Review: Shiva Stone: Hampi's Hidden Treasure

Shiva Stone: Hampi's Hidden Treasure by Ajinkya Bhoite
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Book Description : 
Om Namah Shivay!

Mithila is a senior archeologist on the Hampi site along with two other UNESCO scientists. They decide to open some secret vaults in the underground Shiva temple. Treasures and artifacts from the 18th century make the headlines but the Shiva Stone was kept a closely guarded secret. 

When a RAW officer hires Mithila on a secret mission to safely transport an ISRO professor and the Shiva Stone to Bangalore, she knows something is up.

Why is the stone called the Shiva Stone? Why are archeologists, UNESCO, ISRO, and RAW interested in a discovery at Hampi? Why is Mithila working for RAW? Is she the only agent on the mission? 

Shiva Stone will take you on a thrilling adventure through the historical site of Hampi. Buy it now!

I really liked the cover design. It is quite mysterious and gives a mytho-fiction vibe to the book. But the blurb makes it clearly a mystery-thriller. Well, I thought it must be a hybrid genre with a mix up of a few as the blurb also gave out scifi-fantasy vibes as well.

To be very honest, I have so many mixed reactions for the book I don't know what to say. I'll share what thoughts I had and then you can decide if it's for you or not. The story begins with Mithila being chosen as RAW recruit but there's no clearance if she's a temporary one or a permanent officer. Then there's this whole discussion about something found in Hampi site.

Hampi is one of the most important UNESCO heritage sites in India. So there's this mystery vibe taking over it. I read book almost like 70% and till then all that was happening was I can say plot building inside the book. Now, some of you might wait for that long to discover what happens and some might just DNF. Then as I continue to read, there's some low action in middle leading to once again thriller mode situation.

The story ends on incomplete tone. I felt something somewhere was hugely missing. I checked if this was actually the end but alas it was. It felt as if the book is a part of a much longer series and this might be a first installment. It felt as if you are watching a show right from the middle with no idea of story before and after. That was the exact feeling I can describe. The story was fast and narration was good, I did find some weird sentences but I won't be a knit-picker and call it as okay.

It felt as if It just ended when I was actually getting interested and then there was just a dead end. Overall it was a short read which ended not as expected. It was such a mix-up that I felt difficult to connect with it or put it in one category. At once it felt like science fiction another moment it felt like mytho-fiction and other moment a total different genre. It was all a confusion for me. I wished there was more on the story part. The concept of Shiva Stone felt mere prop to gain attention and nothing else or maybe I am just reading too much mytho-fiction these days.

Well many of you had asked me to include more details in the reviews hence this is a first attempt at a renewed reviewing format. I tried not to give spoilers but talk more about the book at the same time. Do let me know if you liked this new format.

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