Review: Ashok and the Nine Unknown

Ashok and the Nine Unknown by Anshul Dupare
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Book Description : 

You know what, the best revenge will be watching you failing to achieve your dreams. Do what you can, Ashok. The game has just begun!
Ashok wandered amidst the corpses, helplessly, looking like a dead man walking among the dead. The wailing of people who had lost their loved ones on the battlefield cut into his soul and it was then that he heard a cry for help. 
As realization of the devastation of war seeped in, Ashok decided to dedicate his life towards the betterment of society and try his best to prevent any destruction of life. Realizing he could not do so single-handedly, Ashok created a secret society comprising nine chosen members, who were known as the ‘Nine Unknown’, to help preserve knowledge that, in the wrong hands, could be used to destroy humanity.
Little did Ashok know that the safekeeping of such knowledge had a high price to it; that shadows walk amidst us and that sometimes our actions unspool unimaginable consequences.
The first of two volumes, this book has the power to transform your idea of reality!

It's been a long time I got a book which has so much of depth and so much content inside it. I thought it'd be a quick read looking at the size of the book and then I opened it and started reading. It took me seven hours literally to finish this book. Never before I have spent that much time on a single book of 300 pages.

There's so much content to begin with and I just want to talk about it all but since my USP is non-spoiler reviews, I'd keep it under the cover. The story begins with the Ashok in Kalinga War, its mostly post war scenarios and then slowly the clouds of mystery start covering it.

Slowly as you keep reading the author keeps throwing a ton of facts and myths bundled at you and then takes you on a mytho-fiction journey. At first I was like, 'huh, interesting.' then later it got quite monotonous till the middle of the book. I thought this is the point where this book will lose interest.

I have this theory that each book as a few points like most interesting point, point where reader just gets disappointed, a point where the focus gets away from main story and reader loses interest, etc... But this book had my interest till the end. When I thought the book had reached its peak, I was totally wrong. Then the story took a fantasy turn. I so want to reveal but I won't spoil the story for you, just check it out for yourself. The fantasy part albeit looks weird for once but the way everything is interconnected and damn the climax. Climax is I feel the most interesting point in this book according to me. I can't speak about the rest although.

One thing for sure, I am eager to read the next part of this duology whenever it comes out. As usual I was so focused inside the story I forgot to notice minor errors although there might have been one or two but I never noticed. The narration was so smooth and engulfing that I felt I was there watching all these characters over like some three eyed raven :P.

I would surely recommend this book to all mystery, fantasy, mytho-fiction , historical fiction lovers. I know the cover makes it look like some religious text, but there's so much about the book I actually forgot to talk about cover which also is quite interesting in its own way.

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