Author Interview - Souvik Roy

Tell us something about yourself.

I'm Souvik Roy, an 18 year old soft spoken yet an ambitious individual. I have a knack for writing, drawing and theater. Well, I'm a Computer Science student and is thus forced to study a lot as well.
Tell us something about your book.


Well, I have always been a Sherlock Holmes fan kid. My book though is a combination of mystery and spy-thriller, so you can expect a perfect blend of mystery, adventure, spy-action, chase and parkour with unexpected twists and emotional outbreaks. Well, my main character Abhinash Chakraborty is no less than a mystery himself in this story. He is a perfect combination of Sherlock and bond. Yeah, he has no other characteristic of mine other than my flaws. I hope that the readers will fall in love with him and the villain.
What were your experiences in writing a full fledged story for the first time? I saw you have written a few short stories before, so compared from short stories to a full novel, what are your experiences? Why beginning with Mystery/Thriller?

Well, short stories are actually a lot more easier to write. The biggest problem with a novel is that you have to take it slow and at the same time keep the pace. So, suffering from writer's block is very common. A chapter-wise planning scheme, a cup of tea/coffee and the love of writing should be enough to keep you going.

What things you had to keep in mind while writing a mystery?

Firstly, I did my research. Well, if you can write then you can do the research from films and TV serials as well, it would be a lot more fun that way. Once you get a plot jot it down.
Segregate your plot into chapters and write the summary of each chapter. Would be helpful for sending it to publishers as well. I did my planning in bathroom, well one must find a place he/she is comfortable in. Whenever, you get an idea jot it down as you might forget that later on. 
Once all is done start writing. And remember to keep your writing lucid and write as per your heart's desire.

How much did you enjoy the writing process?

In a phrase, I can summarize it as : "It was a session of enlightenment"

What you think you could've done much better in the book?

Maybe the editing. I was too much excited and thus missed the typos in the book, Shouldn't effect much as there weren't any major typos. Well, the cover could had been better. I designed the cover myself and will definitely do a better job the next time.
As for the title of the book, it suits the plot perfectly. You must read the book thoroughly to find the connection.

Are you writing anything next? What more can we expect from you in future? Would you continue in the same genre? or would try exploring other genres out and why?

Yes, I'm writing another thriller. Hope to complete it soon. I won't share further details now.
Well, if Abhinash Chakraborty is loved by all, then I'm planning for a sequel. I will continue writing forever, no matter what occupation I choose in future.
Well, I haven't yet experienced the feeling called 'romantic-love' so, I can't write about it. Once I do, I'm planning to write romantic fiction as well.

There are many debates about how a writer should write more and read less and the other way around, what are your thoughts on it? As a writer how should be one's reading pattern?

Well, one should read the best book of each genre and pick his own genre that he/she would want to proceed with.

Once that's done, he/she should read both the categories of that book : the bestsellers and the award winners. Two or three books would do. Then he must write short stories first and verify from others whether his writing is good. 
Once you have the approval, you can start writing. Reading too much might make you a great critic but for an author it's only a waste of time beyond a certain extent.
well these are my personal opinions.

Anything else you want to share with us?

I will soon be doing a contest and the post will be available in my facebook page. Follow me to stay tuned. You can win exciting gifts.

Where we can find you on internet?

You can connect with me by any of the following means ....

Facebook page:
Instagram : @souvik3840

About the Book : 

A CBI officer and father receives the shock of his life when he meets his new SSP as he is his daughter's boyfriend who went missing seven years ago. They meet while investigating a murder case but their further interactions reveal that SSP sir is involved in some big case. A shocking high-profile case which involves codes, puzzles, spies and a lot of deceptions. They have joined hands but will the narrator be able to choose the right side as things are not what they seem at all.

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