Review: Legitimacy of Power: The Permanence of Five in the Security Council

Legitimacy of Power: The Permanence of Five in the Security Council by Dilip Sinha
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The Security Council, the all-powerful UN body for maintaining world peace, remains mired in its World War II origins. The victors, the US, Russia, China, Britain, and France, continue to control it with their permanent membership and the veto. Their confrontations emasculated the Council during the Cold War and their cooperation spawned questionable military actions thereafter. The book traces the origins of international security cooperation and scrutinizes the moorings of the Security Council's powers in international law. It critiques the permanent five's manipulation of the Council to aggressively strengthen their global dominance and legitimise their exercise of power. Their doctrines and actions in countries like Iraq, Yugoslavia, and Libya have hindered the Council's evolution as a responsible body which has the trust of a globalising world. This book is an essential read for practitioners and scholars to understand the Security Council and the failure to reform it.

To begin with, it is a very long read and probably my first book in this sub-section of non-fiction. This book to me feels more like a textbook for someone who is keen into studying more about the international relations than your average non-fiction book.

The content inside is very well documented, facts and references are very well presented along with the very subtle analysis of the situations that arose during the time from establishment of UN till date. It begins with how UN came into existence and how it was established as a successor to the half successful league of nations.

For me all of the information is very well presented with as minimum and as needed bias as possible. The shifting of power with time inside the council and how those decisions were taken as well as the cases who were veto-ed out are explained nicely. For someone who is into political study as well as has a keen interest in knowing the diplomatic relations this can be a really nice source of explanation and information.

I liked how the concepts are explained straight from the very first international relations, then formation of mini groups post the several wars, formation of european concert, league of nations and at the end the current United Nations.

I'd surely recommend this book who are keen to know deeper about how UN functions and especially what importance the permanent five and the security council holds in today's time.

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