How to Install Custom Fonts on your Kindle E-Reader Device

If you are a fellow Kindle E-reader owner and aren't quite satisfied by the default fonts which are provided or just want to explore the possibility of adding your own fonts to read books on your kindle then follow the steps below and enjoy a new reading experience. This is the official method without harming anything inside your Kindle E-Reader Device.

Prerequisites : Kindle ( Basic, Paperwhite, etc... E-Reader) , Computer , USB Cable.

Steps :

  1. Download Font Files : Search up the Internet for your favourite fonts. Ensure to download fonts from safe and trusted locations, for ex, Google Fonts.. The font files will have a .TTF extension.
    It is recommended to have all styles of the same font incase the font have multiple styles or variations in it.
  2. Extract the Zip Files : If you have downloaded the fonts from website and it is in a zip-archive format first you'd need to extract it. You can use any program of your choice to extract the zip files and store it in a folder.
  3. Connect the Kindle : Now connect your Kindle E-Reader with your computer via the USB Cable. Although, if your Kindle software version is below 5.9 then you need to update your Kindle software. You can check your software version by going into Settings -> Device options -> Device Info. If its not updated then you can download the new software and upgrade using instructions from Amazon Kindle's official website.
  4. Copy the Files : Assuming that your Kindle software version is higher than 5.9, you can open it in your computer and locate the folder Fonts . Copy all the font files (.TTF) into this folder and then safely eject your kindle device.
  5. Disconnect Kindle :  Now after disconnecting Kindle from pc, open any book of your choice. Click on the Page display -> Custom -> Font Page and Settings -> Custom . From there you can select one of the custom fonts you installed and choose the boldness or size and you are now good to go on a reading adventure. 


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