Review: Ganesha: An Afro-Asian story

Ganesha: An Afro-Asian story by Syd K.
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book Description :

On the trail of Ganesha, the Afro-Asian calf, born by a quirk of fate and in the most improbable of circumstances in the wilds of East Africa in 1943. Then begins his journey to the Southern wilds of India and his fight for survival in those new wilds. 

Born on the same day as Ganesha in a rural hamlet of Southern India is Maari, who goes on to become one of the most dreaded poachers India has ever known. 

And know how their fates inevitably cross over the decades during which there are profound changes in both the political and ecological landscape of India.

To be totally honest, I actually had rejected the review offer first when I had encountered the book. Usually by looking at the cover and blurb I can pretty much decide whether I'd totally like the book or just thrash it. Usually if there's a possibility of me not liking it, I rather avoid the book instead of thrashing it. But here it was something different. I actually was offered the book again by a friend Richa from HBB and I couldn't refuse her. In a way, I am glad I didn't reject it again.

Neither did the blurb not the cover revealed much about the book. It was a very weird and absurd combination as from the cover it look as some sort of encyclopedia book types which shared a ton of info about elephants and their conservations and what not but from the blurb it felt like a story from elephant's point of view. If you have seen the animated movie 'Jumbo' you'd get what I am trying to convey.

This was like double crossing my prediction and confused me. Well now since it was in my TBR pile I had to check it out and read it anyway. I thought if it turned out to be something which I'd have tendency to trash, I would just refuse and leave a neutral review. But honestly it surprised me to an extent I had to leave my bias and somewhat it solved my confusion.

The only thing I despise about this book is its lack ability to just attract reader both by cover and blurb. The content here inside is interesting but the blurb and cover just kind of repluses and confuses readers. Generally, most readers would just stay out of taking a chance and buying something which doesn't feel good.

Coming to the content, I feel it is something which you should read and see how it fairs in your opinion. Personally the geek me loved the info and way the information about a certain species and its interactions with humans was told in a story manner.

I feel it is like a readable wildlife documentary. If you are someone like me who loves watching wildlife documentaries then you'd surely love this one. Also if you are someone who just loves the flora and fauna, along with knowing more about them you can check this book out. I am guaranteed that it won't disappoint you.

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