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Urban Lights by Vishal Anand
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Book Description : 
Everyone tells a story.Some inside their own head.Few to the whole world.

Urban Lights is a collection of poignant and heart-warming stories of various people and their lives. Loss or gain, love or pain, joy or sorrow, these are slices of lives that leave an enduring impression on their souls. Stories, which if untold will render the characters anguished.
Written by Vishal Anand after the huge success of 37 + Grace Marks and Emotions Unplugged, Urban Lights takes you on a breezy journey. A journey of simple souls. A journey of simple emotions. A journey of simple affairs. And, the journey assures to feel good!

I just loved this cover design. Well usually I am not the one which goes for funky covers but this one actually looks good and for once it made my non-reader brother get interested in this book for once. Coming to the content part, the stories are really good. I really enjoyed the narration. It made me feel I was one of the characters.

Most stories are in first person which makes the reader feel that the person who has been there is telling you his or her account. Most of these are really short episodes of the moments that we always keep close to our hearts. Alongside each of these episodes have a short message which you can pickup if you are a deep thinker.

I think these short episodes can be enacted in small skit formats if you want, as they are really very close to our daily lives and give a small message as well. There are some good, some funny and some bitter-sweet stories. Usually, I am not the person who takes up on short stories as I always love to dive into new worlds and explore around. But this collection is something I'd recommend to the ones who are first time readers or love short stories or just want someone to start reading.

One thing irked me while reading was the lack of character descriptions. Even though the stories were in first person there was always a lack of character introduction and its basic description. For that you will have to rely on your stereotypical character imaginations and things that you always have seen around you or have known before.

It is a very short and quick read. Also, since these are short stories you can read it while travelling or one story every time when you sit for relishing your favourite beverage during evenings.

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