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I was reading through all the blogs when I stumbled upon a few posts, maybe made for some blogging marathon which shared their unpopular bookish opinions. I thought I can share mine. I know it won't be the same for all (these are unpopular opinions remember?). These won't be plain rants but just a few things that I have in mind. I'd love to know what are yours, do comment and share. We might have a nice discussion on it. Till then you can read a few I have listed below.

  1. I like or dislike books based on their story/content. Everything else is secondary ( Grammar, Vocabulary, Cover, Format,etc)
    I felt like it should be obvious that the book is evaluated primarily on the basis of its story/content. For non-fictions, I can understand that there's not much you can do because it is non-fictional imagination/recreation of some scenes at times. Most of times, it is a fact or a true incident at best.

    But in fiction there's endless possibility of exploring every world that you can imagine. Storytelling is an art and I know not everyone is good at it. But Judging a book and putting it down just because it's not Shakespeare-n language enough for you? Doesn't make any sense for me atleast.

    I read good stories irrespective of their language levels, or formats. Grammar is something which differs from one state to another, add slangs, way of expressing, etc.
  2. I prefer E-Books over all other formats.
    Yes, I prefer E-books over every other formats. Honestly, Audiobooks feel like a half movie to me.  The narration plays a huge role in the Audiobooks and if its just a book read to me word by word in that thing, it just puts me to sleep as I am a very fast reader, but not a fast listener. So, bumping up the speed doesn't solve my issue. I have tried almost everything I can and it still gets me asleep within few minutes.

    Hardbacks are something I cherish only for things like huge encyclopaedias and things which I want to keep for lots of years. Apart from that they're costly, heavy and space hoggers.

    Paperbacks are something I can read but they're my last preference in formats. I have had enough printed versions of all types of books and honestly, I lack space. I rarely read any book twice and they are the ones I can count on my fingers. It is a huge hassle to keep them clean, plus get a bookstand and a lot of other things.

    Ebooks get the love because I am around gadgets all the time. I love keeping books with me but when space and hygiene becomes a concern, ebooks are the best. I have a kindle hence I can keep thousands of books in it and read it anytime. A finger press and dictionary brings up meanings for me which I'd have to look by keeping the book aside every single time.
    So for a lot of advantages, ebooks are the best. Sorry, smell of the new books isn't convincing factor for me.
  3. I can read anywhere where no one is disturbing me.
    Yes, I can literally read a book anywhere, in middle of a train standing getting crushed by other passengers, Sitting in train by the window or even a normal seat would do. In the garden, while enjoying the swing. In bus incase I get a seat as buses are leave very tiny gap, but I think I have still read a few books while standing in bus on my phone.

    Basically, I can read a book anywhere as long as you leave me alone. I don't mind the surrounding noise much unless it's someone literally shouting in my ears. I find it funny a lot of people make excuses about reading. They literally read messages, social media posts and what not in all these places and when it comes to book, they want to sit in an air conditioned room, alone, possibly lying down on a couch or if not the AC, then it should a window aisle with tons of scenic view outside. Some even prefer cafe's with pets in their laps. I can't read with someone wiggling in my lap for sure.
  4. Books which are in series like duology and trilogy and at times multi-book series are in my pet peeves.
    I have been reading a lot and I don't record every single book I read on goodreads or amazon. I have recently started it but yeah, still I don't remember to mark up every single book I have ever read.

    There are book series which are just made for the sake of being a series, too much description, or just plot building in first books or in middle books. Like, why did you even bother to write such a thing? I see it as a whole book of fillers. A good story-teller is who can build a plot smoothly whilst telling a story. The details should be silently and smoothly tucked under the main storyline in a way that the reader knows the characters as if they have been living with them for years now while they don't realise it is all made up of imagination.

    Books which are just fillers, bad plots, or some series which get ruined after first book just because writer is out of imagination and publishers forced the poor lad out to maximise the profits or the author itself wished to cash out of a very famous book by forcefully turning it into the series are the things I despise. I think a lot of times before getting a book from that same writer/publisher again.

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  1. I'm the same in being able to read pretty much anywhere, I'm really good at just phasing out the world and diving in to a book.
    Cora |


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