Review: The Red Line

The Red Line by Tanmay Dubey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Description : 
Inspired by true events, THE RED LINE is a thrilling murder mystery that treads the dark by lanes of international espionage and corrupt defense deals. The exciting story witnesses the journey of an honest cop to discover his true dharma and a brave women army officer’s selfless service for her country.

This book has a lot to be talked about, beginning with the cover, I loved the smart design and in hand it really looks good. More than a book cover it looks more like a movie poster to me. The book trailer had already grabbed my interested and I was waiting to get it in my hand.

For the first I know this is going to be super hard to talk about this book without giving out any spoilers but I'll give my best shot. The book takes you deep into the International Espionage world closely binding it with the real life events. I had one such book before but it didn't blend the things very well and had a very triggering religious bias. But this one, I must say, is absolutely well written.

The narration pace is quite adequate, neither too slow or too fast. The book although admittedly gets a bit monotonous as you reach the midst of the book but later there are a lot of roller-coaster thrilling moments which will make you thank the book gods that you didn't quit it in middle.

I loved the details that were covered in this book. It look so serene and real that I felt did this really happen? I can certainly expect it coming as a movie or web series adaptation very soon and if it does I'd be happy to watch it.

It is very long read. Surprisingly, I was so engrossed in it that I finished in 3 hours straight in one sitting. For a fast paced reader like me it is quite a feat to stick at one place for 3 hours to read one book. Coming to the story, there are some really good moments and you can imagine things happening in front of you as everything feels so real.

I would surely recommend to check this book out if you are a fan of such stories.

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