

What is Bookstagram?

Bookstagram is a very commonly used slang for an Instagram Account dedicated to solely books. I wanted to throw some light on the portion of book blogging and hope it will help you before you get into the rat race of reading books and reviewing it.

A Bookstagram can be posting pictures of books in various settings and alongside various props. Some like a themed bookstagram, some don't bother about it. Some make it a rule to post at particular times while some post whenever they are getting a new book, reading one or just are done with one.

A Bookstagram's focus is solely around connecting with like minded book lovers or 'biblophiles' (as it has become the new buzzword and quite a trending hashtag). There are a lot of uses of a Bookstagram which you can explore. You can connect with other book lovers, have your own group hashtags, have book tags, etc.. There's a very actively and huge book community of bibliophiles thriving on that app.

The user is called a bookstagrammer and it is not very hard to start one. All you need is joy of reading and eagerness to share your experiences about books with a few books to talk about.

What is a Book Blog?

A Book Blog is a website, especially a blog-website which is dedicated to the niche of books. It involves all the hassle of creating and managing a website. A theme on blog is not like your Instagram theme where you upload pictures in same colour schemes or patterns. It is a very technical aspect and it takes time to carefully craft one.

Even when you download a theme and install it, it takes time and effort to customise the theme according to your needs. The rest of hassles depend on whether you are self hosted or using a free option like wordpress, tumblr, wix, etc..

A Book blog is in a gist a website where you can post not only reviews but basically whatever you want which is inside the scope of your website. The user here is called a Book Blogger. It is not a very new option but in fact quite old and established one. Here you need to check upon multiple steps before you begin.

Why Bookstagram Before Blog?

Book reviewing is like a rat race these days. I am calling it a rat race because there are a lot of books getting published everyday. Each author and publisher is trying to get most reviews they can. As reviews help probably a lot of people selecting books. But in this race I can say the joy of reading is been lost somewhere.

My reason of saying you should establish a bookstagram before you begin with a book blog because one simple thing, it is like learning to drive a car in a simulation. Book blogging is a deep world within itself. It is not as simple as getting a book, reading it and reviewing it.

Writing a review is an art and it takes time to carefully formulate your words. Reading everything that you take up or is thrown at you is not as easy as you think. Almost half of the times you'd be disappointed with the books. No matter what you do, you won't be able to filter out and pick the best book out there. Alongside, since everything is on the leash of a deadline, you always have to race your reading to get the things done inside the deadlines. At times you might forget the points which you'd have just loved to mention while writing the review. At times you want to write a lot but have limited options to reveal and while at times you are forced to think something to write since you agreed to give a criticism.

If you are a newbie and want to begin with book blogging, I strongly advise you against jumping the bandwagon and making a book blog right away. Blogging is a task in itself, and adding reviewing books to it when you doing it just as a hobby will put a heavy strain on your schedule. Instagram is something that you are accustomed with already. It is easy to use, on your phone and to be honest, most don't bother about where the review is posted.

It has much harder, at least 10x harder to get people on the blog to read your review in comparison to posting on Instagram about it. You can post a picture of the book and then in caption section you can just write your review, adding some summary and details about books if you want, tag the authors and publishers, put up a story about it. Everything inside the same little app.

If you are the ambitious and adventurous one then you can start with posting little video reviews and even expand to the new IGTV sector. I feel it is quite optimal for the book reviews since you are one person talking about some book. Just pick up your phone and start talking. Operating on a bookstagram is much easier as compared to blog.

But this little easy to use has its own disadvantages. First and biggest one is Instagram algorithm. Although I admit it is better than getting a good alexa ranking for a blog but still its something which often gets people sad when they see no or slow growth. With blog when it is tougher to get followers here on instagram it is indeed easier to know what is your reach but it is difficult to get visibility because of that same infamous insta algorithm. Although I would just cancel it out because you have to struggle to get viewership on both platforms.

Major con of bookstagram according to me is not being able to use affiliate links. Links and Instagram don't go well certainly. You can create some workarounds for it if you aren't above the 10k followers mark. But certainly this con bugs me a lot. Other than that I don't feel there's a major con for have a bookstagram when compared to a blog.

When it comes to a Book Blog, you have to check a lot of things and manage from your site's ranking in search engines, dealing with SEO tips, writing better taglines, creating more creative ways to write a review and most importantly reduce the bounce rate. Bringing a reader to read review on a blog can be a nightmare when compared to bookstagram. Instagram can be connected with facebook, twitter even tumblr and things get shared across platforms as you publish it. On blog you literally have to call out people in the beginning to check whatever you have posted.

Also these days authors are more interested in getting the word out on a social network and in fact a popular one like instagram. So even if you create a book blog, you have to rely on instagram deities for the audience. You can't afford not to have a bookstagram and just a blog than vice versa. Also it is very easy to just go back to your cocoon if you are an introvert like me rather than dealing with dysfunctional website you have no use of and have paid a fortune to get and maintain. Most importantly it is about the time consumption on uploading a review on a website versus a bookstagram.

Overall if you are inexperienced newbie, want to review books and have fun with it go for a bookstagram. If you are an well established and experienced player in the market then you can try a blog because there you'll find a lot more ways to expand than a very confined and limited options of some app.

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