Review: The Whispering Dwapara : The Rise of Maharathis

The Whispering Dwapara : The Rise of Maharathis by Rishi .
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Book Description : 
Kings and Scientists, Gurus and Professors, Maharathi Warriors and Indian Army Veterans. All will fight against the rising dark powers of Pataal Loka: The Asuras.

Kingdom of Vedgarh, an ancient home of purebred Aryans nestled amidst the Himalayas and hidden from the modern societies, is the sole preserver of sacred Vedic knowledge and celestial powers. Sitting on the verge of yet another great war with Asuras, the kingdom is eagerly waiting for a Maharathi warrior to lead its forces. With intensifying Kaliyuga, Asuras’ dark powers are rising with every passing day.

As a fallback step, the kingdom opens its gates for modern Science and weapons. A grand research project begins to harmonize ancient Vedic miracles with modern scientific principles. But the budding internal politics is eating up the kingdom like parasites. Will it impact the research project as well? What will happen if an internal conflict arises between Modern Science and Ancient Vedic science? Will Asuras win and destroy the universe’s last hope of defeating the Kaliyuga forever?

Book one of The Forbidden Rhymes series begins the saga of the greatest war of Daivi Astras in the history of mankind.

Disclaimer: This one can be a hit or a miss for you. I read other reviews on Amazon and Goodreads both and was skeptical about posting my review. But then I decided that you are not supposed to like every other book. So here is what I thought while reading. I am going to give spoilers here since I really want to give a critic where things bugged me and where it could've been better. Do not consider this as bashing the book. This is the very first time I am writing a honest review instead of rejecting it.

The cover is quite intriguing and the concept of the story is itself interesting. As you know I love reading mytho-fiction as especially when it is mixed with the science fiction. But I feel most authors aren't upto the mark that Amish's Shiva Trilogy has left in my head.

I liked the concept of the story here. Imagining that somewhere around there's a place where people are still living like they used to in Dwapar Yug. The Daivi Astras and the other vedic secrets kept intact as they had been before the Kali Yug  began. It is quite fascinating to imagine but the fun ends here.

I like that the concept of plot is quite unique but everything which gives it a wow effect ends here. The story felt like a modern fusion version of Mahabharat written as a fanfiction. Not just because the characters had the same names and there was discussion on who will ascend the throne after the blind king. But it felt all like weird mix to me. It wasn't fitting inside my brain.

Another confusion, I had was establishing the timeline of the story. Is it past? Is it future? or is it in some parallel earth universe? Just taking a possibility into account as it as sci-fi as theme as well. I still don't know.

Considering the positives, the characters of chitra, parth, pawan, aniruddh felt a bit realistic while the rest felt like modified mahabharat characters. One thing that I liked was how the vedic science was related with the modern science in many aspects when the parth and his friends attend lectures in gurukul. I felt there was the point when the book went off track from telling a story about the secret kingdom of Vedgarh and its concepts to explaining how much vedic science was advanced even after being ancient than to our modern science.

I felt that the idea was nice, choice of words was nice but the narration needs work and a lot of work. The 3 stars are totally for a good and unique concept but the idea needs a better execution.

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