Funny thing about Ideals - They are never meant to be Real

How many times you have come across this question? 'What makes you happy?' or someone saying 'Do something that makes you happy.' Everyone's out there shelling advices on basically every aspect of your life. Some will throw radical ideas at you, while some will try to guilt you into their ideology.

Ideals and Ideology have a funny relation with humanity. Ideals are the main reason one is never satisfied or happy with whatever they're doing. I have seen some weird humans who are actually living. For the sake of technical correctness I might call them realists or anti-idealists. They are one of the most happiest beings I have ever met. Obviously, I am rooting out all wannabe-realists who thought watching one web-series or nice movie was making them a realist.

But the funny thing with ideals is that an ideal is like a target that you want to achieve. It is the driving spirit and motivation that just makes you go on and on ahead to achieve whatever you have desired. An ideal I feel is like an alcohol, which if taken as a medicine in limits can benefit you but if gone out of bounds can hurt you irreparably.

Just look at the example of NRI - or Non Resident Indians. These are those realists who somehow turn idealists when they reach their destinations. They keep wondering about their existence. On the front, they won't accept their feelings which are bubbling inside but then at the same time they can't lie to their ideals as well.

They head to other countries popularising a theme here in India that elsewhere is much better than here. But on reaching there, they end up making mini-India over there in the form of Indian colonies, societies or other organisational buff. At the same time Foreign tourists come here, feel the love and at times even end up settling here. So if it is really bad, why would that happen?

India is a organisational chaos. Internally there's a ton of chaos but at the same time, externally we surprisingly are all Indians - organised as one nation only when we are out of our nation. On the other hand, USA is an chaotic organisation. They are very peculiar about even the most tiniest of things like a cup of coffee they get, the amount of milk, sugar, etc.. but when you look at them as a collective, it is a chaos of liberalism, democrat-ism, lgbt-ism, feminism, veganism, radicalism (make america great again :P),etc..

I am chuckling at my own joke here it seems. Well this is not against any country or any Ideal. Ideals are things which you need in life but your whole life dedicated to an ideal is a no-no. If you try to chase an ideal you will never reach your real goals but if you try to use your ideal to chase a goal, then it will help you.

Ideals are like rules, meant to be broken, amended, changed. They're like a pair of rails and you are the train. If you keep chasing the tracks you'd end nowhere and most probably a dead end. But if you use those tracks to reach your stations then it will be a helpful tool.

Perfection is one such ideal, We always try to get perfect at one thing but most of times we get is 85-90% perfection. At the same time generalisation isn't the answer as well. You can't have a same doctor to operate on your teeth, brain tumors, do a kidney transplant as well as guide you on how to improve your mental health and deal with addictions.

In nature, perfection is a phenomenon which gets picked upon first. Breeds that are very specialised to live in one kind of environment get extinct way faster than breeds which are generalised enough to adapt. Us humans are one such example of great adaptation. So don't bother chasing an ideal but at the same time do have an ideal to refer to when you feel lost. Ideals are like blueprints that you can never turn into reality. But you can at the least look upon them and feel good that you have something to refer to when you are out of ideas or feel everything is going wrong.

Human mind has this tendency of dancing between structural rigidity and freedom. but none of them is an ideal point to stay forever. It has to sway back and forth to create a balance. Balance which in fact is one more ideal making this whole thing sound like a pointless blabber.

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