Dhawal's Blog -7- The Dawn of New Content.

As you know in my last post I wrote about some new surprises and one of them is already out. It was actually a surprise as most didn't had expected me to start an actual technical serialised non-fiction book. Well, I thought at the end of the day I am an engineer and why not give a try to technical writing. I am actually hoping this book helps someone to learn python on their own.

I have a few detailed plans to take it from python to ML and AI levels where we would program some of basic AI models and learn a few new funky concepts from it. But that's a long stretch hence if you are someone waiting for the book to complete and then start your coding journey then I must say your wait will be unassumingly long. There's also one another thing I noted since last two weeks that the views have dropped drastically since I start posting the 'Learn Python with Dhawal' book. This is quite a unique trend that I have observed whenever I upload anything geeky or informative the views go down drastically like on average if I get 200-300 views I get barely 20-30 on those posts. I wonder if it is about the content being educational and not entertaining has this effect.

But I think for those who love my abode over internet for entertainment and other non nerdy stuff, I have a lot of surprises for you as well. I am coming up with a few sequels as well as a combination sequel so there's a lot of things to keep an eye out for. I know I need to just finish editing the Still Holding On and push the publish button on Kindle so most of you who are waiting for the end can read it. I know but things are just getting past deadlines and something I would surely take care of after a week or so as this week is full of surprises.

Also coming from surprises, If you see my stories on Insta/Facebook you would already know that I am planning to write a Fan-Fic for the very first time. I want you guys to guess which book would that be a fan-fic of? It'd be fun to see how many of you know me well.

Many of you who are following me from wattpad still have complains about reading experience here as compared to that app. First of all I have made my move and this is going to be it. Secondly, I have made the links showing next and previous chapters so it is very easy to navigate through chapters of the same book even if they're not uploaded in a blogpost sequence. You can read a book like a book without any interruptions.

For the ones who have troubles with bookmarking and reading positions, you can bookmark the chapter's webpage. Press that bookmark icon in your URL bar. Next time you can just follow on from there, also for updates, if you have followed via email I am sure you'd be getting updates you can keep that as a bookmark as well if you want. Also, if there's something you can't find, you can always search up using the option available in main menu. I'm trying to add a few things to make it interesting and very cozy reading experience at the same time but that'll surely take time and feedback from you all.

This is all for this weekend's blog update. I plan to make such weekly summary posts but not compulsorily as lets see how it fairs every week. But one thing is for sure, there is a ton of content awaiting to come up for all my lovely readers and most of it is exclusive for website.


Do comment and share your thoughts about it! I'd love to know what do you think. Also, I'd keep updating it quite often so do follow the Website to get all the updates by clicking here.

Also, a minor headsup.... Obsessed is free to read on Kindle Unlimited! Do check it out. I'd be glad to read your reviews!
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